Coffee Drinking 85

As the rains refreshes the days and nights, and all details and issues of this and that have solved fine, tonight (last night, fell asleep) Im feeling an, emh, weird sense of steady peace.

The only thing left is to go back to storytelling, but I think Im gonna take some more time, as I need to finish the history investigation (and charge for it… and of course, write another post about it), then theres this embroidery machine thing I need to learn today so I can teach tomorrow.

And Ive been working on other stuff too, as much as I didnt want to and left it to drag, its healthy to take care of the countless aspects of normal life, as well as the emotional winds trying to carry past weight, and not so old.

Feels great when everything works out, the next chapter is mostly done, and has been for a long time, yet Ive been taking myself elsewhere in order not to finish it.

Ghostly Aurora, in the making, someday.

Great challenges await me, in the mostly complete remake of the first stories. The next one, Blood Circles, its not really difficult, but I need to be in the mood to immerse myself in it, and I am not right now.

The third story, The War on All Adults, its gonna be great, Ive been developing it in my mind… its gonna be, pretty harsh, strong, direct, with romanticism attached.

The, tragic, ending, or better said post ending, will be with…

Theyre walking together down a lonely street, under the shadow of trees, and a, “I know you better”, the whole chapter is about her talking, something like, there is this song that I like the title and music, yet the rest of the lyrics, mmmmmmm, since Im taking inspiration Im not going to criticize. So, she says, with a serious expression and holding her stolen heart she keeps to herself, as she sees the larger force of the one she loves, moving on its own, on a path she cannot go, “Its the little things that give you away”. Then I rewrite the rest of the lyrics. Not that, but she goes on saying something like, “Beyond the noise and the spark, as a thunder nightly suddenly pierces the land, the fear of more to come, the mystery of those before, anger at nothing and all, like a forgotten god lost in the mist of a new morning, I know you better than that, as I only can”.

Oh, I got the midi keyboard :D but I couldnt “translate” Oda to Chocolate Cake from the old way of playing, Im gonna have to remake it too. And I have parts for a new song too, a bit more dramatic one, though its gonna take time until I fix the other stuff.

The hospital is doing great, baby number two and six have created a very nice community, theyre perfectly healthy, I think Im gonna keep them anyway. Along is baby number 8 and 10, drawing in the making.

She is grown now, not quite yet, almost, Im pretty sure she and baby 10 are siblings, they look very similar, and behave well :)

He is a young adult now, he and baby 6 became a couple.

Date of files, December and February, time really flies.

And she is doing fine too, with half paralysis and all, such a great attitude she has.

I did tell you about this further chapter called “Oh Revenge” with Aurora having a kid and feeling even worse than what her Mother felt with her.

Its not happening, gladly, the birds and bunny have their own thing going on, so Im gonna have to pass this wisdom to you.

If you ate something bad, puke it out!

Vomit and make it an easily controllable infection, if it goes too deep, it will become a bigger problem, some pill wont handle the wave, out!!

Inflammation of the upper part of the belly is a clear sign, baaaaarf.


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