Coffee Drinking 88

I wanted to go back into art this week, but then work and busy things put their ugly tentacles on me, and then I remember of all the birds I need to feed, and how with the evening to all night rains they cant find any food, so they come to the only place… and the price of grain just wont go down… and to make it all worse, I have roof leaks from small cracks (and lack of proper maintenance) that Im gonna fix today, wouldnt be much of a problem if it wasnt raining aaaall night long, for three consecutive days… gladly yesterday was clear.

It rains waaaay too much, and too early, normally its mild until september-october with the hurricane season on the coast, luckily theres a chain of mountains in the middle.

The funny thing is that there was a state gov scam for a dam, they even cut the water supply saying the worst dry age ever was going to happen. As I told in other posts, theres a lot of “little lakes” exactly where I live, so the supply keeps coming here, and with good quality, I, and the birds and bunny, we drink directly from it, I should buy a filter… but thats like, cheating, we all drink the same. Once upon a time I noticed that the cats loved to drink currents from the hose or whatever, then I told myself, “theyre perfectly fine”, so I follow after them. I wouldnt do that anywhere else in the city and its yellow water.

I got a clue about the bunny origins mystery, I was walking towards the vegetable market in order to bring bird food, and there is a couple of water pumps on a bricked fenced large terrain, the rest is tall grass, and I saw another, younger, still hair forming, but just like Mr Bunny, and I was like, woooow… impossible to catch though, he went into the tall grass through a hole in the wall.

Havent seen him ever since. Mr Bunny bit my pinky finger yesterday (I dont mind), he was not comfortable after so many rains, hopefully today helps to calm down.

Baby #6 was tired of being at the hospital, she escaped many times, then returned… aaaahhh, poor Baby #2, :( … she finally found a place to stay at night, practically next to Mr Pio Pii, though theres a closet door in the middle, otherwise Mr Pio Pii wouldnt allow it, he is too jealous of his place, he even got a girlfriend the other day, but she wouldnt stay, then they separated or something, next time she tried to get close, he kicked her out, hehehe.

He is the best bird ever. Sometimes I dont pay much attention to him, as everything is fine and I focus and work with the sick. You would think with the rains, the hospital should be full, but it is warm so theyre good.

Finally, before I get ready for the bird breakfast morning and then back to sleep, so needed for the long day ahead… what was I going to say?… oh, alright, remember the girl of the other day, I did went for the english class, she was like “I, I, I, I do have a boyfriend”, as she was worrying about the “cost”, because she went ahead before to say “youre gonna charge, meeeee?”, I only laughed and said, pay me whatever at the end, when you actually learn something. She said many times that she did knew, yet their level is very basic, and she doesnt really know. Problem is, two things, people here have a natural rejection to learn another language, specially english, as is the one thrown to their face, people here really dislike it, I dont really know why, I might take a guess and say, people here dont like to study, they dont see the worth of it. Meh, who knows, anyway, second thing, as always… theyre teaching her british textbook english.

“I havent a car”.

I dont mind the british, its the textbook part, theyre force feeding her with things shell never use, in the very small time she will make an effort to study. The self eating british empire 2.0 may be crumbling down to their own stupidity, yet she lives on this side of earth.

Though it is a tricky thing, the language, you cannot remain above like a smug idiot pretending to be better, the masses take it wherever, eventually it formally changes, and thats it. For example, my spanish is more on the formal modern side, as I learned it that way long ago, by now even words have changed because people were too lazy to pronounce them as those were “se esta poniendo oscuro” “obscuro” “what???”. If “pos” wasnt a sign of popular class, they would have change it already.

Ah, who gives a damn, speak like you want and thats it.

Ohhh, wait wait wait, it is not the end, theres a lady in the netherlands with an amazing pigeon shelter, ultra cool, check it out!


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  1. wonderful to see the pigeons in the bird bath never seen anything like it, fantastic. great post

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