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Im under heavy auditing that goes on and on, though it has gone well so far, the length is killing me, which drives to the third story in Eyes Open Chapter, “The Delusion of the Sponsor”, starts with a not so childish Reptile Queen setting things up, then the two lines that meet on Aurora, the Sponsor and her own, so very different, and due to circumstances, the illusion of the shell from Aurora begins to crumble, and things get very honest in a cruel development, that hopefully will have a happy ending.

Very exciting story, I may start to write it before I forget it :P
I havent done anything from the loligrandma Aurora story, I need a new air for that, I really want to do it well.

And another thats been on my mind “Feather Dreams”, the great cousin chapter. The intro goes with Aurora saying something like that song “you know I like to dream a lot, of this and that, and what is not… but mainly, I dream of you a lot” and the answer from her is “are you, hihihihi, are you going to wait forever? wait for me, wait forever and ever”.

Then in the first chapter you get to hear the words of Auroras father, how sick he is after her mother break up and death, he cant understand her daughter, he cant control her, and Im talking more of a personal level, not just the “she can beat me up” thing… mostly the “she acts so much like her mother, she is driving me insane”, beginnings of alcoholism, heavy depression, a complicated situation where she has to remain a secret, oh, and the lusty thing…

Then he finds her cousin, her poor family and their very needy situation.
You dont need to ask twice, you old fool.

Wish me luck with the rest of the audit, I desperately need going back to normal… you didnt think she was going to defeat the Reptile Queen, did you? she will always win until…
“Big sky holding up the sun, holding up the moon
Big sky holding down the sea, holding up the stars
Big sky, catch you in a jar
But you cannot hold me down anymore.”
That means death.
And thats the song Alice in her first story sings before the fake kidnapping and murder, so she escapes.

I needed to write the memos, and it became a post without the details :O



About: Reptile Days

So I finally decided to give the proper focus to my, lets say political ideas, and opened a new wp site, yes, another one, for the new side project one of these days will start, wont be classical politics cartoons, cause I dont like to state the obvious, its more of a dark humor thing, something that speak on its own, on its own style, a story by itself, not something left to say, Im not your fucking mother, and if ((you)) didnt care before, ((you)) wont care now, and I couldnt care less, so its more of a celebration of a conquest against the human kind.

… cause I dont like to state the obvious… yeah, the same reason I dont usually draw “realistic” stuff, my eyes are working, why should I care to do the same I can already do? thats why I embrace very “arty” designs, this is something you dont see with your eyes, but with your mind, and I write plenty of physiological this and that, the drawings go the same way.

And the same reason I dont like to take photos, until they die and I wanted to make a drawing later, much later cause theres a pile of projects in the works, then I need to remember…

Im more talking about dead pigeons, but also Lady Josephine died the other day, she was 19, nearly 20, and started to grow a tumor in the upper left of her throat, seems to me like others followed on her chest. I kept pushing on and on for her to keep living, and she did, a sick but good life… you should have put her down Au… how about no? and she wasnt suicidal, she had a sick but good life, and died so slowly that it was, so simple, with his brother was more complicated, cause he had a tumor which became nothing, but a cat flu and kidney failure in Cat Dying Days.

Enough of that, its time to storytell will come, already doing the next chapter. By the way, in the newest stories you see kind of what really happened to Mother Aurora, among other unified core stuff, its called “such a fancy life”, as the Mother telling her daughter “you had such a fancy life”, including all those freaky stuff being functional and not a disease, and those are obviously hereditary, what can it possibly mean?

You know, people want to feel special and pretend they are things they are not, but the real thing is something to be careful about, cause the whole structure can come down very easily, the strength of the body comes with order, you break that somehow and… well, stating the obvious shouldnt be a fashion.

Family Picture:

About: Beautiful Mother 09


Aurora 01 ~Beautiful Mother~ ch 09
By the perspective of the narrative told from a cloudy future, and some tragedies here and there, about Little Aurora becomes something actually mysterious, in full mode after you know about the Reo personality. And like with any good trauma, the truth dilutes into many versions of it, for example this chapter, its kind of difficult but later you can figure out it didnt happen this very way, this is a “Little Aurora is kind of, like a normal girl” chapter, and theres also the drawings that portrait her that way, when in reality, hehehe, she was like this:


The immediate thought in your head is that her “freak strength” is a made up defense-escape mechanist from her future self, that her overgrown teeth are just for illustrative purposes, and her being different is a way to feel special after her parents lack of attention. These concepts become a fog as Reo is made to mirror a sense of normality to his environment, that until his time is way passed, the core does not wake up and he inevitably breaks.
A big clue about Little Aurora not being “normal” is when the Teacher personality didnt really react about it, if Little Aurora was a normal small girl, or even boy, she would have devoured the myth since she first appeared as a full personality, as she did when she torn apart the Actresses one without delay.

Even so, from these late chapters of this story, you can tell a lot about them and about what really happens.

In other news, I started to work a little in the new Alice story, the romantic part, and, uh, its gonna hit hard, that gut feeling twisting around, such fun! but Im gonna take my time to do it.



About: Beautiful Mother 01



Aurora 01 ~Beautiful Mother~ ch 01

Yaaaaa, its been a while, I always get blocked when its something about Mother Aurora, which is so bad, theres so many stories, ahhh… In this one, the very beginning of the storytelling, “well, whats wrong with you?”, Dark Cloud Aurora is breaking normality by narrating the causes, to and with the help of AuAu. By the conditions of this situation, it defines many of the things said and not, which in further stories develop to give the bigger sense, and the actual truth, such as the details of Mother Aurora family, their personality, what really happened, about those boyfriends, and of course, about the protagonist.

It kind of bothers me that, its like the fourth time I publish this, and I still change little details in the editing :S Im never going to finish… and no, Im not hiring people, I only needed someone for PR, and that one is:

The new work on the cooking is an Alice story, and her friendship with a couple of girls who are cousins, it takes elements from the main story but its unrelated. It goes kind of sweet for a while, but you can expect a very Auish development and ending :3


(AuNew) ~(AuNew)~ 09

and so, Miss Ceran went to the store to buy Au a very easy mister backup keyboard, one with a mister touchpad integrated, the perfect kind for when you have your mister computers set by your mister bed. She went to walk the same road she has went on from long ago, if instead of aiming your heart at the memories reflected at that half deserted place, you went the opposite to a back street actually larger in size and trees, a small fountain and a bench, another for if you have to share, theres a cut as a curve that reaches a main source of blood, fresh and toxins come along, but you can skip them all, at least the illusion of doing so, a view from above that quickly becomes dull, to finally fall to reality, you are part of the main source, always by the side, yes, theres still some more to walk, not much to see, but the promised land in so near, some taxi driver smoking on a corner, a small old hotel to shelter your fragile up and down emotions, maybe what was promised is not what you wanted, second thoughts are granted, refunds are a vile lie to repeat, to anybody who believes, the dogma required to live.
So, the keyboard, and a 2.5 rack for the old drive from the laptop, and another 3.5 audio extender, Im gonna go for the twin monitor stage, I bet Au is gonna love it, ahhh, did I bring enough money? theres also stuff to buy at the supermarket, ahhh…

-Uh, mmm?.
-I knew I would find you if I stayed here.
-Uh, ehh?.
-Those puzzles are not that difficult.
-Are you not going to say hello?
-Eh, what?
-So, you do speak english, I was worried about communication, Ive been trying the local language for some while, but I not much into it, Im not really that interested.
-Eh? eeeeeeeeeeh?!
-Lets go inside, I already breathed enough pollution.


-Im still freaked out, its like I bumped a mirror in the middle of the street, so, freaky.
-I thought it was going to be the opposite, I guess Im still the older.
-You dont look that old.
-Did you expect me to come on a wheelchair or something?
-You do look like, oh.
-Reo? is that how you call it when you…
-Whats with that name? sounds funny.
-Im not good with names, and by the time you realize, its too late to change it.
-Do you like your real name? its something Ive been wondering.
-Did you actually read it all?
-Thats how I find the place.
-What I wonder is how much did you understand, not that I care much about it.
-Aurora, I like it.
-So, you actually, came.
-Mmm, yes.
-Isnt this place dangerous? for someone like you?
-This hotel is for foreign people, everybody speaks english, and Ive done this sort of thing before.
-But Mother was there to cover your back, dont expect me to do it for you, and this place is really boring, you dont want to get too much involved.
-I thought of you of a bigger danger, if you feel like it, you can have a little revenge right now, I came alone, I told everybody I was going elsewhere.
-Let me build my rage and I will, hehehe.
-Life really turns around, doesnt it?
-Yeah, but everything has an exact cause.
-Are you blaming, me?
-Sure, why not? I can do whatever I want.
-I cant stay for long this time, so I would like to get to the point.
-Are you angry at me?
-Yes, yes I am.
-Why, exactly?
-I, mmm, Im not going to tell you.
-Touchy feelings?
-No, because I can do whatever I want.
-Are you angry at my family, your family?
-Kind of, but, how do you get angry at someone you dont even know?
-You do know about them.
-Ive never talked to them, theyre just an idea.
-Everything becomes an idea.
-It was, up to you.
-Not them, up to you, and you decided to keep Little Aurora as a secret.
-There were reasons.
-Just as secret as this little trip of you.
-You have your secrets too.
-Not much anymore I see, hehehe.
-Well, that was your thing.
-Theres nothing else to do here, and even if I wasnt here.
-It was by far the easiest thing to do, short and long term.
-We didnt discuss any plans for the future, did we?
-We werent, in the mood.
-Without Mother.
-And you were still too, childish, it wasnt the time.
-But you came back to your normal life, the one created by your parents since the beginning, and, hey, I went back to mine, created by my parents since the beginning.
-So you do, hate me.
-“Living on borrowed time, Im love with the Sun so bright, Mommy I want to marry thee, and everything is like it should be”.
-Your feelings about your Mother, never changed.
-What is there to change?
-Are you not on denial or something? she beat you very hard, and…
-Didnt I say? I can do whatever I want, like not given explanations to a pathetic fool who could not handle the situation, if you want me to hate you, its gonna be because of that, and so you know, for Mother I dont hold back.
-Thats ok.


-Im sure youve read the name, Hikari.
-I have.
-Have you find her?
-No, I havent.
-Did you try?
-How come you didnt find her then?! did you really try?!
-Ive done research a few times, another before I came, back then as well, they disappeared, they probably changed their names and everything, kinda funny, just like you.
-Ha, haaaa! were you cheap or something?! use everything to find them! you are my last chance!
-Calm down.
-Damn you! what about Grandma Aurora?! she probably knows?! where is she anyway?!
-Calm down!
-Im not calming down, you fucking…

Chocolate Fight

-You, you dared to slap me? meeeeee?!
-If youre gonna kill me, at least I get away with it.
-He, hehe, hahahaha!
-I do recommend you calm down, dont be so, reckless.
-I can do whatever I want.
-Like repeating what your Mother used to say?
-She probably keeps saying it.
-Well, to me, I dont know.
-Mmm, em, I rather not go into the topic of your past and current relationship with Mother.
-Its too complicated to mix everything and that.
-It will be all your fault, be certain.
-She was reckless, it makes me wonder where from, and what situations exactly, emh, I mean.
-Youre an idiot.
-The point I was trying to reach and I couldnt, was that her father was like that as well.
-Eh, uuggggh.
-I never talk about him, at all, and yet you mentioned him so, casually.
-Well, its true, he was that type of person, and obviously his daughter too.
-Reckless? youre not very good defining stuff.
-I take it back if necessary, but you get the idea.
-Grandma Aurora.
-You know who! ahg, emh, she was pretty adventurous herself.
-But not like that.
-Maybe its just a different, ideology.
-And what about, her, Hikari, she wasnt becoming millionaire by killing me, thats for sure.
-Did she took your money?
-Not her, it was, her parents did, I, think.
-Was it or was it not money related?
-Part of it, yes.
-It was a lot for them.
-Am I too proud? Ive used my freak strength so many times, just to prove Im not just some poor helpless victim, just to prove, she cannot kill me, never.
-I dont know.
-You heard about the one called Little Wolf, right?
-She was too powerful, Mother created her, pain and cruelty loses its meaning as you become so strong, she shaped her, and what was supposed to be something horrible, it was laughable, you kill a normal person with those beatings, you drive them crazy with those treatments.
-That last part.
-Ha, ha, now I play videogames all day, hey, she probably never existed, just a frame of my, how did i say? proud, imagination.
-And of course, by the time the training was over, when Little Wolf had to deal with other people, it was just ridiculously easy to defeat them, even for someone as little as she was.
-Dont remind me.
-The only reason I couldnt defeat mother is because I was so young, and the only reason to defeat her is to win her heart.
-Aint that cute? but you were too little.
-You only have one life, you only have one chance, excuses like that makes me sick, proper of a lifeform as inferior as its dust.
-Aaand, dad, I have something very serious to tell you.
-Im listening.
-Its, a secret, Mom and I kept, over all these years.
-This is too hard to say, so Im just gonna do it, dad, I am not a lone child.
-Is that so?
-Yes, you didnt have the most wonderful amazing incredible and beautiful girl, we were actually, we, twins.
-Tw, twins?
-Yes, twins, a boy and a girl.
-Oh, and…
-Daaaad! you just dont understand! I had to do it!
-Do what?
-Those were glorious days in the warm and vitality of Mothers womb, oh, why cant my tears stop? the memories are alive, for all the heartful lights, the joyful times, oh paradise!…
-Tell me already!
-But he was as useless as you, and wasnt, really, surviving, so, I, his beloved sister, cause he had a crush on me, deeply, he was crazy for me, but can you blame him? hahaha.
-Would you tell me already?
-He was dying so I assimilated him.

-I know it was stupid! I know that I shouldnt have done it! but! but! I was young and naive, hehehe, I couldnt leave him just to die.
-There were still some months of paradise, I wasnt going to screw it by sleeping with some corpse.
-Dad, this is so troublesome, I have my twin brother living inside my, his joys and regrets, everything, its so, heavy.
-Good luck with that.
-I wanted to tell you before, but Mother, she is too smart for me, dad, I, uguuu.
-There, there.
-Ok, now dont touch.

Jumping Notes

-Well, now that all of that has been settled, its time for me to be the heir.
-You are not the heir.
-You came for the heir.
-You are not.
-With the curse of the conversation I forgot, did you marry again or something?
-I bet is not what you think.
-What is it then?
-Completely different, just people I spent my time with.
-Mmm, right.
-Everything is easygoing, nothing like with your Mother.
-What I bet is that you are bored.
-Its, different.
-So, we have more siblings, lovely, like I wanted to deal with a bunch of retards.
-You are not the heir.
-So one of them is, over the greatest of the Auroras? are you crazy?
-Of course I am.
-Yes, one of them is, not you.
-But Im the oldest.
-So what?
-I am, it, who else could be?
-Would you enjoy talking to people all day?
-Of course not, but I can pay for someone to do it.
-Yeah, thats the heir.
-I am the heir.
-How could you possibly be?
-Are you concerned that Im gonna burn everything down? cause if it happens you cant stop it.
-Money shouldnt be the problem, unless you go too far.
-You never do anything nice because of some board or whatever crap.
-Our wealth is well diversified, then we borrow the financial strength of others and we give them the stability and organization of our structures, the result is level of production that benefits all partners, with us at the top of course.
-So youre saying you cant do anything crazy, but Im here for a reason, you know.
-I dont feel like talking about the past, in this topic.
-Time to retire, and the heir will set a new order.
-I have to deal with a bunch of people on a common basis, but normally everything runs as it should, thats because I follow certain guidelines.
-Theres also the extended family, which again, normally is not a problem, but would clearly be if one of the members decided to…
-The only time I dared to do anything, I had to keep it as a secret.
-I cant believe you married again, big breasted?
-I did, and, kind of.
-I knew it all along, though I thought you were going to kill yourself.
-That, changed.
-You were like that when, the short time we lived together.
-I remember.
-You should hear my voice in spanish, it changes so much.
-We all change with time, some way or another.
-You do look older, if my youth powers wear off, Im gonna look decrepit, and,  oh, Im forgetting something.
-What, eh?
-This is too tight, how do you, oh I got it.
-Why is this?
-I took your watch.
-I see.
-Hehehe, I took your watch, hahaha!
-Im not giving it back, Im gonna toss it from the roof or something.
-If you need a watch, take it, what you do with it then its only of your concern.
-Gggg, gggghhhh, you were supposed to get mad, now you made me mad! ahhhh!
-Is that your phone?
-My phone doesnt have a line, its just a music player.
-It is your phone.
-It doesnt even have a chip, its processor its too low, oh, it is my phone.
-Are you gonna answer?
-Ehh, ok, Hello.
-Hi, Miss Ceran?
-What are you calling for? its kind of ridiculous to ask how.
-Au received news about the Mister reunion, and Au made a quick list for mister easy things to buy buy.
-Dad, do your card works here? it better do.
-Tell the storyteller I said hello.
-Dad says hello.
-Oh, Hi Miss, Miss, Auuu.
-Miss, he is not, ahhhhh, its.
-Finally noticed?

Teacher Walk 01
Naggy Glasses!… it doesnt matter how you call me… damn you, and I wondered where you went… my nature is in the shadows as well… oh, you missed, we saw many videos of the Actress, it was very fun… by itself or because of the mirror performance she doesnt know she is acting about… a bit of this and that, though I deleted a lot, so many stuff “social commentary”, that it was annoying, so cheap and dumb, good luck they dont have you, and yet, I do… maybe if the storyteller designed a “hero of the world”, you wouldnt be watching videos… I am who I am, and she is who she is, I accept that, well, I try to… sounds ok… she doesnt even know me, I barely even, ahhgg, this is just an artistical thing, nothing more… thats too much already, considering the storyteller is the one who bosses you around… her purchase plan was good, difficult, but good… so, twins… are you gonna bully me about it?… arent you “the greatest of the Auroras”? you are supposed to be the bully… its easy to notice that you enjoy it… I am who I am… twins… is that so?… before you correct me, I was with the storyteller, and, it spoke… it did?… not Reo, its, mmm… just say it, I probably know it already, the storyteller too, youre the slow one… theres a part of the core that I have not been able to, represent… let me guess… no, Ill do it, Original Little Wolf…

Original Little Wolf

right, well, almost… this is, complicated, ahhgg… after the Little Wolf personality assimilated the Reo personality, Aurora emerged… so when the originals of those, who emerged?… the part of the core who talked to you through the storyteller… and who is the real core? Im, Im scared… wooow, can you even speak those words? after such a fearless life… Mother and me, against me, and am I supposed to win?… You have the storyteller at your side, youre at advantage, but not me, Im neutral… Au can be neutral too… I see her at your side, also, Original Little Wolf, as cold and vicious as she is, the childish version of later can perfectly, lets say deal with the situation… I, I think so… both Reos have something in common and have acted strongly by such… they will probably get along… that leaves us with, you and her.

(AuNew) ~(AuNew)~ 08

Hey Au… welcome back… theres a conference right now at the catholic curses center, wanna go?… mmm, Au is not sure… its some idiot talking about collective brainwash reinforcement, but the door is open and we can check the place… Au doesnt know… I will dress fancy and nobody will say a thing…. is Mister Reo going?… the image of him, yes, its kind of destiny… Au has been there before… Ive been thinking, in the most probable scenario, nobody knows me there, so I can go as whoever I want, you can even design something new, for me to wear… but Mister Reo is the one to go… I know, and as always, I dont think I would be able to put those performances if I were there as a woman, just going like that reduces your levels drastically, its ridiculous to do that… Au wears a pretty dress…of course, Mother chose it for us… Au, hihihi… so, a wealthy handsome, taller man, intelligent, strong and smart, you can go anywhere with that, you can talk to anybody, you can pretend to make business with anybody, people respects you and fears you so easily, you just need to keep the string together and they will fall, but as a woman, nah, they dont really respect you, who would if theyre thinking of checking your ass as soon as you turn around? and youre not supposed to talk to everybody, so you cannot move as you need, I wouldnt even bother to go there as a woman, might as well just sit down and actually pray… Au, Mister Reo was made as a tool… mmm, its also a chemical thing, traveling through dimensions… Au wants to see more of those blurry videos… the soup opera? ok, its not like I really wanted to go, only if you could come up with something fun… Au, its very blurry… ahhh, you can easily tell she is the only one who can act… Au, her lines are interesting… yeah, its such fun to see, because the whole thing is so bad, but she does it so well, you get hooked, its like the story is actually good, for a couple of seconds, though the third is painful… Au, so blurry, and hissy audio, bu, bu… Im gonna get a seizure, ahhh! stop! I dont want to see this anymore, damn it… sure, cause Miss Aurora needs to bring a backup mister keyboard with touchpad… no I dont… yes, she does, and, and, Au… Im going before you can think of anything more… maybe Miss Ceran should get a bicycle, so she can go faster to bring things to Au… I dont have any money for that, and, I dont think I should be driving one, its an accident waiting to happen, my two feet is our speed limit, gheeee… what?… its just a fucking bike, why cant I drive one?!… maybe Miss Aurora needs a graphics card installed… how difficult can it be? my reaction time is fine… maybe Miss Ceran needs shared computer power, what about a mister horse?… and where am I gonna put it?… Au, Au doesnt really like mister horses.. but “horse girls are good girls”… Au already has her big mister animal to move around, where is Au mister new backup keyboard?… ahhhg… its gonna be for mister laptop, for mister computer theres the mister game controls… maybe I should go to the border after all, would you stay here? someone has to take care of Josephine… Au! is Miss Aurora finally going?!… pfff, no… Au, Miss Actress doesnt drive Miss Aurora crazy anymore… Im pretty sure she can, if she actually tries, I have confidence in her skills, she can turn the world around a million times, wouldnt that be fun?  hehehe… Au wonders if the mister smell is the same… but why would I go over to her?… Au?… would be kind of useless, dont you think?… Au, its a very good mister story… well, if you think so… maybe its time to find the mister real one… thats, just cruel, though the whole thing is so messed up that calling it cruel is like, mmm…does Miss Ceran still believes she is alive?… yes, I am Ceran, easygoing carefree girl… Miss Aurora would be too sad to answer… good thing she is gone forever… what does Miss Ceran think?… go ask the core, I dont know anything, and stop asking, or I will just dodge around, I dont caaare… Auuu, maybe Au is not like the Actress, maybe Au can really push around… Im too tired to even tell you what I think about that, I leave it to your best decision, Miss Storyteller… is that a permission from the Miss Core herself? not like Au needs authorization, Au can do whatever Au wants… you do know how lost we got the last time we went to search for her, dont you? its not just a map thing, its a trip into a void… Au is confident that Miss Ceran can do it… you just want to storytell about the trip, even if I can only make it a couple of blocks, hey, Im gonna land at the curses center, so much for a repetition, eh? hahaha… so, are we going?… no, Ive suffered enough, I dont want to do it, doesnt make sense, I havent seen her in so long, whats the point of continuing that line, when she is absent, when it is, just me… why did she want to kill Miss Aurora?.. mmm, I dont know… Au?… why dont you go ask her?… are we really going?… me, no, I dont care much, I mean, Im Ceran, Im so easygoing, traveling like that has nothing to do with me… Au, then who is going to go?… Aurora is pretty much gone, and Naggy Glasses has her own thing going on… Au, were staying… Ive been working hard for you to enjoy the place…”Hiraki tried to kill you, thats why you are not living with her”… wh, why is the core talking to me? I am the core, you stupid fool!… Au?… ah, hahaha, nothing, so, new keyboards, right?… with the mister touchpad… I know, I just bought one!

She, she didnt try to kill me
This, this is just a playful thing
Nothing that can leave my control
I am alive, isnt it?
I bet she feels the same
the exact same of that day
When she finally sees me
Time will move again.


*This and the next was one chapter, but went too long. Now Ceran goes to finally buy Aus new backup keyboard, and something happens on the way…

(AuNew) ~(AuNew)~ 07

Am I scary?… Au, why the mister question?… you saw the other day, right?… not everything Au sees is interesting… the fat woman downstairs got scammed, theres these dudes going around saying that they will cut foliage of your tree for really cheap, but then they cut as much as they can, and at the end they push to charge you a lot while pretending they said so since the beginning… Au, who would be dumb enough to hire from so dubious and unknown?… I told them to fuck off but that thing downstairs, well, you know her already, blabla, later they were trying to scam her, so I went out again… Au stayed in her mister room… and I obviously became an active part of the situation, though not much, she brought her problem herself, more blabla, the point is, you saw me right? I wasnt scary… Miss Aurora… Ceran… was a little kitten myaauing around a bowl of mister sweet milk, myauu, myaaau… youve seen me angry, and that wasnt angry at all, its even rare to see me actually angry… Au knows everything well… it reminds me how often people get scared of me by just walking down the street, though I havent pay attention in a long while… myaaaauu… maybe my concentration face looks, nah, and its not like I care much, anyway, how are we doing?… Au is working with the mister line “The reason of her disappearance also disappear”… good… Au has wanted to use it for a while now, because it sounds, very Auish… didnt you use it before?… Au doesnt remember… I think thats from, when Shions boyfriend vanished… Au, just like… nah, was different, its not like I think much of that, how did you call her?… Miss blonde woman… are you glad I, helped her?… Au thinks its an interesting mister story… Im very strict about who I lend my powers, hehehe… Au, didnt she vanish as well?… mmm, lets talk about her another day, if she even exists, what about checking our stuff? again… Au has being checking her mister files often lately… you know, about Lous interviews, they never talk about the songs, its disgusting, no wonder he hated them so much, its always about becoming famous and whats popular… Au, so boring… we have shared the pain enough, ahg, delete them all… Au is ahead of it… and, uh, I knew this moment was coming… everything else is checked… did I do right by recovering all these? Little Wolf deleted it all after a big shortcut, she probably knew all along, the truth… Au wanted all of these… I guess that settles it, though, Im sure some stuff is going to be boring, do you want it all?… probably… theres only one way to find out.

Ahhh, so, how do they say? cozy? heartwarming? nostalgic?… Au, so many mister memories… but its not just that, I dont know how to put it, something like, I cant believe she gave me the chance to see her again… Au, lovely… I would like to return the favor, in the same way, somehow, but she would probably hate me so much, not that I care, I mean, its not the result I would like to happen, but I dont care, its not like I want to be her girlfriend, my heart is elsewhere… Miss Hikari?… Im not talking about a person, its probably the reason I let you squeeze my wallet so empty… Auuu, Au is not ready for marriage… hahaha, no, Im not talking about that either, the point is, everything else, bores me.


The first ones are so much better, the later ones are so dumb, it doesnt even feel like the same character, just the same actress, would have been impressive to see an actual continuation, they had what it takes, but just didnt… Au, they just care about mister money… hehe, look at her dancing, isnt she cute?… Au, but Au doesnt dance… I would probably fall, too much going on in my head, for something so simple, oh, its so simple, you wouldnt believe how simple it is, but, I would probably fall… not if Au installs more ram on Miss Ceran… theres not enough ram to change that, call it an old habit of mine, I turn into so useless, kind of pathetic… Au thinks its funny… if you can at least enjoy it… Au wouldnt be so sure about Miss Aurora affection, if it wasnt like that… affection, eh? mmm, her character is not that interesting, in fact she is pretty bland, and thats her plot problem actually, she didnt get any affection from her family while growing up, her boyfriends are only half interested in her, and she thinks thats normal, sooo, when she got attached to that baby… Au, what a lousy story, its not like the mister baby could defend himself… hehehe, which reminds me, Mother could have pulverized me in all my, extended, baby years, but she didnt… Au… which also reminds me, did she really expect me to play with the tea sets?… Au, Miss Mother probably wanted sophistication for the daughter of a wealthy family… well, you know how that turned like, hahahaha… Au… I am very elegant and polite, I just need the big breasts… really?… maybe you could design something, just in case I need to, I promise I will do something funny at the end… like burning the mister curtains?… I guess I need to come up with something new, anyway, back to the tea sets, I only played with those when she came to Mothers mansion, did, did she or was it just your story?… thats for Miss Aurora to find out… its been so long, soooo long, and, we played with the tea sets on the bed, and floor and such, then when they were about to leave, I used my freak strength to put a heavy furniture by the door, so nobody could get in, cause they were going to leave… Miss Mother was mad… hehehe, but the good kind, and, she never came back, so I never played with those again, then Mother broke them all at some point… Miss Aurora, pay attention!… what? waaaaaaaaa…. Auuuuuuu… hehehe, where is hd when you really need it?… Au, changing clothes… hahaha, rewind, rewind… Au has a mister question… what is it? oh, all these little lewd scenes, I love them all… does Miss Actress body matches Miss Hikari?… emh, mmm… Au?… in general yes, but theres something I, I guess I decided to, mmm, pinkish, and from the very little I have seen, brownish… Au?… you know what Im talking about, hehehe… Au… well, now I can of, sort of laugh about it, but the scraps of me nearly exploded, so badly… but thats not what happened, and now… Im more comfortable with you, than, doing that… now Miss Ceran can go and have a mister baby with Miss neighbourhood girl… ahhg, I guess it should be flattering, and a little exciting, but I dont really like Reo being the desperate wheel of these lousy women… Mister Reo is just a mister image… so deceiving… Au knows what Miss Aurora is thinking, but if Mister brother actually existed, then Mister Reo wouldnt be scraps, Mister Reo wouldnt be a mister boy without a mister heart… it kind of creeps me out, to have my twin brother inside… Mister Reo would be evident, very, by now… but Reo was in love with Little Wolf… Au, yes… mmm, why?… Au, Miss Ceran doesnt know? she seems to know a lot…. ahhhhhhg, I dont know!… Au… hey, Au, what do you call love?.. well, Au calls it chocolate… “come on, Im being serious”… oh, Au remembers, Au wrote a mister scene, its just after Miss Actress and Miss Ceran did lots and lots of rubrub… whyyyyy?!… Au, it goes like:


“-Remember when we were little and I used to eat candy instead of…
-Im not your cousin.
-I dont eat candy anymore, lots of sugar, but not candy.
-Ive told you a thousand times already.
-Im not eating your mothers food, is crap.
-I hate chicken, oh Im so mad right now.”


*One more new chapter to go, more if I can figure out something fun to work with her “twin brother inside” paranoia :3

(AuNew) ~(AuNew)~ 06

Im back… Au, welcome back… Im gonna take another bath, Ive been a little germaphobic later… just later?… and theres also epidemics going around… what about mister work?… if things are stable, Ill slowly recover… good, cause Au wants mister backup for the mister game controls… mmm, nothing with special batteries, I dont want them dead by the time we finally get to use them… Au already knows that… how many manual interfaces for our electronic devices do we have?… Au, Miss Aurora worries too much… the good part is that Im forgetting about purchases for a looong time, once youre done… was mister class ok?… yeah, fine, nice timing to have your plans when they take a forced break and I got cut income… Au, definitively, those were different mister times… what?… maybe Miss Aurora should have taken something of value from when she was so much younger… you know I cant take anything of Mother, all is hers, and Im Ceran, I wasnt even there… Au was thinking of something from Mister dude that looks like Reo… oh, that, nah, no… Au, why not?… you know what happened with the “expenses” money… the only reason it piled up was because Au wasnt there, hihihi… there werent computers back then… Miss Aurora spent it anyway, on, uh Au doesnt know if she should even mention it… ahggg, did she really kill me for the money? ahggg… Au! Au was thinking about punching mister father really hard… I didnt beat him that hard, that I remember… and taking his mister watch, then keep it and sell it a few decades later, and buy Au mister easy stuff to play with… ahhh, hehehe, that would have been such fun, you can buy this whole house and everything in it with that, but thats not the point “hehehe, I took your watch, hahahaha!”, oh, such fun… Au… no wonder why he disappeared, hehehe… wasnt Miss Aurora the one who did?… eh, mmm, its not like you can take such things through dimensions after all, forget about it, and as I was saying, I was helping the dude next door, cause he is too stubborn to learn the classes, so I just do everything, and now he wants to sell these pseudo medicine, fucking scam, he knows a lot of religious people and wants to sell it in their places, he even tried before but does awful marketing and failed, and the worst is that he wants to sell them something that actually works, but in reality what he wishes is his own income instead of just living from his wife, so he pushes himself hard into believing it does work, while its just a fraud… did Miss Ceran tell him?… yes, his daughter is a doctor and did as well, and I was very direct about it, but he really wants that to happen, that opportunity to exist… mister miracle placebo… he always closes his mind like that, yet I said to myself what a hell and did my work, Im very good at manip, ehhh, selling stuff, but I always thought it was vile, so I never made any decent money from it… Au would have to work double just to make up the boredom from it… but then I realized, what if he was to take care of all the stupid details, and I just go play with my magnificent brainwa, ehhh, acting skills, wouldnt it be fun?… Au, probably, uuuh, Au knows, Au can see:
Dude next door who people believe he is a priest- Claudia, he is my assistant I talked to you about.
Doctor? R- Hello there.
Some lousy starving female doctor- Hi.
N- She is the doctor who helped me last time.
R- Oh, it was you, nice.
C- Yes, it went fine, but was difficult because people kept interrupting my presentation, I was talking about a product, then someone started “in my town we use an herb to cure” blabla.
R- Well darling, it was your fault.
C- What? I cant control what are they going to do.
R- And thats the reason you failed so badly, if you couldnt keep them quiet, how did you expect to convince them into buying? its, ridiculous.
C- Its, not that easy, and then they begin asking all kinds of medical questions, those people were really sick.
R- Thats why were selling our wonderful product, yet you somehow forgot to keep mentioning about it and decided to play as their personal doctor, while everything they need, we deliver.
C- Oh, no, theres, a point where you have to take things seriously.
R- Are you saying our product doesnt work?
C- No, Im, not saying that.
R- Cause we have an important multinational company at our back, studies and laboratories, and a book, have you shown her the book? its called “Things your old doctor wont say to you”, the author is a recognized genius in medical literature, he saved his wife while the greedy system doctors just made her suffer, and threw their family into poverty, health is not just for those millionaires and their fancy hospitals, health is in our reach, thats our mission, not just making a profit, and that book is our bible, you should learn it.
N- Ill prepare some copies for you before we travel.
C- Oh, thanks.
N- You both know the story, right?
R- A testament of our work.
C- Yes.
N- There was an old nun who was crippled, he often came to the city to get an operation, one after another, and she never recovered, I used to drive them around back then, once they presented them to me, and she was very sick, the doctors couldnt help her.
R- So sad.
N- She was preparing for an operation, took some time, so I gave her our products and she took them, then when the operation happened, the doctors said that she was in great shape, and she came out very well, everybody was surprised.
R- It was because of our medicine, and the will of God of course.
N- After that all the other nuns wanted the product, they saw how it worked and were eager, but, we actually traveled to their town, and, ehg, there were problems, this and that, finally the company couldnt deliver me the products, and, thats it, there was also this person, but we discovered that he was actually making the products in his own house.
R- Our current company is stable, strong, it wont be a problem this time, have you seen the videos? pass me your cellphone, the laboratories are amazing.
C- Oh, thats fine.
N- We have had a good start, hopefully we can continue it, thought the real purpose is to create a net, not just us selling directly, we will get a commission then for every sale.
R- Good.
C- Are we near there?
N- Almost, like half hour left, you can rest while we get there.
R- Excellent.
N- Doctor, and your gown?
C- Ah, I forgot it at home, with the hurry, I woke up late, but its fine.
R- No, it is not.
N- Sorry, I didnt bring it.
N- We bought a bunch, for the presentations.
R- They have to see us as professionals, not him cause he is the middle man, and they probably know him, but us, we are the specialists, well, you are the doctor and I am just your humble assistant.
C- Oh, ok, thanks.
C- Wow, they all came.
N- Yes, its a small auditorium but its full.
C- Shall I start?
N- Yes, good luck, doctor.
R- Wait, no, no, take it easy doctor.
C- Do you want to start?
C- Just smile and keep quiet, smiiiile, but not too much, thats it, beautiful.
R- Gooood Eeeeevening everybody! Deeeeaaaar looooord in heeeeaaven!…
R- Its so nice to be in a place where the people actually know how to respond, praise the lord!
R- We came here on a mission today, a charity quest, we have a responsibility, to break the shackles of poverty and those who are victimized by it, how? we are delivering quality medical products to those who cant afford what the greedy corporations demand, those medications that turn you into an addict, which inflict cruel side effects, and their cost is just ridiculous, we are here to change that, with new discovered formulas that support the very core of your living cells and the communication between them, is not like I need to tell you about it, you all know about your beloved sister who was cursed by the evil one, dare I say possessed? she was weak, she was in pain, yet chaaange did happened! because hope is at our reach! its something very real! what we bring you today is not only the newest most powerful formulas to cure your body, it also! I will tell you a secret, something I did by myself with the help of our sincere and benevolent company, the one that brings you this great products to your hands, I myself go, in the holy day of the thunder, every year, so the laboratories created this very batch with, not just holy water, you all know about the Mary of the broken hill, right? this is consagrated water!
-Yes! yes! the lord is with us and we will take care of our health, for he has giving us the keys to the future, a bright future, no more worries, no more pain, and we in our mission have created a starting pack with all the benefits of our products, at a very accessible price, cause we think about you, we care about you, we…
-Would you shut up already?!
-Oh, you have some nasty humor, Ive seen you and your face all along, while we are gathered here so happily together, you, you probably need some oxygen factor medicine, its not your fault, I repeat, it is not your fault.
Nun Au- Do you think were fucking fools? imbeciles? youre doing a fucking scam! you came all the way from the city just to take our money, right? guess what? its not going to happen, you wont leave with a cent from here!
Main Nun- Aurora, would you step outside for a moment.
Nun Au- Im not going anywhere.
Main Nun- I repeat, would you go out?
Nun Au- Youre just supporting because that fucking idiot is your friend.
Main Nun- He is a friend of all the congregation, and many others, he has helped us through very difficult times and he deserves all of our respect, if he says his product work, we are going to listen.
Nun Au- Just because you all made a mess with the tax payments, you illiterate trash.
Main Nun- Out!
Nun Au- Aaaaaaahhh! Im off, screw you, you stupid drools!
R- Ill leave you medicine, we wont let you alone.
Nun Au- Shut the fuck up!
R- We understand, we will help you, we understand!
Main Nun- We apologize.
R- Theres nothing to apologize, we are here to help, and this is a sign from God, we are so happy to be here, anyway, let me talk to you about the purchase plans.

Nun A- Hey, was Aurora in charge of gardening today?
Nun B- No, Ive been doing it all week, why?
Nun A- Because she is there with the hose and…

Nun Au speaking through a window- Guess what?! Im back! heres your consagrated water, you piece of crap!
R- Aaaaahgggggg, bu, bu, but I dont care! Ill put the other cheek, for you to strike it, here is my other cheek, just like the lord taught me, do it! fill me with your hate! I will stand strong! I will stand proud! god, watch me! watch me now! I am your servant!
— …uhhhwaaa.
Hey Au, whats going on, what is she doing there?… Au, she is very angry… aint Nun Aurora already there?… the mister thing is, she heard about mister sellingstuff Reo, and, Au… what?… she heard that he was going to become very rich and, Au… so what if he, wait, no, oooh, thats bad… she heard that Miss Mother was going to like him better than her… uh, this is not going to end well… Au, she is very angry… who told her?… “someone”, Au.

R- Wh, wha, what? wh, what do you want?!

Ok, thats enough… Au, the best mister part is about to… nah, thats fine, the end.


*More Nun Aurora drawings, besides the ones posted at the last chapter:








In her original story, she hurt her back and so she is not, emh, as violent as the other Auroras. She ended up falling into depression, but things went better at the end.




(AuNew) ~(AuNew)~ 05

-Todays schedule is very tight, so dont fool around.
-Dont worry, Ill be right on time.
-Next well go to research, I want to check things in detail, accounting can wait.
-As you order.
-and then, we wiiiiill…
-Madam, have you made that phone call?
-N, No, I havent.
-Aint this moment the best? You wont have much chance later.
-Of course I do, its such a simple thing to do.
-If you allow me to say it, your mood is not quite nice if something breaks your concentration.
-Can you do it?
-Yes. you can handle it.
-But I dont sound like you.
-The system has my voice records, just ask for a real time reproduction.
-Wont that send a report?
-It goes to me, Ill overlook, obviously.
-That would be nice to happen everyday, hahaha.
-Or better yet, just require a trance by phone, thats what I do all the time, the configuration is already set.
-Ive never used those types of things before.
-You didnt expect me to actually talk to these people, did you?
-And what am I supposed to say?
-Just repeat the orders as your own, heres the printed communication.
– … Interesting.
-Dont read and drive at the same time.
-So, this is the Queens play, clever.
-I dont see it, this is a worthless waste of effort.
-Dont you believe in the dangers of an L5?
-What can they possibly do? the Queen is just doing more of her pranks.
-I dont know, she looks very serious about it.
-Those are nothing against the strength of the group, and much less against us.
-Madam, can I ask you a favor then?
-What is it?
-If the Queen shows up, and theres a sudden special mission again, would you please?
-Its just chocolate, go get it somewhere!
-Its not the same.
-How come?!
-Were conquerors, its in our blood, well, some more than others.
-Maybe you just want to play too.
-Buying from a store is just a purchase, stealing is just taking our resources.
-We create the money too.
-But when the Queen orders, then its a conquest.
-Im busy getting prepared, and you should as well, less talk, shh, shh.
Uuuuuuguu… What is it Miss Aurora?… Ceran, gu… Au… the sponsor didnt come to the rescue… ohh, too bad… its not like I acted because she was going to… Au plan is good by Aus means… they told me she said something about the house repairs and the senile dumbass downstairs… Au, which one? so boring… Its not the kind of situation I like to get myself involved, I never ask anything to anybody, not even the sponsor, not once, if they offer I may take, but me to tell, never… Mister emotional distance? Mister pride?… those two and knowing my way around here, how many years has it been? I perfectly realize what goes on… Au, no trust… more than that, is the results, but in this particular occurrence, it makes me think, in one hand, its like the jokingly, hopefully saying “what are you going to do if you win the,” ahg… Au, lucky… I guess theres no way around being a burden… Au, no love… its better this way… Miss Aurora used to say that they were paying tribute for her not to, uh… hehehe, ahh, things go a long way back… Au knows everything… the other day I made a joke about them not noticing that they were bringing another kid from the kinder, not bad but I reacted late, so she said a couple of times “we get to keep him”… Auuuu, ch… ggggghhh, serves me right, it was my fault not to manage my speak, and the other day the dude downstairs said that I went to kinder in another city… Au?… hehehe, I think he noticed, but I played dumb, and he is so much, so nothing else… Miss Ceran doesnt seem to like them much… I wont turn my life around just for some fucking details, and its not their fault I went unconscious for so long… Miss Little Wolf said that… I just want off! I dont care, off, away! and on the other hand, she still is the sponsor, thats not changing; and finally, in the Auish sense, so fucking what?… Au, what would Miss Mother do?… move away from them, like she did with Grandma Aurora, and that dude that looks like Reo and kind of Naggy glasses… and Au?… of course not, we are special to Mother… Au… the real point is, back to our current situation, how much I can deattach myself from the monkey dance without the need of money?
Bubububu… Au, what now?… I bit myself while eating, many times… hungry?… I couldnt control, ahhgg, I ended up holding my cheek with my hand… oh, poor little Miss Ceran, she is so defective… ahhh, sure… but not to worry, Au has the solution, though Au doesnt know, is Miss Ceran portable or not?… I can walk… Au sees her more as a desktop, so, Au said to buy more Ram, Au always has good ideas… Im not compatible with ddr3, and Im not buying more… dont talk while Au installs a mister expansion… I dont have to eat it, right?… Au is almost done, there, Au is a mister genius… aaahhh, hehehe, aaahhh.


*Another two new chapters coming, the second is a story of Au, the next will feature a short presentation of Nun Aurora, yeeeey!:

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