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Happiness of Marionette 02 ~Path of Dolls~ ch 16

Happiness of Marionette 02 ~Path of Dolls~ ch 17

And with these, the Path of Dolls story is done, clapclapclap.
And also we reach what would be, mmm, lets say the end of the old Aurorish testament.

“The best part is that is not the end, it never really is”

This is what really happened, the fight against the Satellite and Demons stories, the “you didnt do anything”, about her lovely cousin of course, she doesnt swing that hard about herself, why? I, I dont know, I guess theres no need to.
The rest of Happiness of Marionette is about Little Wolf and Reo, and how the child form grows and absorbs the shell, awakening the present core Aurora, who goes on in Storytelling Days.

Which version of Reo do you like the best?
The conviction fanaticism of the magician, the allisfairplaycausewekilledourcousin demon transformation of worlds, or the real Reo, the doll to fill in for her father?

Maybe we missed so many interesting stories with this outcome, but theres no fuel for anything else, both “monsters” lose their sense of existence and die, one way or another.
“So, when is she, he or whatever going after the Actress? that sounds like a good fap”
Eeemmh, she doesnt, :(
I know, I know, such a scam! now you finally know why Im not charging for this.
It sure took me a while to do two chapters, but I had what was a successful audit, dealing with pigeon stuff, still getting used to Josephines departure and the changes of the place, aaaand something like this happened and I hurt my left arm

I put the hands first in what I like to believe was a divine test for there to be known I am not a lefty daughter of Satan. Im such a left side wimpy, I need some changes cause Im ending up like a pitcher.
Many, many stuff to come, I even came up with another side project, but I rather shut up and let things flow on its own.


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Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ 13

Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ 14

Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ 15

Dont get too attach to the Image, Reo is the one who “will win” or die with everything in the process, kinda meant to be, you already have the core in both her past and present versions, and of course the wonderful real Mother Aurora, there is not much point, isnt it? they would just repeat the same thing again and again, the Image is just means of communication.

And so, the journey trial had started, in 13 you see them walking as he expresses his emotions, his shallow very empty emotions, he is just a shell personality left in the wind for so many years, thats why he needs the image to even function properly, the lost boy-detective personality did on his own, but here “the machine” was already collapsing, as you could see in Wingless.

The trial is to defeat those two monsters at the red spheric room, which represent the Satellite and Demons stories, the “you didnt do anything” about her cousin, to reach again, in the middle of the illusion of the Actress.

He fights them well yet unable to do much, he starts to progress but becomes very tired, the Image notices and ends the fight. After conquering the trial, he is supposed to become a guardian again, a restoration of the machine.

Grrraaawl, Evil Cousin.

Then the Image takes him to the core, along the way he meets fate in a very lovely and adorable form. The “Hikari Accident” happens to him. Blonde because of the Actress illusion.

This is on 14, he dies but “you never met her on your life” it doesnt make sense for him to die, so he lives again, very traumatized but there is no time to even cry, the trial is upon him.

In 15 she shows him the core, better said their reach of the core, cause once again, just like with the detective personality, they cannot wake up the core, just be guardians around… what is it going to take? hint…

I mean, her cousin is not around, her father much less, mother is dead, the actress is nowhere near involved, you have to do everything on your own!! move, move, move!!

Thats one of the lovely teachings of Mother Aurora, and what else to react to all those structures than Grandma Aurora, the model for AuAu.

Sometimes I feel Im too incestuous, sometimes…

Nah, is not that much, go inside yourself to find how much of your parents you are, what you thought it was you, its probably them.

The Image shows Reo the core and tells him what goes on, which is basically this, the Intro of Happiness of Marionette.

She was about to destroy everything, including whatever comes to the path. Either the trial is successful and “the machine upgraded” or thats it. The core feels very positive about it, thats why “the good mood” they can feel.

Will he defeat those monsters? he obviously needs some help

Like two more chapters to go in this story, theres the title of the newest one in Eyes Opened Chapter, the first is “Such a Fancy Life”, the second “The Nostalgia of the Old Kingdom”, something about the pigeons… then I get a sponsor audit later this week, meeeeeeeh, so annoying, kind of a big one.


About: Reptile Days

So I finally decided to give the proper focus to my, lets say political ideas, and opened a new wp site, yes, another one, for the new side project one of these days will start, wont be classical politics cartoons, cause I dont like to state the obvious, its more of a dark humor thing, something that speak on its own, on its own style, a story by itself, not something left to say, Im not your fucking mother, and if ((you)) didnt care before, ((you)) wont care now, and I couldnt care less, so its more of a celebration of a conquest against the human kind.

… cause I dont like to state the obvious… yeah, the same reason I dont usually draw “realistic” stuff, my eyes are working, why should I care to do the same I can already do? thats why I embrace very “arty” designs, this is something you dont see with your eyes, but with your mind, and I write plenty of physiological this and that, the drawings go the same way.

And the same reason I dont like to take photos, until they die and I wanted to make a drawing later, much later cause theres a pile of projects in the works, then I need to remember…

Im more talking about dead pigeons, but also Lady Josephine died the other day, she was 19, nearly 20, and started to grow a tumor in the upper left of her throat, seems to me like others followed on her chest. I kept pushing on and on for her to keep living, and she did, a sick but good life… you should have put her down Au… how about no? and she wasnt suicidal, she had a sick but good life, and died so slowly that it was, so simple, with his brother was more complicated, cause he had a tumor which became nothing, but a cat flu and kidney failure in Cat Dying Days.

Enough of that, its time to storytell will come, already doing the next chapter. By the way, in the newest stories you see kind of what really happened to Mother Aurora, among other unified core stuff, its called “such a fancy life”, as the Mother telling her daughter “you had such a fancy life”, including all those freaky stuff being functional and not a disease, and those are obviously hereditary, what can it possibly mean?

You know, people want to feel special and pretend they are things they are not, but the real thing is something to be careful about, cause the whole structure can come down very easily, the strength of the body comes with order, you break that somehow and… well, stating the obvious shouldnt be a fashion.

Family Picture:

About: Path of Dolls 09-12

Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ ch 09

Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ ch 10

Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ ch 11

Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ ch 12

Lately is been kind of, difficult, its curious to see how just one thing can turn everything upside down, lose our mood and become stale.

The pigeon place is going great, after so many problems with this and that, some have died but those were natural reasons, they breed a lot but also die a lot.

The storytelling is great, now I can draw and write “at the same time”, lots of new stories ready to go, putting everything together, the rhythm, the fun, all pretty good.

But then Josephine starts to die and everything changes, the real problems goes with me not “being able to do anything”

Which is not accurate, from liquid meals to bathroom bed, I keep pushing her on and on, “what part of forced feeding dont you get?!”

The more she goes on, the less violent her death will be, and, the problem, I keep remembering her as normal, and she lives on so I believe is gonna go long.

And then you complain about everything, I shouldnt have spent so much on videogames I play everyday, maybe I should sell one computer… just freaking out about money in general, then you enter some male humor contest you have no chance of winning, I mean, that would solve all my money disabled problems “forever”, but theres only one prize and a thousand more “normal” entries, its like when I wanted to make some theater stuff with miitomo, but everything is lol this and lol that, I mean, fucking braindead piece of shit, I hate people so much… aaahhhh, Im too old and it shows.

Anyway, Im in so Im gonna go all the way and make another or two, you know, of course I have my political ideas, and Im very strong about it, but, ahhggg, being one of this “figures” must be disgusting, unless you really love people or get very well paid, and even then, with the last you just rot yourself in pretentious poison, cause “you always have to be right” and be this moral little… I cant think of anything more boring, its soooo boring, even if its what people attach to, I dont care, Im happy with my two likes a post, and one is mine, I dont care, storytelling is so much better, theres no real limit and you can travel everywhere, you can be the worst, you can be the best, you can be both, or none.

I didnt even talk about the chapters, well, I think the psychological part is not really that complicated, what makes it so is that Aurora is such a freak, hehehe.

Mmm, I wish there was cat diapers.

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Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ch 05

Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ch 06

Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ch 07

Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ch 08


He gets “married” and she throws all his stuff away, hehehe.
Wonder whats gonna happen when they get “divorced”, well, in fact, she is supposed to assimilate him and become the last upgraded machine to be with the present core in her infant form, as she awakes from slumber and its process, but Reo does so good that Little Wolf keeps him instead, and there would be too many “Auroras”.



And reality hits again, you had your nice little adventure, but what now tough guy? no money? no free pass for you, they are already openly calling him crazy, not that he seems to mind much, as he continues his own path.
Oh, and if the Image would have been in fact his mother, I would have needed to write a whole chapter with nothing but “HAHAHAHAHA”.


“its just money, how can it be the difference?‚Ķ cause they wanted that money”

Yaaa, whats the point when you can play videgames all day?

Hehehe, but it would be such an empty life.

That game was Chrono Trigger by the way, not that I play it now, at all, I dont even like it, but it has good nice music, that was the lure back then, and his ancient win98 first edition noisy pc couldnt handle more, n64 is gonna have to wait.

He has plenty trials to entertain himself with anyway, the visualization of his psychological reality and the fight for his own self.



About: Path of Dolls 04

Happiness of Marionette 02 ~Path of Dolls~ ch 04

Well, it goes to show its not wise to get in the middle of Little Wolfs nostalgic adventures, its better to let it run its course, theres elements of balance after all.

This chapter pretty much speaks by itself and what happened, one side to notice and very important, he does everything by himself, thats his nature, and even when successful, these are social matters, group activities, there should have been thousands complaining about the same, united, yet there only was him, at least at that level.
I could go political explaining their scams and such, and the social engineering of the passive masses, but I am a romance writer, hey, a dreadful scenario only makes it more interesting… I never liked people anyway.
They are not that strong, and Im not saying that to lead your opinion somewhere, they are only part of a circle on the top, once the normality that protect them is broken, they are too.
Thats why someone like lawyer Reo was so dangerous to them, he came out of nowhere with such passion, they couldnt even explain what he was doing and came up with a theory of him being an undercover agent.
Now, if the masses could do 2+2… would be a very different world, wouldnt it?
I guess thats something easy to agree on, the complicated part is where does it lead, to my scam or yours, or shall I call it a trap? cause the self is always right, stubborn little prank… oh just let go and live your life, let the elements of what you are touch this and that, and let go, thats what I do, even writing this, thats why I never Like back!

About: Path of Dolls 01-03


Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ ch 01

Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ ch 02

Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ ch 03



And finally, whatever really happened to the Reo personality, he didnt do anything, but he did something else.

He disappeared but I dont need him anymore
Through the vast and empty world
You could do what he could not
My pretty little Marionette.



So simple yet, so messed up, her father is gone, but hey, you look like him, so you, you will do what he did not.



Starting by getting a computer!

Hello Miss Sponsor, looking good there, for obvious reasons…



Hehehe, big breasts, hehehe.



He finally lost it, you could easily say so.

And whats with the passion about charities? bunch of scumbags, but he has nothing to do with it.

Maybe some unfinished business of old…



The Image is a means of communication between the dormant core and the shell personality, she is something he can understand, not just an idea or structure of thoughts, he does actually sees and “touches” her, a materialization of the core.



She does look like their mother, Ill just leave it at that.

And I had such a nice working rhythm, but Josephine got sick, and I kinds lost my reflexes… ahg, things are more stable but still, at least I can play smash again, I was getting worried there.

But concentrating gets annoying, and Im too tired, the perfect time to push forward and keep working, or just take it easy for a week, lets see what goes on.

About: Wingless 07-10

Happiness of Marionette 01 ~Wingless~ ch 07

Happiness of Marionette 01 ~Wingless~ ch 08

Happiness of Marionette 01 ~Wingless~ ch 09

Happiness of Marionette 01 ~Wingless~ ch 10

With this, the end of the Wingless story, clap, clap, clap.

aaah, kind of, so sad.

Upgraded Machine

Satellite and Demons stories, hold by Adult AuAu.

~You didnt do anything, you have no passion, you have no life~

When did Aurora wake up then?
Its a parallel process, inside and outside, first the core in her Dark Cloud Aurora form finally exploded in desperation, anger, blabla; which created the AuAu personality and the Aurora book happens, while the machine, the Reo personality, keeps running its functions.
As you see in the intro, the core promises to kill the machine, and she starts doing so, until that “pizza incident” happens, she feels about it and changes her mind, perhaps just by doing something fun and ridiculous, and tasty, rediscovering the sense of her life, this is when the adaptation frozen process restarts, something that began once just on principle.
The machine upgrades, thats why so many things change even with he seemly unaware of it, the illusion of love stops reproducing, he finds about his own condition not just flows with it, he starts working here and there, and in general, he starts biting back to an awful reality.
The adaptation process is the next story, Path of Dolls.

About: Wingless 04-06

Happiness of Marionette 01 ~Wingless~ ch 04

Happiness of Marionette 01 ~Wingless~ ch 05

Happiness of Marionette 01 ~Wingless~ ch 06

And now we finally get the machine to tell what the hell was happening in his “life”, think of it as a lets say awoke coma for like 20 years. While being some weird kid he could float around, but when “becoming an adult”, the fact that there was nothing inside the shell became more and more evident, and the problems piled up.

In 4 you see the total disinterest in his environment, and how he makes his way around with no contacts and only half trying, kind of strange for someone with brain damage, maybe he is just pretending  -o-
No sense of future, no friends, no effort is worth doing, and not looking forward any of it, just annoyed at being bored. Now, these are clear signs to be worried about, cause people like these still need money to be, especially with all their apathy, you cant expect them to be hard working, so, where do you get easy fast money?… but here the core had a different, perspective of life.
All that is very superficial though, next you see his personal relationships, and how focused on girls he is, he doesnt care about males, and there is no sign of any grow model, only girls to hang with, and yet is not happening, cause these are normal young girls looking to have a good boyfriend, and he, well, thats the problem, he never expresses deep emotions, and sex is one of them, youd think he would be desperate… he can make it that far because of his personal skills, which are, so strange, to even have.
In other words, his whole being doesnt make much sense, does he?
And then the “Illusion of Love” even he is aware of.
And then the “moving out” forever solution.
Yeah, thats not going to work out either.

In 5 you see the machine dealing with a harsh reality, personal relationships with a shell personality come and go, but hunger in the one and only body was there to stay.

Its very easy to see the lack of deep emotions in “him” and the absence of a future image, the difficult part is getting to the real personality, I guess is kind of creepy, can you imagine? lets say youre classmate with this handsome, funny, confident, strong, smart, kind of very weird guy; you talk to him everyday, eventually more and more, and you get to know him outside the group, it sure has been a while, what was not normal in him, it now is, you can even make fun of him, he doesnt mind.
And, probably his environment was so shallow that he could float for that long, good thing he lived in the city where he was just another ant.

In 6 you get him becoming more aware of his true self, and his actual body condition.

Well, at least he tried, not good enough at all, and as the core said in the intro, she started to destroy the machine along with the body.

She doesnt kill him though, yet, and the timebomb continues ticking, he is very sick from something he knows “nothing” about and he must continue to perform a normal life of in that state.