Coffee Drinking 82

Where is Au? oh, she did something crazy to rescue the little bird… nah, I didnt.

I visited later that day, he was still in. The next morning, I noticed something at the middle of the street as I looked from afar, when I got close, his crushed body was there, ran over by a car, a female grackle was eating the millet coming out of his throat (I told you he did eat), and little birds were playing adventure, daring to go into the rain drain pipe for a meal.

The same fate as his brother, as I was looking at his not so old corpse (must have happen that morning), some car was trying to pass by, yet Au didnt share the same fate as the sibling birds, for Au has muscle, is evil and mean, not even a claxon nor a curse, thats the bitter truth.

“At least is over now” and for me, I could finally move on.

Then I went voting for the socialist party at the middle term election. Theres an interesting discussion, high classes are the same as ever, since the colony, lower classes lost the fear based on the anti system vote that happened in the country north from here some time ago. It is the middle classes, the one floating around, and with that, their vices more exposed.

Theyre a weird mutant, the old generation was the dictatorship vs catholic conservatives, the first crumbled from its own corruption, the second faded away. So now the middle class lost identity, they want the priority the low class has now in policy, yet it is not fit for them, and they want to be rich, hahaha.

And normally they defend the system, as long as it allows them to retain the very low amount of wealth they have. But they also imitate the progressive imports, they want to be it, but only do much, they believe in certain of those rights, yet they vote for the party that goes against, and theyre not catholic anymore, they dont set foot in a church unless someone dies, and even then.

The leftover catholics are the worse, they are not religious, they are superstitious, they believe in countless myths about everything. I guess some things never change, cause it feels like going to the middle ages.

So, are they going to align with the rich and their slavery? yes, but they will be soon betrayed again and float around once more. Will they support the low class in their struggle? No, they believe the low class rising means the end of their small wealth, that the rich will deliver and the poor must be there. Theyre like a beaten wife clutching her monthly allowance. Maybe if the cultural levels werent soooo low.

Well, thats it of that, theres a new baby, baby number 10, he came flying on his own and stayed here looking for a shelter, most likely he didnt attached to a flock, and his parents were rejecting him, anyway, he followed, and found Aus place with food and water, and a roof.

The heat came back and worse, yuck… that and a lot of work, but Ill try to keep up and post often. I dont feel right now to go back into writing, so Ill be redoing drawings and such, this will go to the next story, I would normally change it all, but, I get why it got done this way, the childish image of him, square… theyre too similar, so they get along well.

Guess who bought a midi keyboard :D ? its a music keyboard you connect to the computer. And at a very good price, it will arrive by the end of the week. Though, I think it will take sometime until I play something.


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