About: Core to Illusions 01-03

Snow Paranoia Vacation 03 ~Core to Illusions~ ch 01

Snow Paranoia Vacation 03 ~Core to Illusions~ ch 02

Snow Paranoia Vacation 03 ~Core to Illusions~ ch 03

Its the shell, its the shell and just the shell that has the so called “certain (((medical))) condition”… cant get away with that now.

But thats wrong, cause it is not about that at all, you would be so wrong.

He had to wear a hat too.

Whats with the eyes? theres nothing inside, just a shell, oh, you mean Aurora, well, thats kind of obvious.

Funnily enough, theres great attachment to these places, but its not about there either, I would have finished writing this story at the first chapter and would be so ridiculously boring, theres nothing going on these places, at all, its only the emotions and the love for the playground, such high romanticism, why?

“And I will tell you of how we played
Then, walking on the sad notes of a common day
We will talk about it, happiness.”

Im so lazy to draw a map, and its too hot to hang around, buuut, the online maps are so wonderful, such joy.

Theres gonna be four or five more chapters:

-Sunny park date with a “bell plan”.


-Ice cream, pizza place.

-Rainy park date.



About: Shell to Illusions 15-18

Snow Paranoia Vacation ~Shell to Illusions~ ch 15

Snow Paranoia Vacation ~Shell to Illusions~ ch 16

Snow Paranoia Vacation ~Shell to Illusions~ ch 17

Snow Paranoia Vacation ~Shell to Illusions~ ch 18

Such a happy family. She seems so glad.

Hey Au, you spend too much time with birds.

You think?

He does look like him, or maybe just my twisted imagination.

He was going to have a yellow beak, but with what happens later, better not to give the wrong idea, so rare that I actually care.

The story ends here, just when the good part was starting, but hey, maybe in the next round a couple of years from now, I can build up some hormonal level for it to continue, wouldnt count on that.

Now that I think off, I missed a key element, she has a couple of kids, also in the Satellite story and a bunch of other times when its an image of the Actress, mixed with this and that, not even in the Au had a Farm new story, I cant give them a shape, I cant extract a spirit, a driving force to create those characters and their reflection in that universe, and Im not antikids, being honest, I just think theyre so booooring, probably because of the things I could do as a kid, and they dont, for natural normal reasons.

Lately Ive been so attached to continue, mostly to drawing, which is great. The whole drawing for spare change is in the freezer, sure is easy to say, Ill draw some tourist spot for people to like, so trendy, but theres no passion, just a whole, I cant bring myself to make them.

Ill leave it as plan b for when the computer classes die, though I’m not buying stuff anymore, time to save the fat cows, if you can call them fat, lets see how long they last.

Dont you have an answer for that problem already?

nah thats plan d, plan c is to stop breathing.

Next comes Core to Illusions, Ill let you figure out what it is about.

About: Shell to Illusions 12-14

Snow Paranoia Vacation ~Shell to Illusions~ ch 12

Snow Paranoia Vacation ~Shell to Illusions~ ch 13

Snow Paranoia Vacation ~Shell to Illusions~ ch 14

And I finally reached the Middle School Girl Aurora story, its such a blast but Ive taken some time cause Ive been fixing personal stuff around, and also some dust cleaning.

Theres also a beta project, something like “drawings for spare change”, for pigeon food, but I think Im gonna hit the local market instead, its all about social relations. If I ever do it, lets hope I wont need to, cause damn, I get bitter, you wont get to read it but I just wrote a bunch of cursing for this post, then of course deleted it, you must remain strong and move on, theres no point in getting angry, no use, isnt it? “what are you going to do with your, emotions?”

Which is something that I love about this Aurora, the full rush and fall, then the fast way back while accepting reality.

Yeeeey, food, finally.

An example of how “complicated” she is, during the breakfast “date”, how easy is just saying -Im hungry, can I have some?- but that doesnt really make sense, yes, even the food must make sense.

And such a sour relationship, which I find it funny, cause the Blonde Woman was way more irresponsible, yet they got along so well.

You can always trust that face…

I decided to turn him into a joke in the drawings.


Theres also a new story with the real her and cousin, a very funny one with “babies, babies, I have babies”, and something like “Auntie Au had a farm…”.

The rest of the schoolgirl story is as sexual as I get, I love the dialogs and setting, but I cant do it more often, theres no fuel to drive.

And this is the final of the Shell stories, in Core, so far, youll get to see “the greatest empire ever built”, which is Aurora waking up in the Reo early days and fixing everything around, its so, very romantic.

About: Shell to Illusions 10-11

Snow Paranoia Vacation ~Shell to Illusions~ 10

Snow Paranoia Vacation ~Shell to Illusions~ 11

What seems to be a single story has a lot going on behind, Middle School Girl Aurora is the present core taking over the shell, in a very what-if situation.

In Business Partner, its more about her father and playing around with stuff, including a “happy” ending.

In Driving Partner, you have the shell becoming “addicted” in a relation where he is dominant. He is not that wrong, it is the end of the line, there is no present day Aurora and he takes care of that,  problem is what is called “timebomb”, the core has enough and ends the shell by destroying the body.

In the main story there was a warning and action…

but the shell actually did well in the end, the reason? because of the core actually waking up, thats Dark Cloud Aurora.

It had been so long, and everything is different, the old injuries are there, so the core divides in two, past and present, the past goes back to sleep and the present tries to wake up, thats the whole Little Wolf process.

The present core assimilates the shell and “wakes up”, but she has a timebomb of her own, the, what you can call, “Delusion of the Actress”, the endless search for her cousin.

And based on that, this story is going on, which I really like, the full swing of craziness, but also the very fast correction when things go to the deep end, then she has to take care of her own life, as help never really came.

“Dont you know, you have to do everything yourself”.

It sounds bitter but its not, dont wait, get things done, its not even about death, one day youll be old and wont be able to do half of the things you could do in the past.

then you talk about it, happiness.

About: Shell to Illusions 05-09

Snow Paranoia Vacation ~Shell to Illusions~ ch 05

Snow Paranoia Vacation ~Shell to Illusions~ ch 06

Snow Paranoia Vacation ~Shell to Illusions~ ch 07

Snow Paranoia Vacation ~Shell to Illusions~ ch 08

Snow Paranoia Vacation ~Shell to Illusions~ ch 09

In the fifth chapter you have them making a deal, in how they were going to be together, solve their problems together and live their lives, also together, a pretty daring idea of her that became a reality later.

And with that the storyteller created a shell that could get along her fathers lifestyle, the obvious question is, why wasnt he there? but with him there, no reason for the shell to exist.

nobody died? a happy ending? “your shrink must be proud”

Well, thank you, not for long though.

Muchuuuuu, desu.

Then we move to the next story, in the brewing of the new what-if shell, we have an Actrish image teasing him around, until the boiling point reaches…

To wake up as this Reo version that is in a relationship with his highschool girlfriend.

Big breast, I mean, big eyes, I mean, with the elements that could bring them together.

Shes pretty normalish, but also cute and fun, with some money and he pretending to be normal, things can get along.

Well, almost.

For the core he is like a puppy, but for other people, normal people, its too much aggressive. In this story, he could calm down and they eventually got together.

Someone has to drive.

And wear pretty dresses.

And finally the harsh reality, the core does not love her, yet the shell explains, there is nothing else, this is the end of the line, and she loves us, at least the image of us.

But she is not having it, and just as promised at the Intro of Happiness of Marionette, the Core ends the Shell.

Next comes the Middle School Girl Aurora story.




About: Shell to Illusions 01-04

Snow Paranoia Vacation 02 ~Shell to Illusions~ 01

Snow Paranoia Vacation 02 ~Shell to Illusions~ 02

Snow Paranoia Vacation 02 ~Shell to Illusions~ 03

Snow Paranoia Vacation 02 ~Shell to Illusions~ 04

“Oh, you said it was going to be normal…”

You should know by now, that even if I try, I cant. Another difficulty presents when ideas burst by the push of a hormonal rush, which are rare in me, so to reproduce it across the days and to continue developing the story, yeah, not gonna happen, theres not much to do when the chemical fuel isnt there.

In the first chapter you have the premise of the story and why of its existence, current Au has a bunch of daddy issues, Au style, as she realizes that she could solve most of her problems by just being like her father, yet rejects again and again, it implies that she likes being more like her mother, which would actually solve those problems way faster, what goes into the shadows is that she has to be, herself, not a copy of them.

You have emotions coming and going form Aurora about her father, its so bittersweet, he would say, oh, so great if you were like this…

sorry, sorry, like this:

and she would say, it would be, so amazing, if you were like this…

Kind of the same happened with her mother, but theres a big difference, they were a couple in a long informal secret relationship, this is father and daughter, the link is there, youre not going anywhere, or as mother Aurora would laughingly say “thats your problem, not mine”.

“What costume shall the poor girl wear?” Shell to Illusions.

In chapter two starts the lovely relationship between two business students, he is a Reoish full personality, with father dominant genes. She, is a combination of many, I guess, cuteness around. While he is already half way to succeed in his career and such, she, in her mind, is struggling to make it happen in the future, she doesnt have the connections and experience. (Uh, not on purpose, she is making one, him).

Oh, but I let him a “curse”, to be, interesting, I need something to relate, otherwise I wouldnt care, Im not a business person, I feed pigeons thinking about ducks instead.

And thats Apathy, of course was what the whatever doctor told them he had, you know how much they battle, or better said dont apply themselves as much as (they) cannot exploit, to come up with even terms for something that goes on and has since ever.

I dont need to tell you about the sour side of business, but theres also the sweet side, to make stuff actually happen.

And not to make things longer, at the fourth chapter she decided to stay, though its just the beginning.

I dont know if this story will be long, I was thinking of the ending, then the abusive Reo story, and to finish with School Girl Au, then Core to Illusions, instead of our lovely character here, you have the Core dealing with a young Reo, in the main story, a would be the Core awakes at a younger Reo age.

Nightmare of  Cold Night is an “I dont love you anymore” story, and Snowdrop is a broken twisted Reo. Aaand theres many others too, so much work to do, gladly, it would be so boring otherwise, and senseless, and dull, lifeless, apathy.

What are you gonna say in three thousand years? did you have any fun? was it worth living? are you beliefs completely obsolete? do you have any strength or skills to be on your own? cause theyre all gonna be dead, all your servants and slaves, yourself, all the people that used you, and you back as well, aaaaall dead, can you look to the past with a smile? whats left of everything you did? you see, these stories, for me are like genes, thats why theyre so worth to make.

-Im not even talking about taking advantage, you have to, you must think as a storyteller person.
-Sounds, tricky.
-In your mind, it organizes things very quickly, how do you want to live your life and take decisions.

A feminist comes from the Actress, a business person comes from her Father, a storyteller comes from Aurora, yaaaaa, what to be???!

Ahgg, what I dont like about these story notes, is that my brain sticks with certain words, if I try to write it all at once, damn, its annoying.


About: Snow Paranoia Vacation I

Theres gonna be a bunch of new stories for Snow Paranoia Vacation called Shell to Illusions and Core to Illusions, each I and II, maybe III but most likely moving on to other new ones or adapting the trail for the already made.

In the first chapter of those, well have the main characters as witches playing around a cauldron, in the first Shell a Jeff Jr will be made, in a romantic rich young adults sophisticated story. (The girl will be actually blonde, so far, and yes, theres gonna be sex).

Core I will be the same but with a, emh, girl, Jeff Jr. (She is a girl, but not Aurorish)

In Shell II well spice things up and will be and abusive story with the same setting,

I dont think it will go far, so the witches change it again into the first part of the Middle School Girl Aurora story, then that goes on as Core II.

With the lovely Actressish-Cousinish Teacher, and an obsession that turns into a real relation.

In short words, theres gonna be some “craziness” vacation, hehehe.

Though not for long, theres Snowdrop, which is told backwards, with a broken evil Reo and a practically dead Core; The original Puzzle story, with an abused runaway girl later becoming the center of a cult; And finally Nostalgia Flowers, with the last days of the Reo personality. Among other short stories.

So, theres a loooot of work to do, starting from zero for the new, I guess its gonna take a while.

About: Little Princess 01-04

Snow Paranoia Vacation ~Intro~

Snow Paranoia Vacation ~Little Princess~ ch 01

Snow Paranoia Vacation ~Little Princess~ ch 02

Snow Paranoia Vacation ~Little Princess~ ch 03

Snow Paranoia Vacation ~Little Princess~ ch 04

And with these, we start and finish the first of the Snow Paranoia Vacation stories.


In Little Princess, just like in the Aurora story, you get two sides of the narrative, the a little weird but normal small kid Little Aurora, severely abused by her parents, innocent and powerless to the forces that surround her.

and then you get…

And things start to make sense.

Instead of the Aurora ending with the dead of her mother, here it goes to a more, comedy side, in a way more accurate picture of who they are.

You know, with all the tragedy around the whole story, I sure take it with a lot of humor, I dont think I can even find another path.

“You are too stubborn, but you cant take care of yourself, if youre gonna be like that you must to be able to make your own stuff happen.”

“-She can afford being like that, she doesnt really need anybody.”

I guess Jeff never really understood, nah, he did, but it was an excuse not to push things too far.

“Why?” thats the real question.

… that one didnt even exist…

…neither this AuAu…

snow, like a doll made of snow, it doesnt move on its own, its out there, along with the freezing wind … until it gets warmer and melts into liquid water, losing its shape… like a forgotten memory… of what never happened… hihihihi… hehehehe.

This is from the Innocent Grey game ~Caucasus~, also the snow girl with the flower.

Yaaaaa, Aurora and her dad have such a bittersweet relationship, and chapter 04 gets very sentimental.

Next comes, I dont know, havent decide, uhh.

About: Lost Mighty Wolf 07-09

Happiness of Marionette 04 ~The Lost Mighty Wolf~ ch 07

Happiness of Marionette 04 ~The Lost Mighty Wolf~ ch 08

Happiness of Marionette 04 ~The Lost Mighty Wolf~ ch 09

How difficult can it possibly be? just write a letter, then avoid all obstacles between her and the real message, and funny thing, that might include her, but most likely, you. In this case, Aurora might be such a big bully, but she really likes what she loves.

Something so simple can become a path for the madness to develop, or maybe an excuse for being so much of a coward, not that I know much about love letters, Ive never done one before, probably this whole thing is, thats why it is so fun to write.

We also get a little review on the real side about “Taken by the Demons”, and the very obscure objectives of Demon Reo, which can be resumed in an endless travel to the distant past, a transformation of so different worlds, he is living in one where he doesnt even exist, though he really does, they all living in depression, the murder of her cousin is what makes the goofy smile turn into emptiness and lack of worth.

To be honest, I dont think she would have made it that far, in the Demons timeline, it all would have ended with the old personalities, they were searching for her, that was the drive, without it, and without her mother, I dont even think I have the creativity to write about it, or maybe I do, something about some doctor describing mental disorders, and all being made up, though theres nothing to describe but a corpse then, “a boy without a heart”, surrounded by denial for convenience, which leads the way for a demon to arise. Ah, everything goes in circles.

And guess what?! Little Wolf makes a come back in the later stories! ahhhhhhh!

eh, not really, in the newest story “The A Adventures of Dark Reo”, certain personality is brought back to temporarily and successfully deal with a complicated situation, and for him to exist… the core this time doesnt go back to a childish personality of herself, just in form, Little Commander.

Oh, the A goes for Autistic, not Actress, buuuuuuuuuh.

What to do? what your mother does, and she comes for a visit in the last chapter, the end of being lost… the end of a shell, you are what she made.

Next comes “Snow Paranoia Vacation”, with a bunch of what if stories and stuff like that, later Little Wolf takes over the shell and so the present core, Aurora, awakes in “Storytelling Days”.

About: Lost Mighty Wolf 03-06

Happiness of Marionette 04 ~The Lost Mighty Wolf~ ch 03

Happiness of Marionette 04 ~The Lost Mighty Wolf~ ch 04

Happiness of Marionette 04 ~The Lost Mighty Wolf~ ch 05

Happiness of Marionette 04 ~The Lost Mighty Wolf~ ch 06

The story continues and the, emh, peculiar situation Aurora is in becomes very evident to her, the knowledge was always there but now is the time to face it.

Overcoming the trap that became the shell personality, the boy without a heart, then an explanation of whats going on, a solution for the old problems and the configuration of the “new” ones, but hey, the point is to keep playing, not to win.

Youd think she wants to find her trust fund and inheritance, but some people just live in another dimension.

You know, if Reo was a real boy, this would have turn pornographic really quick.

Theres new stories on the works, a new one between a painter and a model, their company, her life and his past, it comes from the whole actress thing, difference is the setting, they are actually together and he is very shy, its gonna be so romantic, and sad, Au style.

Another is the Doctor Adventures, taking a walk on the normal side, shell style, Aurora is too much for them, so with time, a translation from the strange foreign language, along with some good old right arm and eye weakness, but hey, the new Ceran is too nice looking for a facial paralysis.

Pretty, such style, so great.

Lets do a story here next week

Of love, and life, and details, and sound

Ill do it beautiful just because Im thinking of you

A portrait of everything I can see

And you wont even be there.