History Time 05

Remember that schizoid paranoid woman student I had? well, she is back, she was away for some time, she “exploded”, calmed down and called me again after months.

She was “tired of it all”, and at the time I was too, staring at space… so we got along fine, I fixed her laptop and a couple of phones, the next assignment was a history study to find out about an old relative.

Of course I said yes, I always do when asked, to figure it out later, and I was too lazy-busy to do it but, enough time passed and I had to stop and just do it, which now I am glad for, I didnt know much, nor was interested about that time in history, it turned out the opposite… and she pays well, so.

The thing is, after reading book after book, military documents, lists, letters, this and that, videos, blabla… I am brainwashed, I have reproduced it so much in my mind, Im brainwashed into one of them… l,l,l, long live the king! (its funny to say because it is the contrarian thing :D )

Spain, XIX century, the empire is falling, what a mess.

The economic active class below the nobles has grown too big, mix the political ingredients until you have the overly romanticized french revolution, and then the napoleonic empire breaks too many things that are not coming back, then just wait for the industrial revolution to cook everything into… ahg, as much as I like my peasant private bathroom and electronics, you know, it is disgusting.

The businessman bloated colonial empires will soon get modern artillery, but not today, thats a worry for some other time, today, most people live rural lives.

Back to Spain, they got rid of the french, then the king on his later days kept floating between moderate liberals and conservatives, the radical liberals always pushing, he doesnt have a boy kid which would have made the succession more clear, he finally decides for the moderates, and appoints his newlyborn daughter, so her mother really, in alliance with those.

In reaction, the brother of the king rallies the support of the conservatives and launches a war, that goes well until the main general of them dies, he grew too big after victories, the wannabe king doesnt even like him… with his death, they cannot complete the siege of a port city he was against to do in the first place, and from there is a losing war so there is a division, some sign a peace treaty in good terms, as their rank is recognized in the government army, the others with the brother of the king, go to France in exile to now play family games for power, cause even with the clear division of who is fighting, this was a war between uncle and niece.

This is just one of the many problems, radicals want a republic, moderates want a stronger leash on the queen, the queen side wants to break free, the conservatives yearn for older times and its systems, the local semi-independant since conception governments are wary of “foreign” liberal ideas of conquest, and the grandgrandson of that wannabe king is going to try his luck.

Basically the same happens at that war, some call it third, some called it second, because the second was too small, basically the preparations and tries until they could launch it big, and the same happened, they grew large in support, they couldnt take the same port city and others, they disintegrated, only this time the armistice wasnt as good as the last time, they struggled a lot in their defeat, and, you know, they couldnt fight the modern days, it was to eat them all.

“Throw ourselves to the hills” was to form a guerrilla against the evil liberal government, cause you know, Lucifer was the first liberal (angry face), who gave the scream of freedom and equality in heaven, the rebel angel, the first democrat, the first to claim his individual rights, proclaiming his independence, and equality to God himself (more angry faces). Adam and Eve were his followers (goddamn, you bitch!), imitated by the following generations, the butchers of the revolutionary government!!

If that speech didnt convince you, well, they dont really ask for your consent, youre probably a liberal then, summary judgement!! :D

Its a war and both sides are terrible, its just easier to make fun of one side because, they have more stories. Its not about the system, both can work, its about good people running it, top and bottom… “good”.

Ill continue next post, more on the individual level, as the investigation continues, and as the morning comes and I have a thousand things to do… if I dont come back… I had to do it… it wont rain until the king wins :(


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