Coffee Drinking 86

Im terribly sad to announce, that Baby#2, reaching the age of very young adult, died last morning of health complications, services will be held…. aahhhhhh, he was the best baby by far, he always had a weak digestive system, which was a sign of something else, the other day there was a huge storm, as the skies cried for his departure to come, they never hold him close…it was a process, but the end was too fast, he felt bad one night, then got a heart attack one morning, for the signs I realize now it was not the first one.

Six months only, he lived very well, he even had a wife… they were having a good time at the hospital, so I didnt bother them much with cleaning… now is a mess but only half as Ive been working on it.

I dont know about his wife, Baby#6, she will probably want to leave, but I have released her like six or more times already, and she always comes back. Baby#8 has become a bit rebellious, he is probably ready to leave… I dont know, and it is weirdly raining a lot, its not a good time to let go, I even got a new, old one, seeking shelter at night from the bad weather, when they go those lengths, its a clear indication that they are sick… and I see another one, kind of coughing, it was cold last night, lets see if I can catch, its tricky cause I dont want to scare them much for them to come back, in case I miss, and its raining right now, Im gonna wait until I finish this.

Ahhhh, Baby#2, it was so fast I didnt believe for a day, also thanks to that I wasnt miserable all week. He was the first one I brought, fallen from one of the nests of the bridge, he ran too fast and I couldnt catch him, he almost got ran over by a car, like twice, until I finally threw myself to the ground for him… you know, this whole bird thing is insane, the amount of daily effort and time, the money I barely have and I irresponsibly spend on them… at moments like this it is all worthwhile.

The storytelling works keep pilling up, it appears that I am finishing fixing the mesh life issues I was dealing with, but I still have a lot of work, I fixed a laptop yesterday, then I found a lot of new information for the history investigation, I need to go deeper into it and also start making charts and new documents, theres a bunch of stuff I havent read, it is very interesting and it will pay well, but time, time, time, how do I freeze it?

And so, in my mind Ive been working, not only on the “Oh Revenge” story that will be for much later, also the Nuthouse Happy Days story, the last of the Aurora book, volume, whatever. Its a spiral of, mmm, well, the title says it all, though “happy” is said in a, sinister way. Spiral is a good term, as the mind and ideas twist, and twist, and twist, provoking slumber and, what I would call a shift in spiritual energies, for example, your hand is your hand, and you control it with your brain, but now you have three hands on your right, and you can move them all on their own.

Well, youll see then when I reach that point in the works. After the war on all adults and that, the early that never happened recovery was the story “Core to Illusions”, thats what makes it so emotional, and so strong.

After the “travel between dimensions”, the yearn to come back creates all these, “magic places”, theatrical stages for a performance to happen.

Hey, Im alive, I didnt die…

I finally got to see the light of a new morning, now, what am I going to do with my days? as they casually pass in such a warm and steady emotion, mmm, they dont move much, but I have a whirlwind in my heart… ahhhh, the daily passing by.


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