History Time 06

“Today is the perfect day to go back into arts” :D

But today I got sick, flu sick, because yesterday it rained on me as I went for bird food at the nearby vegetable market… Mr bunny likes lettuce the most, and he bites, bites, bites… it wasnt even much, the hard rain and dark clouds were elsewhere, yet I was called to do some computer stuff, and I didnt change clothes… now you know, you do get sick of that.

So Ive been sick all day, very uncomfortable, I cant sleep, its too late, I wont get enough sleep, and its too annoying, wont let me draw, then I remembered about this post by now I forgot to make.

Ahhhhggg, its hot and I cant turn the ventilator on :S

At least the storms stopped, daily for like a couple of weeks, heavy storms everyday.

Ohhhh, I am so sad to announce, that she died a couple of days ago:

It was a matter of time, she was stable yet weak, Im gonna change the drawing, I like it but it is needed to change.

In the last history post… so there was Rome and it was full of brutes, they killed all their heroes and the central power dissolved. Christianity was taken as a unifying force, as technology evolved and people changed, from fearing nature to fearing men, and I dont say “fear” as a mockery, have you heard about “fear of god”?

It seems to me that the emperor did believed it, that his mother taught him, but you cannot ignore the “real politics”, the courts, the guards, the financiers, the propaganda, it never ends. And today, technology has evolved so much it became the prophet, the fire and the god, salvation through tech, it will do everything I need, the fear of tech, to be left behind.

Anyway, and I should focus on the theme or Im never going to finish. Kingdoms out of the chaos, you need strong armies unless you want to risk your population to get wiped out… fast forward, the closed circle of the aristocracy rules, they are guardians, keepers of peace, protectors of order, without them society falls into senseless bloodthirsty savages. But now, who is going to defend us from them? women are malleable and men are expendable, they are to be squeezed and slaved, a smart one would tell you, its all part of order, you need sacrifice, you need commitment, there is no equality in liberty, only chaos.

At some breaking point there were a very few saying, “you abuse too much!! youre supposed to be king not a thief!” yet their courts with their endless greed and hunger… the party is never going to end… yet it did, strong economic powers outside the closed circle formed their own, and with romanticized ideas of their religion, fooled the masses into killing themselves for a change of power, the natural order replaced by the supreme being.

Eventually a massive war of modern artillery was orchestrated by that circle, the natural order was obsolete. But before that, so in this country, you have the liberals, the bent over line of kings, and the traditional one (and theyre cousins).

The guy Im making the investigation work about, I dont have clear info, but what I have is, he once was a priest, he fought young in a rebellion before, he was or got attached to commerce leagues, at some point the traditional wanna be king failed miserably and almost got captured, then fled to the neighbour country they used for operations. The only fight left was done by two expriest, they knew it was the end to their religion, and they were right… people support in mass, theyre about to take their own city, the king exiled forced one of his generals, “be there no matter what”, so he crossed back with like 20 soldiers.

They could take their own cities, but never others,the neighbour country didnt want them there anymore, and a economic war fell upon them and their organizations, their local goverments, gone.

So they took a boat to the americas, the excolony had plenty of their kind, not only ethnically, but the leagues of merchants, the ones doing the traffic of weapons, back home and there too.

One of his daughters ended up marrying the grandson of the biggest liberal ever, funny thing, all his kids married europeans… he once was a poor native, he was smart so with the help of the local priest, he learned to write, and he did it very well, a valuable talent back then. He lost a sheep or something, so he fled with his sister to the city, she was a maid in a wealthy family house, they noticed the smart not tall at all kid and they sent him to school. He did very well and became a lawyer, public service, etc. One of their daughters, the adopted one, it said so in her birth certificate, was in love with him, and her parents said, what a hell, were not gonna get her any better, so they allowed their marriage.

Circles against circles… and he became minister of a liberal president, who sold out and planned his own coup, yet failed. So our very short, native guy, president!!

The owners of the excolony since it was a colony, then said, thats it!! and called for european empires to claim the country, this time creating a new kingdom, to place order… for the real humans, not the others.

To their luck, the noble who came to rule, was a liberal!! a guardian of a crappy kingdom? no, no, no, were going to modernize… the local liberals were being replaced and hated him, the empire up north had a vision for the continent and want him gone, the conservatives were getting screwed, and back home they werent getting treasure enough, and there were wars to be fought, where is the gold?!

The new king ended alone… theres saying that they didnt killed him, just his personality, as negotiations were in place, but who the hell knows.

So here come liberty, and chaos, and the country is a mess, the short guy cant leave the presidency, one of the generals see an opportunity and claims, no reelection!! He cant do shit until the short guy dies. Eventually he takes the presidency, dictatorship, and doesnt let go for like 40 years, how? he becomes the king the other guy wasnt, installed slavery and sells the country out like there is no tomorrow.

So the guy Im investigating as work, first he fights for a traditional king, then he flees and his younger daughter marries one of the biggest liberal family ever, they were all merchants, the all sold guns for their wars to be fought… then became “best friends” with the new king, creating business to be favorite of government concessions and exemptions.

A revolution threw the king out, but the later government paid them reparations for “all the troubles, sorry!”.

They remained so-so until recently, now theyre old money, probably floating around here and there. The woman Im doing this work for, she didnt get any :O  though she had her status, found a husband of the same kind… she has not paid me!! but I havent finished, I need to do some graphics.

Well, thats it of that, back to my pain and flu sickness, I wont even sleep tonight, and wont even check if I wrote this right.


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