Coffee Drinking 81

I have a very bad mood today, I tried to brainwash myself into not, but was impossible.

Yesterday I went for bird food, there were no babies lost down the bridge, but on the way, I took the catholic curses center route.

And to the right of here, by the window where Michael and wife sneaked in to make a nest (he is still around, she died, or something, long agoI saw someone like her with an injured wing near him, was probably her, but, I dont know, could fly away before I got close, which means she probably found someone-somewhere to support her, so, she may not be dead, and Michael doesnt have a new wife… its all so strange, pigeon mysteries can drive you insane :O ).

Back to the developing tragedy, I saw a bwaby and got ready to capture, but passing the tree, as I tried to catch him on the other side, he disappeared… it took me a while to figure out, he went into the recently placed large rain drains.

The only thing I could do was to throw a bunch of recently purchased millet, and mortify in the way of “I have this thing to do”.

A couple of hours ago I went back, the corpse of his brother ran over by a car as he hid under, was thrown across the street to the catholic curses center. Theres a difficult neighbour old woman there at the corner, sadly this morning when I was looking for the little one, she was passing by and noticed me, and stared… I got up, cleaned my knees, and walked straight in line, staring back, with all the sweetness of my expression, as you can see above, Im such an angel :)¬† and left without saying a word, she moved away as I got close, perhaps I should have talked but, mmm, I didnt trust her.

Problem is, I gave away his position… ahhggg… this is turning to an impossible rescue… can you imagine? fell from the nest, weak and cannot fly, hungry and thirsty, his brother is dead, his brains and eyes… theres some cats around, dogs are walked, people consider you a vermin. Ill try to go back in the evening, but there is so much I can actually do. If it rains, he can drink water, but theres a larger obvious problem, as his shelter and food (he did eat) will be flooded, the reason thats a big pipe is because it receives from a large surface at the roof.

I understand my limits and difficulties, but now the next step, is to forget about it.

This is across the street, near where his brother died.


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Feeder of birds. Too long to give up.
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