Coffee Drinking 100

I better write this before I forget…

While Auroras Mother was a predator.

And certain actress is very talented, of course.

The fictional character Alice became part of “the group” with a personal, torturous, relationship.

I think it was in the Alice story, that I described the journey of a generic female character into the jaws of the group, in order to become accepted for them and gain access to this and that.

Mmm, I need to improve a couple of things of these.

That story very well described the process of “getting there”, with several layers of parties, with people being rejected, and the chosen becoming a few.

What was missing was the final ritual, one I didnt bother to write cause its kind of disgusting, but our little generic fictional will surely be greedy enough to follow through.

In order to talk about a ritual, you need to talk about the group, what do they want to accomplish with it?… degenerate, subversive, compulsive obsessive, sectarian, hedonistic, corrupted little shitheads with no roots and the values of a genetic mess who pretends to be superior. I mean, why else would they do these things?

Just to be clear, Im not really talking about a certain group of people, even the most famous for prosecuting them clearly said that there were more involved, yet they were “the only ones who can not find redemption, so they cant be forgiven”, though they did, in cases when they were of “value” and had “assimilated”. He also said “in time, the moderates will align with the radicals”, which I believe is sadly true, and also “Propaganda must be simple…” blabla. So you put it together and end up with political action, theyll come to get you even if youre good and pacifist, life has not that much value to them, all of them.

Wasnt this about sex? ahhh….

Now we talk about the prey, she is generic so Im just gonna say she is a sellout with enough initiative to end up there, why? she obviously believes in the system, “if you only do this, you will get the treasure” type of person. She may also believe in the classic “I rather live shortly as a king, than long as a slave”. Maybe she believes it is a normal thing to do, maybe her sexual rush lets  her enjoy it.

I built up a lot and the ritual I thought is pretty simple, and not even that good now that I think about it… a circle in the middle with heavy lights on, so you can clearly see every detail as good as your eyes are, and uncomfortable to her eyes. She first must be detached from her family and therefore her society, so a rough treatment by foreign elements performing strange customs must break her initial resistance. I know that part might not sound so shocking because of how fragmented and centralized societies are nowdays, yet while the sheep believe in the new world presented to them, the shepherds keep thinking about the old.

Perhaps to make it more interesting, disguises of demons and monsters, idolatry of this and that. For the second part she must perform, the most blasphemous show I can think of, she will disgustingly renounce the values she was born with (not that many to begin with, it seems, though perhaps she is a good catch…), and also those of her descendants.

And finally a baptize, because they cannot think of anything else, they pretend to be above and else, yet they are utterly obsessed. A cooperation bowl, and while she is soaked, a tiny mark, painful miniature scar, for her to remember her new owners, but also to keep her disguise of free as she becomes an instrument of propaganda and domain.

“Would you believe in something? would you believe in someone?”


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About: Blood Circles (2)

Almost out of time for the daily post, it must happen, and it will start with great news, it turns out Michael is completely alive, a little after I wrote the last post, he came in all his arrogance, stubbornness and pride, all pigeons are, but he is even more, and Im so glad.

Sooo, who was murdered then? it could have been the father of baby#1 and #13, I think he was white as well, they have, had perhaps, their nest around the corner, on kind of big tree, their nest made of bad genes, I wanted to tell them, but they wouldnt understand. So, so great, baby #13 made it out of a pox crisis of young age, I really though he wasnt at some point, yet he did overcome, once his injuries half closed, I put him in the hospital with the rest, I dont think he will be released, not only the bad genes, but some pox on his face is still to heal, and lets see what happens to his beak.

He is much older now. And also, guess who came back, one of my very favorites after Mr Pio Pii.

He so tragically died, she came one day with an injured belly, it seems that it hurts her, so she is not going away, ahhhh, too many…

Im sad to say I didnt work much today :( I need to push my discipline forward. From the drawing of the next post, First you make the lines, maybe not all but enough to give you an idea, second is the base colors, the most boring part of the drawing.

It is dull and annoying because it wont look good and takes (relatively) long to do, but it is very advisable to do it right, a well done base will always reward you later.

Normally its done with just plain colors, but I was too bored and did it like this. From here, you use another color, usually the same in a lighter or darker tone, to do the second layer with more texture, third and fourth, and also use the eraser to do so.

You can also give light-shadow effects, though here I do it differently and its more based on emotion, for example in this drawing, it may be darker to the left and brighter to the right.

I worked the hair but I dont know if its done, and I think I fixed one eye.

Well, lets see how it goes by tomorrow.


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About: Blood Circles 02 (1)

Im very sad to announce what indicates its Michaels death, coming back home from bringing bird food, by the catholic curses center, I saw a corpse of two wings with spine and pelvis… He was the only bird there, the color matched, and I havent seen him today :( Im so deeply sad.

I would crush those who did it, but I dont know who. The hospital is full but the coming birds are less, as it should be, I cant handle that much.

I feel like wp is dying or something, at least some of the people who I have liked are gone, not that I am very social, at all. Maybe theres something going on in the anglosphere, cause here on hispanic lands it seems pretty normal, that I have noticed, I have so much work… Anyway, here goes the like 5th attempt to daily post.

First of all here is my twitter account, that I dont really use because I have no idea of what to post on it, seriously, Im clueless.


I also have another page for the music, yet, I havent touched the new keyboard…. in my defense, there is a bunch of birds to feed, and many stories about them I dont feel to tell right now.


There is nothing on that one, for the moment.

Aaanyway, I just checked the tags I always use, and never see… wp is really empty, used to be much more some years ago. I must say, I am grateful for the always free site (even with the fucking ads that came later on), and they never ever censored me, even with the … and the …, and the … ; and it has been many years, someone could have noticed at some point.

Im not saying goodbye, on the contrary, daily post, starting with the progress of the next chapter, I wrote the first part two nights ago: After making the grave by the lake… Aurora goes back to the house, cannot handle going into the rooms, so she just lies on a sofa in the living room by the entrance, and stays there until she dies, the end. I can finally retire to play videogames all day llike a braindead idiot now.

Drawing in the making.

You see, there is a pattern

It was not just “the accident”, someone has a lot of delta waves. There is also this, “trance mode” I write on, and more, my eyeballs roll to the top, its like Im dreaming awake. Its not painful, on the contrary, I control it as normal, though its so bothersome to “wake up” and do casual stuff.


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Coffee Drinking 99

Where is Au? did she hit her head again?

I still dont understand this drawing, I mean, of course I do, but then, I dont.

Anyway, everybody has been calling me for work in this past three weeks, Ive had so much I even got sick of so tired, Im just recovering… I find it a little bizarre, normally Im not that wanted, I barely make it with the expense of the bird food.

Well, I was able to buy a very good portable speaker on sale and with a coupon. I fell in love with it because, its sort of an architecture thing, you can play music from every angle, the world really changes, as once thought dead spaces recover life. That and the bass, for that there is an explanation here:

Happiness is the quality of your thoughts, youre braindead without ordered sound.

In the meantime Ive been developing some stories in my mind, sadly not the one Im currently doing, so will still take a while.

Whats new with her? I have no idea, she is just a secondary character. In this story Aurora gets a letter.

Not like that…

“Finally found you, everybody has died, heres your money”.

Oh, great, now what?

With absolutely nothing to do after creating a network of bird shelters, she remembers about her and goes with a proposal “my kingdom for a heir” (cause there is no one else).

(After a little time travel…) its a lot so she accepts, “worry not, Ill educate him myself so she doesnt turn into a creep like you”.

Problem is Auroras nearly absent sexual powers, so it becomes a drag and an annoyance.

And one day Ill think of a proper ending.

Another story is the old “normal Au” one:

In a future I wont bother to describe much… theres a couple of cousin girls going through college, a very diluted version of:

With time and generations… they even go to school, while the two above were, “not qualified”.

So with these characters it gives me a chance to develop many things I normally cant, as they lead a more “normal” life.

After some homework or whatever, she ends up investigating about her ancestors, particularly “The Great Master”, the source of her family wealth, from long ago.

She quickly realizes the story told made no sense, and goes deep into the mystery.

The story is about their growth, their relationship, and their reaction as they discover the stories of the past, from the “woooow” to the “ahhhh! that thing is in me!!!”.

You may call it selfish, yet everything here is “I have to do it myself”, so Im creating a story of my nonexistent? descendants. Isnt it a fun exercise? how do you think your long descendants are going to think about you? you do have to leave something behind though, and Im not talking about money.


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About: Blood Circles 01

Im very happy about the history posts, I always wanted to do it without the dull of meaningless data and braindead schoolbook narratives. Eventually there will be more, when I feel like it. I finally got the documents of the investigation I was doing, it seems that my deductions were correct :) And I want to write more and more, as I was reading the 150 year old documents, written with all the emotion of a bureaucrat, so exited to decipher the past, I noticed how writing is the material key of time, I could read it just like they did, so long ago, I imagine their voice, and how was it like, when they were alive.

I bet the idea never ever crossed their mind, of a stranger in a faraway land, in the so distant future, reading so meticulously the register of their marriage, son and daughters. A stalking trollish laugh “I know everything about you, when your graves are crumbling down”.

So finally, back to storytelling. Ill write until I die. “… you speak, of signs and wonders, but I need, something other…”.

Someone has a very deep case of Mommytis, yet she is not the only one, in the next chapters we will see about that. Though lets get real, is your mother ugly or good looking? does she have a charming personality or is she just an annoying bitch? is she strong or an old whiny hag? I think its pretty straightforward. “Constant contact when growing” psychology is for dumb and hideous people, well, its actually very clever, I bet someone came with it in his depths of despair, “Its not that I dont like you! see? it is because of this, so natural, I would completely care otherwise!”, hehehehehehe.

Ahhhhh, what else to say… “how much Im gonna miss you now that youre gone, but one sweet day…”

I had this one mostly written months ago, and two drawings were mostly done, I just needed to color the ghost one, and that was it, I couldnt keep up. Gladly now I am, but noooow Im taking time cause its complicated to properly write and aaalso do the new drawings.

Im also very happy about the remaking of the first collection of stories ~Aurora~, I waaaas going to leave it at that and then retold in a later story, but, it wasnt that good, you see, the first story was about Aurora starting to wake up from her amnesia, so everything was too bitter and foggy, and didnt make much sense sometimes… so I rather rewrite and then told about those explosive amnesiac incidents on its own, instead of making it a base for a whole storytelling. I like my current style much better.

“Dynamics of this life acted as a fail safe against paralysis of its living beings that are not prepared for a world without any movement outside them.
Yet I dream of being a stone, constant wind along the very hours of the day, silence or noise, I do not care, and the sun in the sky made a shadow of whatever shape of me it found, in the end the moon dances, but I cannot feel a thing.”

That came out very well, maybe if I didnt have the personality of a rich brat, more people would read, lol (thats not gonna change, even in this poverty). You can see a very core personality of Aurora on this chapter, now that she is alone, she goes on and on, and proclaims herself the king witch, as she has no opposition, yet, she must touch the ground as well.

Reminds me of a later story with her cousin, cause you can also see her personality then, one day they decide to play “mom and dad” and have many kids until she becomes upset at the effort. Aurora gets a bit of claustrophobia in her relationship, but thats nothing, she is awful with the kids, she sees them all as the same, she is not interested at all, and at the turn of every problem, does the same her parents did to her, particularly throw large amounts of money to it.

-Which one were you again?

~Uhhhhggg, mom, you said dad was going to remember next time?!! uuuhhhgg!


-You seem old enough, time for you to have your own bank account, you do look too, weakling to carry cash around, in my days… !!

~Uhhhggg, dad, I already told you that I cant.

-What the hell did you eat when you were pregnant?

=I eat whatever I want.

-Kid, in my days…!

=Shut up, Im not getting pregnant again! you think I enjoy?! its awful, terrible! dont even touch me, I dont want anymore of anyone of you!!

-How do you even get pregnant? nothing really works.

=Shut up!!

Or something like that, theres also another one with a more, Auish kid, who gets into Auroras nerves just like she did with her Mother.

Aurora is also very selfish, in her own peculiar way…

“Brushed by the hibernal winds reaching this far, becoming the link between mud, snow and ice, two corpses, one of a saint and one of a lie, wingless creature, limbs turned to ice, if I were to say, at least one thing, who is going to take, the place of me?”

You may notice “ice” twice, its there because it is a depersonalization, drowning in her uselessness. I didnt change the last drawing at all, the one with the snow grave I did.

Well, time to continue, I already mostly wrote the next chapter, but I have to make the drawings from new, may, take some time.


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A Girl Named Aurora 02 ~Blood Circles~ 01

-I told you this day was going to come.
=Oh, Mother, Im in love with you.
-Get off, you idiot, off!!
-What a hell?! you, dumb, I was never like this, off!!
A- Like this what? I can tell, I was there, hehehe.
-This thing is broken.
A- Ahhh, weird, its just a kid.
-You keep it for a month.
A- No, noooo, no, Im, no.
-And its too stubborn, it doesnt even hurt her when you hit her, look.
=Ughhh, muchuuuuuu.
-No! away!!
-Stupid, idiot, piece, of trash!
A- Ah, its like, ah… how was the moon when she was born?


Blood Circles 01

Dynamics of this life acted as a fail safe against paralysis of its living beings that are not prepared for a world without any movement outside them.
Yet I dream of being a stone, constant wind along the very hours of the day, silence or noise, I do not care, and the sun in the sky made a shadow of whatever shape of me it found, in the end the moon dances, but I cannot feel a thing.

The lake, I know it well, I quickly thought it could be there. I didnt place anything special over it, on the contrary, I tried to make it look like nothing was there. So exhausted, I forgot, every reason to move, waiting for the snow to do to me what I just did.

It didnt, so I didnt belong, remembering her cold touch, oh I miss so much, once soft again, could hold all my tears, I could express the overwhelming pain, the burden of my own existence, then I did, removed all silk, and I wonder now, if all I want is to be you.

I didnt know how wonderful a dry kiss can be, the taste of motionless, the corners of frigid skin and flesh, your teeth and my tongue, the forbidden grey stare I would sacrifice all my fingers to see, oh my love, your weight embraces and takes over, for now I will carry you and me. White silk over the skin, I was thinking, if I cover your face, will it be enough for a journey away from me?

But not that day, I was selfish, I was me, the first act I demanded to be, as the new emperor of here, my lips tremble, the vibration of madness sets free, for I command near and far, the deadly arts of coming back, the King Witch, every little effort is for the magic of being froze, so I thought, so I thought, of your taste, in so many ways, as I provide, for my senses to breathe again, the moon grows larger and so are the waves, across the light, into the shadows, beyond the reach of whats told it is.
Never let it go, no, I cannot let it go, transfusion of sweet, saliva and blood, I gave it all, I reached the peak of the mountain, and then it was time to fall, to freedom, to violent grace.
I ridiculize the pitiful idea of anyone who has spoken about god, for I do not sleep, I do not eat, I leak as I walk, there is nothing in me!! I am the absolute master of everything that is there to see, and I grow wider in range, for I can witness and domain, even the shadows and the mystic rain.

King Witch at the top of all highs, approaching the point of no return, the magic demands red and purple, to combine and be born again, I will be born again.
The void is perfected, just a pause to hear the skies, what are they thinking about the massive riptide? the oceans rebel against all other elements, “life has come from me!!” it says, so it commands, and placed its king near the clouds.

The Fall of the King Witch.

Swiftly, without announcement nor consideration, a thousand thunders in the sky became one, directly to the head of the one who stood tall, rebelling for attention from everything divine. Electric domain of all the nerves, along with a clear message without the need of eyes.

Brushed by the hibernal winds reaching this far, becoming the link between mud, snow and ice, two corpses, one of a saint and one of a lie, wingless creature, limbs turned to ice, if I were to say, at least one thing, who is going to take, the place of me?


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Coffee Drinking 98

Im getting too old in this storytelling pause,  in my defense, Ive been having daily work, even on weekend and holidays, daily, by now Im too tired and keep sleeping. The same old tech stuff, not the religious takeover of government I was talking about the other day.

The other day I spent the whole day with the woman who hired me to do the investigation of her family (she already paid me :D ) So I havent been able to shake up the hours of history explanation. So now youre getting some, as I take it out of my system.

Turns out there is even more to it, as on her fathers side theres a line that goes to the promoters of the christian contrarevolutionary war. To this day, people related to her, you can still see them on the news. She even has told me how she has problems as she is not quite accepted because of ideas she naturally comes up with… “your friends are a bunch of liberals, thats why youre so miserable! hang around your kind”. She is also looking for the old large fortunes, but thats another story.

Hell, even I have grown closer to the ideas of traditionalism, you wont ever get a prayer out of me (besides work, would you believe Ive been hired? and more than once, then I improvised my way through it), and Im a natural gringo (green go away, for the time the north empire invaded the capital, then left only imposing conditions, because they were not to give them citizenship for an annexation). Yet it is clear to me that the only unifying factor to the hispanic people is the origin of their empire, the catholic union, represented with the rule of a king, administrated by decentralized local governments, the nobles push the economic systems to work, the military enforces, and if any shithead wants to abuse or take advantage, the low people will support and claim their king, who will then impose the natural order.

I know by now, countless years of liberal propaganda (and traditional corruption…) will spin in your head, also not to confuse classic liberals and traditionals, with the product of the industrial revolution, factories that amassed people in communist and fascist syndicates, that made their own history on top of the last century one.

The point here is unifying factor, can you imagine a united hispanic world again? the so very large territories and the masses of people, the power it would have, maybe not so technological, therefore I dont believe in another unifying factor like the “union of the americas” lead by the british empire 2.something.

Thats the idea the current liberal (I imagine someone is gonna scream “mason”) president of where I live has, as much as I would vote for him again without much thought, hes been trying to play “humanistic”  new world order, where those “humanitarian” post world war international institutions, actually do what they claim they do. For example, there was a pharma ban to the country and they stopped the distributions of many meds, in an effort like many others for the people to revolt, which didnt happen at all… so, the government signs a deal with one of the international jokes, as there was a protocol for a “humanistic” economy of medicine, do you think it worked?

Anyway, the play goes like this, the unifying factor is the continental identity, represented by the rule of a parliament, administrated by decentralized local governments, the “private, lol” companies push the economic systems to work, the military enforces, and if any shithead wants to abuse or take advantage, the low people will support and claim their representatives in parliament, who will then impose the positive order.

See, any state system can work, and also not. Its a game of vassals and lords.

The most basic unifying factor is the family, it was normal to have many children as some were to die and there werent that many humans around, those families then would make local alliances and create municipalities, if you had a problem within, you probably had to suck it, as the hierarchy prevailed. But, but, but, what if, ohh, what if it could be broken? people hate each other, if you can break them, and make them hate their identity, and you offer them an alternative, they would blindly follow… the local power would become weak and its soooo much easier to take over and centralize, hihihi.

“Screw your family, you hate them anyway! your father is a careless jerk, your mother is an angry bitch, your wife is a whiny whore, your children are worthless pricks, and you, you… thou shalt not suffer a witch to live”.

And me? “Im just a tired man, aint got no words to say, but my heart is overflowing, each and everyday”. Well, that and me trolling people with the origin of pozole, “after aaaall these years of you eating it, you didnt know?! lol :D “.

Goddamn! the crying at the end ruins the song (angryface x1000)!!



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Coffee Drinking 97

Is Au still bitching about the world because she cant storytell? I plan to change that. Thats actually the base of the “Reptile Queen” stories. Another problem I have which translates into depression, is the fact that “I dont remember enough” of this and that, theres a good poem for that, and with music… I havent touch my midi keyboard… depression :(

“We often find ourselves upon the very verge of remembrance
Without being in the end, able to remember…”

Now, before talking about psychological structures and mental configurations, think of a hard drive formatted for another operating system, not compatible with the one you are using… you cant remember being like this, you must go back the way you were, though thats impossible, so it must be a new form that takes both modern and old.

Well be able to remember any of these after death? Is your spirit grown enough to be without its body? How dependent are you, of your body?

Some might say that if you align with god, then god will provide once more, just like he did for life. Some would say that you will go back to be a tiny part of the goddish entity, feeding it with your experiences of life.

What if you dont? what if you die with your body because you never grew your spirit? because you were afraid of life and only embraced survival instinct, and then you die and all structures fail.

Back to the stories, I really admire Grandma Auroras travels to the beginning of time, away from the countless sins committed through the ages. She was the original storyteller, thats why the “AuAu” personality kind of looks like her, with a “naive so foolish yet I get away with mine” filter, I guess I created my own storyteller cause I didnt get to know her much, at all. If we were to meet, I imagine we would probably short-circuit, as Im too “mean” or “evil” to her.

Mother Aurora has the romanticism of those, travels, yet she was sick of dealing with situations and being so dirt poor, probably a genetic combination (notice how I dont talk about “grandpa”). She and her mother short-circuited, remained very close yet fought all the time and went their separate ways. Their lovely pet, the younger brother (of another dad), he took his mother side, so his sister was not happy with him and never really reconciled. Sounds like a stupid problem yet its just the continuity of the short-circuit, and its one of the reasons Mother Aurora was so “distant” with her daughter.

By the third generation of the Auroras genetic sequence, you end up with very weird kids.

The latest post being about history, politics and such, its also a response of the times, anybody can tell you it is “not normal”. At the very beginning I wrote something then let it there, if Im not writing something interesting (to me), I wont. Which reminds me, Im also exercising an “I write it once and its done” thing, so if theres an error sometimes, well, I only fast read it once to check, I find it unbearable to do it more than that, and I like how it comes out natural, like not writing the apostrophes, my keyboard is in spanish, once I started with this, I found it too bothersome, so I just went without it till the end of days.

And more important, in the last post there was something like: …the same low level hippie mold… dont you get bored? its fine and all, but, is there something else inside? the same, same, same, repeated thing over and over again, the same themes, the same old… “have you ever had rage in your heart???” it wont be pretty, it wont be nice, it will scare clueless idiots, it wont be fair… it is rage, in your heart.


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Coffee Drinking 96

Thats from the Alice story one day I hope I can finish, surely will be better than, of what I could do now.

I didnt make a drawing about the silly history story I wrote, cause, meh, the country Im living in has a serious identity crisis going all ways, which started with the fall and division of the empire, and the need to find a new origin for the new nations.

It is a little subjective, as you can always go back and forward in time, but it is also political drivel trying to stick with the masses, like the palest idiot calling herself native just because she believes she is poor.

Wanna hear Au talk about politics? instead of the goodyfeeling low level hippie mold you can read countless times while blogging? ok.

“White” is one of the most ridiculous inventions the anglo world could have ever made, in the still ongoing attempt to these days not to expire, that only has not happened because wars already killed europe and there is nothing else, just like it killed the bronze age civilizations.

What keeps you together as a nation? at what point you say “fuck it”?

It is military power, meaning being able to pay and belief in the worth of that payment, meaning such pay can actually deliver in that society, meaning the economy is working to some degree. In other words, nobles and warriors holding a grip, with one hand you organize, with the other you intent to kill all who oppose.

And then, to make them do it on their own, you create a purpose for them to follow, as they yearn for a constructed world to live in, religious takeover of government, and finally you probably drink your own elixir, as you realize the emptiness of the universe.

The silly dumb story is about a mesoamerican civilization that emigrated from the desertic north… in time they prospered and their alliances won the wars, against the odds, then by the hand of their greatest warrior, created an empire while changing their history with a divine attribute. The ritual sacrifices they are so famous for, became systematic at this point.

Would you dare to go against order? they dont care who you are, they would sacrifice anyone, theres even a calendar for it. You could make a cartoon like the guillotine and the french.

Eventually an external factor created a bigger alliance of enemies and defeated them and their already shaky rule. Im still certain their last true emperor tried to establish commerce with the spanish, who would have gladly go back to their lands with a fortune on their hands, the mere purpose of their travels, instead of the uncertainty of war in such a faraway place, while having a sword on their backs, as they couldnt return because of political issues. Then the emperor could redraw the lines with their conquered-vassals.

At the end it couldnt be done, as his court was mostly not happy and wanted it all, so they kill him, then assaulted the enemy who managed to escape and reorganize. Some alliances shifted, and the war was lost for those at the center of the empire, who were massacred, can you imagine the hate of those who were sacrificed before? look, your father, your son, your wife, your kid, at the top of the temple, screaming in utter pain and fear, everything of that person is being desecrated.

Well… think of a chicken, pig or a cow, you dont mind, do you? dont worry, you are supreme, your gods made you the center of the world :D there were no electric screens back then, so you would just stare at piles of skulls, dancing priests with their skins on after a nice warm meal of their guts.

But no!!! it shouldnt happen to humans!! cause then it could happen to me, lol :D

I mean, if Im writing, its not like I was aborted. My stance on that? Im pro it, theres too many people already, in my mind Im thinking of the most obnoxious worthless illiterate broken idiot, I dont want another one of you! (that phrase can easily be returned to the sender, dont you think?)

“Im not doing a thing to you, you must do it to yourself” says the sand of grain as it aligns with the multinational empire, next thing you know, you end up promoting vac…

See? I have little to no hope in humanity, yet you keep going on, cause I seriously doubt another animal would do it better, or worse. Obviously, this is not about you and me, you dont put yourself in the middle of your social studies, or at least you try not to.

Finally, the silly dumb story, maybe I should rewrite it, but, meh:

-Im the greatest king of them all!!
-Yes! my lord.
-Im a warrior, Im a wise man, Im a model of existence.
-My praises to you, master.
-Yet, somehow, my kingdom is so crappy.
-Well, its desertic.
-Its a piece of trash! why cant I have banquets? treasure? fancy stuff to prance around? Am I a king or what?
-The land may not give much, but you have what values the most, your people.
-To hell with them! smelly, naggy, arrogant shithead, I want stuff!!
-Well, we dont have much.
-Why are we even here in the first place? theres barely any water.
-The scripture says, long ago, we went south, but then had to relocate because, difficulties.
-They kicked them out.
-My lord, no, it was probably, logistical problems, of supply and…
-The water is over there! they have so much they even get flooded, its green everywhere!
-Its probably, unhealthy.
-Stop making excuses, were conquering south.
-My lord, youre precious people, we dont even have that many.
-But were tough, and angry, oh, so angry, our gods will prevail.
-Were, heavily outnumbered.
-Well kick out the weakest one, and from then take over the rest, after we make more warriors with their women, we dont even have enough women, and most are so ugly, you have no idea of how tired I am of these whole situation.
-My lord, you said my sister, that she was a beautiful flower.
-Not really.
-All resources to this.
-Ill prepare the expansion then.
-Its not expansion, were moving.
-Moving?! why?! how?!
-Its the next era of conquest, Im so ahead of time.
-But, but, inconceivable!!
-I talked to the oracle already.
-Thats just some pale weirdo always on drugs, you named him oracle after the spectacle he made with all his strange tales of where he came from.
-He told me a secret, once an invading force of the entirety of populations, destroyed whole other civilizations more advanced than them.
-My lord, you shouldnt…
-Its decided already! move!
-That went, oh.
-My lord, I feel your sorrow in my bones.
-Ahhh, there goes my tales of glory.
-Maybe, this was not a good idea.
-You have a piece of stone stuck on your forehead.
-It, doesnt seem to come out.
-Attacking first those towns around the lake, yeah, maybe was a bad idea.
-They have so many resources and people, perhaps, we should have aimed, lower.
-Well, lets go, for lower.
-Im afraid, my lord, we dont even have enough to do that.
-Were stuck here, and they all kicked us out, seems like pity that they have left us be.
-Nonsense, I am the greatest warrior, theyre afraid.
-Of course.
-And dont even mention about going back, there is no going back.
-Especially after the way we were, ehm, exiled, from our ancestral home.
-Thats the stone talking! youre sick!
-Oh, my master.
-Ahhh, should I just drop dead?
-Funny, on the lake.
-Im sick of the lake, the only reason they havent kill us is because its way too big, so they dont need to.
-What about, what about?… ohhh.
-What? are you dying?
-That bird, incredible.
-Before you die, I must say, I did enjoy your sister, but, oh no, she is too needy, and I couldnt beat her up cause then you would be annoying me.
-My master, what about?
-Poor thing, you are.
-See that bird?
-Yes, ohh! hes walking on water! so what.
-Master, no, theres a plant below.
-Oh, yes, wanna go die there?
-Why? just die here.
-My lord, you dont understand, theres an island.
-Thats, our place!
-Of course, my lord, were saved!
-Im not moving a finger to get there, you do.
-This is smaller than I thought, and that wasnt much.
-We can rebuild our home.
-Its too small, Im so miserable.
-Later generations will call this place their ancestral land.
-Master, the women will be ready soon.
-As long as its not your sister.
-She is the one who kicked us out from…
-Shut up, Im not hearing your nonsense, you are insane.
-Yes, master.
-Ahhh, do you think they see us as a thread? I mean, if they were serious, war canoes would be here already.
-They wouldnt mess with our gods.
-Were the laughing stuck, I can already hear it.
-They shall tremble with the sound of our drums.
-And what army? theres no space for more people here, and Im getting old.
-Ahh, I dont know.
-We need a bigger place, now.
-But, how?
-Im a warrior, not a slave, you figure it out.
-Im, Im not a… Ill, Ill think of something.
-Why dont you throw some trash into the lake? maybe one day well be able to step on it, on our filthy trash, disgusting.
-I have too much free time, so, if we ever make it, Ive been thinking.
-Yes, master.
-We were too busy accomplishing this miracle, therefore, our memories were so foggy.
-How come?
-When is the last time the gods themselves guide you to the golden land?
-Mmm, who?
-Me, of course, the greatest of kings.
-Oh, I didnt, realize.
-Thats why I was so sure, of the whole pilgrimage.
-Maybe if we could gather some treasure, they will allow us back.
-Im the incarnation of the god of war himself!
-Yes! my lord!
-Those around the lake, theyre too many and we are too few, yet they are not as one, they hate each other so much.
-Ive heard the tales.
-We are superior warriors than all these princesses.
-If there were only more of us.
-We just need enough meat shields for the rest to be occupied, then we kill them all, so easy.
-We work our way with an alliance of two of the cities around the lake, we fight the rest, and then we climb our way to the top.
-Oh, maybe we can make it.
-Were is uncle?
-He is resting, you must wait.
-Why? I won another battle.
-Many congratulations.
-So, move away.
-You decide for everything anyway, why do you want master for? he is too sick, and youre the one winning.
-You lack so much, you dont understand.
-Just become king then, who is going to stop you?
-No, I wont, Im talking about reforms, people dont believe enough, they lack conviction.
-We won, what more do you want?
-It is not enough! we were almost wiped out! they sworn their glory upon our destruction, absolute submission or total war, they said, so it is not enough!
-Well, kill them then.
-You do not understand.
-If you were to explain.
-Meaningless killing is worthless, they must be sacrificed.
-Mmm, do it.
-You dont understand, their blood will nourish the earth.
-Yeah, and.
-It must happen for another day to come, for life to renew, for god himself to shine above!
-Kill them.
-They are doomed, their people are, but in a way, redemption is to come, each year we move the universe, each year we march, we stomp on our enemies, then we bring them to sacrifice, just like the body breaths and eats, our arms collect the nectar of life, we offer it to the gods, then the gods awards us for our deeds, as they then renew the cycle of life, and existence.
-Mmm, ok.
-The flower wars, its beautiful.
-If theres gonna be constant wars, were gonna need more nobles and warriors, and a good way to make sure they stand above.
-Hows Junior?
-He came back from another successful campaign, and, has interesting plans for the future.
-Ive heard, he is probably right, thats why he keeps winning.
-He wont attack those at the mountains of the west, some people are becoming impatient.
-Let them lead then, when they lose, they wont be a bother anymore.
-Then he would be clear of obstacles, wont he go too far?
-Its order, what these people need.
– If we were to defeat those by the west mountains, we would be so close to our ancestral home.
-No, the gods led us here, were not going back, ever since we saw the divine eagle land on the thorny plant of life, our destiny was clear.
-Master, we still have relatives back home, even after all this years.
-Junior made a ceremony on the full moon, he burned all the old scripture.
-Maybe would be easier not to worry if he would just take as king.
-They will be busy, in sacred council until the new scripture is done.
-Master, you were there with me, that was no eagle, and there were no thorns.
-And you will keep your mouth quiet unless you want to be the first on the high altar.
-These are not the gods I was born under.
-Were too old, this is not meant for us.
-I never liked priests, I only served, the strongest warrior I knew.
-But Im old now, and those priests, well, they are it.
-Theyre living happily, not like me and you.


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Coffee Drinking 95

Au is coming back to artistic work, and not only that, Ive been fixing things around and doing the housework I left behind in my little depression. I find it funny how positive turn into a trap, this started with me taking some time to successfully change some issues in my life, then this and that, and at that point depression takes over with the mask of “I need to do this”.

Anyway, for today the drawings of the new little ones:

The latest to arrive, Baby #15, he seems to be sick but maybe not, and he just needs a proper meal for a weak, he has a very good attitude, and I think he is a she.

Baby #14, he is too small yet healthy, hell be here for some months. I dont want to saturate the hospital, specially because the permanent residents have become a bit territorial, which is good as they by now consider it a good home, I sense a change of attitude from them, they seem happier now. So these babies, I put them in the “cages” around the feeding grounds and my place.

Baby #6 doesnt sleep here anymore, but I just saw her, it makes me glad she is still around. oohh, Baby #2, uuuhhh,.. he was the best baby ever.

Next is the second part of the “get a job” story.

Oh, now WP broke the widgets, which I use for the images on the side, thaaaank youuuuu, Im gonna have to rearrange it :W


Help me feed the birds!!

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