Coffee Drinking 87

The storms are gone for now, and the so much needed discipline is coming back to Aus place. They also find other places to eat, so they go easier on me, with less birds, food last longer and I dont have to clean that much, aaand they behave better, as the flocks break and the close ones to me dictate how to be.

With the heavy rains I dont mind relaxing the discipline, if Im gonna help, then is when its needed, as they get cold, wet, and cant find where to eat. Rather have depleted supplies than a saturated hospital.

Im still focusing on work and fixing my stuff, the history investigation goes on, this time on this side of the world, as the daughter of the guy ended up marrying… well, Ill write a post about that. The embroidery thing goes on, she wants to make a workshop, that would mean me having constant work, buuuut, I think shes gonna ditch me the second she can do stuff on her own, so I dont kill myself over it.

And finally, this little idiot wants free english classes, three a week, haaaa!

Well, whatever happened with her?

After a few needy and pathetic years, she decided to throw herself to some dude and have a kid, yet the classic “Im gonna keep him” was on her mind all along, and failed.

She went even poorer for a couple of years, until some relative found her a teacher job at a public school, then the long, loooong quest for a husband continued.

Whenever she broke up with whoever, above happened, in vain.

And now she wants free classes because she believes she is special, attractive or something, haaaa! pathetic.

Im not that bad, Im gonna help her, but on my terms.

I really long to go back into storytelling mode, but thats also the thing, I want to put everything together in my life, I dont want art to be an escapism on any form, everything must flow along on the same direction, so far Im getting close to that result.

And while I wait, my mind keeps happily working, and I have the second and third part of the “Oh Revenge” story, which continues on the funny side. The second is them having a kid every year or two.


And a little army of.

Which one were you, again?

On the third part, we reverse roles with.

Much of these doesnt make sense, it is mostly on the comedy side.

And a fourth part, as Im working on the history investigation, I got the feeling and idea… in the future, humanity hasnt killed itself, theyre still trying but not yet… and we have, like, Aurora the seventh, or something, looking for records and documents, finding in shock about this and that. I think she is going to be her, in combination with the story I had for this drawing, Normal Au.

Cause Ive been thinking about them, the people Im looking information about, what would they feel about me and their relative? reading so many books and documents, contacting here and there, studying to somehow make sense about their life, so obvious to their eyes. I think we would have a very nice afternoon, talking about this. They are interesting people who lived in interesting times, of that on the next History post, it will probably take two, as commentary of the times will go long.

Cheesy romantic song I like for whatever reason, probably the voice actresses.


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