About: “Old” Puzzle of a Lost Girl 01

Since Im completely remaking the Puzzle story, I didnt like the old one that much, and needs to be put together anyway, however, its done, so, about it…
After the Old Demons story, you had Reo and Little Wolf playing a lets say mystery novel game, and from then it goes on with elements of the main story mixed along and misplaced, also how the emotions of the core disrupt whatever is going on with the shell.
Its not a bad idea, but meh, so, here goes the old story.
Im working on the new Puzzle story, that is more focused about Reo and, lets say moments of him, and features the Detective, you already know her from later, right? of course you do.


I still dont know if I should shape both glasses equally.
Its gonna be difficult to read, and very, just, out there, crude.
And the new stories go on, Im basically writing this to let the hormones go down a little from… well, Happiness of Pigeon is the title, 1 is Two Eggs, which is almost done and posted here, talks about the new, emh, duality, of Aurora of present and past.
2 is Tryout Nest, the new Alice story, romance and tragedy.
3 is Mr Duck Days, Original Little Wolf finally talks… not that much though.
4 is Flying in Circles, stories about paranoia and such.
5 is Feather Dreams, very hormonal, romantic, rubrub, ohhh… but one is one and one is two, so… its kind of weird to realize where some of those come from. And Im having trouble dealing with those emotions, too chemical and powerful, and meaningful, and Im taking too much time getting things prepared, which is cool cause I have been fixing lots of personal stuff and everything is in a good shape, but, I, guess, being a little crude myself should be ok for the flow.
And, chapter one of the “Old” Puzzle of a Lost Girl:


The Puzzle of a Lost Girl ch 01

Hurry!… I think she wants, a cake, a cake with her coffee… she said that the choice you made about the next one to be murdered made no sense because she was already dead, pay attention! why are you so stupid?!… auuuuch, dont hurt the great Reo… just pick up the nurse and continue, it has to be someone close to them… mmm, I dont want to miss this one, I really like her, “oh Karen, youre so pretty, Im sorry that I accused you to your beloved brother of being at the murder scene”… the girl was his arranged fiance, it made perfect sense… it was also a way to tell that I knew of her twisted love for him… and the idiot doesnt even realize… I got everything right so far, why does it has to be so difficult now that shes in front of you?… lets move on, its been months and we havent finish because you get so busy lately… I lost what the mystery is about, I dont even remember what the blood types meant… it meant that they could be relatives or not depending on the type… I feel really bad for Karen, I dont think shell ever be happy with her brother, I have the bad feeling that she will be murdered near the end… anata no paranoia wa, anata no paranoia wa! gwahahaha.

Long ago in a faraway land there was a very young beautiful girl named Hikari, she lived with her kind mother and they both used to remember about the lovely man who died some years ago, he was her father, the caring husband of her mother.
Many years ago Hikaris mother, named also Hikari, lived with her parents and her brother, they were rich and enjoyed a luxurious life, the parents were very devoted people and the mother spend many daily hours teaching her daughter about the glory of the heavens and the pain of the hells, the power of the god, the end of the world and beauty of creation.
Eventually they had an accident near another city while doing a business trip, both of them died and life for Hikari completely changed as her older brother took charge of everything.
Hikari cried for hours because of her death parents, it was something she never expected, it caught her by surprise and now she was left alone, one would think that she had her brother, but. After hearing the news, her brother organized the funerals and was the one who talked to people, he ordered Hikari to dress nicely and just said thanks to whoever tried to comfort her, while her brother was social skilled and already a big personality in the city, she was quiet and lonely, she didnt have any friends and could barely speak in public, at the funeral she became a beautiful black dressed doll seated at a corner who could only repeat a couple of words, on the contrary, her brother was already making business plans with older men who were friends of their dead father.
The funerals passed and it was time to realize what homelife was going to become, there was only Hikari and her brother, and it was extremely painful for her because he still was full of desire from when they were younger.


Hikari used to play with her little older brother, they were both kids and had a lot of fun running in the big green and flowered gardens, they even looked for secret places to rest and sleep together, but after the little boy senses began to awake, her brother started to develop a forbidden attraction for her sister, she was everything to him, she was all he ever knew, he saw his mother as an old disgusting lady, and his sister as his mother, lover, friend, idol, everything a beautiful girl he was inloved with could be, she was his whole world and meaning.
On the contrary, his sister had a very structured idea about what her family was, what her mother taught her was all there was, she didnt feel much about everything else, and that included the forbidden feelings of her brother. During playtime, he started to get closer to her body, gave her strong hugs and told her that he loved her, she used to laugh and hug him back, saying that she loved him too; then the first time happened, they were at their favorite secret place, he got on top of her and started to kiss her lips, they used to kiss like that all the time but now it was obviously different, she could sense his passion and desire, it twisted and hurt her heart, she thought that it was wrong and sinful, that he was her brother and he could never be her husband, that god and their mother was going to be angry, that it was the work of a demon, that she lost her beloved brother to lust.
She tried to stop him, she thought of lecturing him about the teachings of the church, to reason with him about the sins inside his heart and what it could do to the family, but she couldnt even do that, her older brother was too strong for a young weak girl as Hikari, she tried to fight but he forced his ways, first it was kissing, then he roughly touched all of her body to later rip her clothes off, exposing her naked body to her brother was too much and she screamed, he forcefully covered her mouth and advised her to keep quiet or else he would tell their parents that she was the one seducing him.
The parents always loved their older son very much and made true all of his desires, if he wanted something he always got it, on the contrary, Hikari was like a faulty spare son that was born as a woman, childish and with no skills at all, she was useless and her father hated her, her mother as well but she had some compassion, she thought that she could become a good nun one day, or something that they could be proud about, without an attention to Hikaris feelings, who always knew her older brother was the priority for everything.
So, at that world and heart breaking moment, Hikari nodded her head and cried, she accepted to give her body away for her brother to enjoy, and he did, he was violent and uncaring, all he wanted was pleasure, Hikari could only stand the neverending pain in silence, she couldnt even beg her brother for forgiveness, she thought that it was somehow her fault.
Many more times happened until one day Hikari couldnt take it anymore and continuously screamed like crazy, her brother freaked out and stopped his acts, their mother heard and went inside her room to find in horror about the sins of her children, she froze in panic but quickly reacted, she got close and pushed them apart, she turned to Hikari and with all her strength slapped her face, then to her son, angrily stared and told him to get out as she grabbed his arms and walked him out, then closed the door. A short time after, she went back in and locked the room door from the outside, at distance Hikari could listen the many lectures she gave to her beloved son, later it seemed that he said to her that he was sorry and that he was not going to do that again, her voice tone changed and everything was more peaceful, until the time she came back to unlock Hikaris room door.


About: Taken by the Demons 23-25


Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 23

Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 24

Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 25


It sure took me a while, everything was going normal until the last chapter. In the old Demons story, Reo did blew the place in the middle of the event, just after finally ending his relationship with his so called mother, by his gun to the back of her head, right in front of everyone, also starting the whole thing. Then escaped to his room where he met the core awaken, who assimilated him but at the same time found out how useless everything was, losing all sense to live.


Theres an extra chapter where you get AuAu making a lovely appearance, defeating both of them just for fun, but that will go to the Snowgirl what-if stories.


Now, in the what I call real Taken by the Demons story, cause the old one mixed things from other stories that shouldnt been there, now, you get the full picture of both personalities, with a past that makes sense in the present, and such a nasty environment.


All the joy of the core vanishes with the dead of her cousin, which didnt lead to her death but a dormant state similar to the one of Aurora due to injuries. Then the Reo personality emerges for many years, the loyal shell of the core, goes all the way for her.
Theres a small mention at the beginning about her parents, how Reo could be what his father could not, about her mother.
In the old story there was a plan to also go after the actress, but it went too far and was never reached. In this one, the core gets waaay too depressed and the Reo personality takes her away from that, avoiding the actress image and person then.
It sure took me a while, then I got busy fixing my stuff, daily chores, some flu, but really, even did the drawings, but I just couldnt wrote that complete, cause I didnt believe in what I originally had in mind.
In the new story, the demon holds the plan to blow the place up when his state of mind breaks after, funny thing, smelling the bathroom, you can say the romanticism is gone and he gets a sense of reality, so they go home and he kills her there.
Then, cycles must complete, so he goes back to repeat the same, and alone at last, the core awakens to talk to him, tells him theres no meaning for him anymore, and that she doesnt really wants him, he was just a need, which leads to the new ending, the Demon Reo personality becoming a reproduction of her cousin… “I dont want you to live here, and I dont have any strength left”, the cursed environment plays again, so she bombs the place and they all romantically die.


What I didnt believe in was what took me so long to figure out when I started to write the last chapter, they were supposed to be together “afterdead”, but I dont believe that crap, so it took me a while until I could think about the now end, which is perfect! I really really like it, so romantic, didnt I tell you? this is the good stuff, everything else doesnt matter.

And yeah, one more done, clapclapclap.
Next, The Puzzle of a Lost Girl, also remade edition :)



About: Taken by the Demons 19-22


Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 19

Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 20

Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 21

Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 22


4 more chapters and like 4 more to go, the story continues with the core disappearing, the demon in struggle, the environment playing its role, and the last chapter that will make more sense in the next one.


Big breasted girlfriend, of course.

If youre gonna dream with one…


The core and her decision.


Leaving certain someone in a very difficult place.


At least those are good, not that I would go out of my way to buy some.


Why would he do that? for a passion to be had.

He could even go back to normal, yet…

Its gonna be very romantic, the last part, in the old Demon story it was a full breaking of the hated Reo personality and environment, but, meeh, living like that is not even worth, and Im a romance writer after all, that has become very clear to me along the many days, I dont really care much about anything else.


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About: Taken by the Demons 15-18


Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 15

Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 16

Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 17

Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 18


That wasnt so creepy, right?

Nah, was probably very mild.

But theres always next time


I really like this drawing, based on a photo, mmm, you can feel there, yes.


Ive always said that I cant write and draw at the same time, but now is a must, so things may take more time.
And I am very happy, to finally properly shape this Demon story, what else could turn the core like that but the very murder of her so beloved cousin? by her in self defense it seems, yet the remorse will never end, thats the “one must live and one must die” part, was either one of them to die, it appears to be.

Is not that I dislike the old Demon story, but, I really hold back then, besides, I didnt have the rest of the story, so now the visualization is much easier, I guess it was too much making her like that outside aaaand inside, not anymore.

Im getting ready for more changes to come, this story will be a few chapters shorter, I dont know how am I gonna do the AA chapter, probably move it elsewhere, the Puzzle story is gonna need to be put together, more stories for the 4th emh, “book”. Also keep developing the new stuff, “Happiness of Pigeon”. So much work to do! but hey, what else is this fun?




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Oh, and:


About: Taken by the Demons 09-14


Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 09

Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 10

Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 11

Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 12

Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 13

Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 14



And with these, half story is reached


Which is good cause the best part is coming.


And the first insight of the core of this story, yaaaa, it came out really well


If you happen to have read the last rounds of Demons, you can tell so much improvement

Little Wolf doesnt belong here, and I could finally portrait this core properly


A little kind of obvious spoiler, as the core goes deeper into depression and apathy, the demon evolves


its all part of the same at the end


These versions of Reo are difficult for the Aurora image, but without Little Wolf, she is not really there either


And the sponsor makes the first appearance, sadly here but what can you do

Take it easy Miss Sponsor!

meh, Im getting an audit soon anyway.






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About: Taken by the Demons 05-08


Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 05

Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 06

Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 07

Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 08


This part of the story is basically him starting to take care of his current life and surroundings, the first was a breaking through, this is about his current daily basis, and in the next one we finally see the motives, the core called White Wolf… I could probably change the name, I mean, it sounds good with the whistling song, and, but nah, Im gonna stick to my horrible names.


You damn stupid woman!!!

Oh, I did this with my tablet, good to have the option but this type of touchscreen to draw is not as good.


Yeah, he doesn’t have much of a fuse, nor people to relate to.


loli Demon Reo.




What else to do in such strange environment while being so strong?

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About: Taken by the Demons 01-04


Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 01

Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 02

Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 03

Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 04


Mmm, this is a romantic story actually, but how do you fall in love with yourself?, mwahahaha, nah, its more complicated than that.

First of all, Original Reo, the lost boy, somehow remains from the old days, and if you remember their stories… Original Little Wolf, the lost girl, where is she? later, later…


Hihihi, oh, my, luuuucky.


Im so glad to be so low fuel not to waste money like that :3




Actually this happened, not that I got to know her, something flickered for a minute, then she vanished and was gone.

Also the part about the shooting fight and grenade, loud boom boom a few meters from there.

strange environment everywhere.


Caught between the twisted stars
The plotted lines, the faulty map
That brought the shell to her legs

Now, you have to understand what this love story is all about, theres a timebomb to recover the core who loves the girl named Hikari-Actress, but also, and the reason you see the great difference between the magician goofy ways and Original Reo, “he” had to prove with his life of being at her mothers, emh, levels? and the one to decide, not really but it was Original Little Wolf, not only the core and real personality, but also, well, they look so alike, dont you think?


You didnt believe AuAu was gone from the stories, ehhh???

Funny thing, in the later stories you see Ceran freaking out that the cross and place was colorfully painted, and, I have no idea how it looks now, probably the same, the owner cared for her, thats for sure, sooo many years.


Yaaa, I wanted to finish this part sooner, but I got a flu and, ahg, not so strong but still.

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About: Satellite of Love 14-15


Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 14

Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 15


And with this, Satellite is done! but instead of congratulating myself as usual, big thanks to the Actress and her wonderful co star role, clapclapclap, thank you darling, you were great!… not that she could defend herself into not being, I just hope I did better that all those cheap ass shows for normals to enjoy.


kinda creepy? nah, its just the Reo personality, emh, final form without a core; no, no, no, its the Reo personality becoming the core, practically game over then.


And now, to the Demons story… uh, 31 chapters, thats a lot of drawings. In Satellite you have the Reo version that comes from the Little Wolf core, but she never awakes as the Actress becomes corish… eeeeeehh, well, you know how that ends. In Demons you have a White Wolf core, which you will get to know, and so, Original Reo remains from the old days and becomes a “demon” for her, emh, love?

The solution to these two twin stories is to wake up the core, the Actress couldnt, or didnt bother to, now lets see if it happens in the next.

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Oh, and Satellite:


About: Satellite of Love 11-13


Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 11

Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 12

Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 13


“…She brought him some cookies and a juice…”
Ive been calling it magic all along, but you can figure it out, right? hehehe.
For the shadow and sun part, and while “go back to your family for they to take care of you” actually makes sense and its the sane thing to say, she is supposed to be Hikari, for her to say that… but there is no version of Little Wolf here to explode in a rage attack, only Reo, and the story moves on with him… if that doesnt wake the core, nothing will and he is doomed.


Theres been a lot going on at the “planning” side, first of all, I finally got a new 2ds, was going for the new3ds but, so expensive, its double the price. I had to make a horrible visit downtown, but now is done and I can forget about that dirty place forever. And so I finally finished “AuAus purchase plan”, if you remember from the latest stories, now is time to take it easy.

For this part of the story I had to take a break, because of many things, like the drawings, she, she doesnt seem to have that much in common with Aurora, so, its kind of difficult to put it in the story as I draw, I wish I had more elements to work with, but I dont, maybe is just my mood.


Some things just never change.

By the way, for the next story, Demons, oh, Im gonna shape it much better, cause you see, back then it was “it” and there was nothing more, at least not done, so it tries to reach too far in the future stories sometimes, like White Wolf, she is too much like Little Wolf, when she needs to fully be the result of Reos ending in Satellite… oh, its gonna be so great :3
The Demon is not even that tough, which probably makes him more interesting, you can easily figure it out but I will explain about that later.

Cuteness time!





Mii time too, I finally finished clothing them, and Im so glad I didnt spend anything on this “game”, because as Ive said before, is focused on the lol side rather than something storytelling.



The Aurorish core in Reos time, in all her childish mood swing glory.




Why wanted? she probably stole the hat from the donation box or something. “Aurora, Nun? arent you crazy enough?” nah, nah, but its gonna be a while to reach her story.



“Him? why bother?” cause you need him for Grandma Aurora to come out and play


Mwoomys very precious little boy, wouldnt be fun to tease?




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About: Satellite of Love 10


Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 10

I kinda stopped looking forward to the next part (besides being busy and tired), which is “her” not getting what she wanted in this casual relationship, especially after what happened in her divorce. So funny, Reo plays the same role as when he was working as a doll, so funny… is not like I stay awake all night long to create the links, all things come together on its own, and what comes next, the real reason he went to meet her, she doesnt want part of it.
Satellite and Demons are twin stories, because the structures repeat, and because this is the final time Reo goes out to someone to ask for help, in his very peculiar way. As you see along the whole Reo story, he did a few times and, guess what? nobody really cared to get into that mess, so in the next story, he takes care of it on his own, along with a core who, funny thing, also doesnt really care much, and so it happens, the strange environment, Taken by the Demons.
By the way, “hell” an “heaven” in this chapter is not about poverty, but you already know that.
Taking some stranger home with your kids?… I know, thats why its magic.

Forget about all that crap, finally, Rub-Rub time!


…or not.
Ahhhhhh, your one and only chance!!!
This chapter is one of those storytelling moments all the work becomes so worth and eagerly desired, to be able to create and reach this, mmmmm, this is all I need as a storyteller.

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