Coffee Drinking 80

Normally when I write these posts, I usually wait until I have something I believe, interesting to say, or a theme to connect several thoughts. Now will be different, I need to daily post to restart the engines, and I got the clever idea of just going unfiltered, a more natural me, Im sure there will be plenty of “yikes, she thinks that?” moments, but, hey, I probably wont even realize (nor really mind).

Im so sleepy, and I have a looot of work today. In a few minutes I have to fix early morning bird stuff, I dont get raided anymore with the new arrangement of the feeding grounds, which creates a lovely morning instead, but I must be ready, chilling with the birds is really nice.

He is a bird to be missed. His ex-wife I moved her next to me, with her new partner, tomorrow I will put them back in the hospital, their space by the closet wont be too hot now, it rained today after a cloudy hot day, and now feels fresh. She got a lump on her wing (at the same time as her beloved deceased mother) and she cant fly anymore, he has nerve damage, nowdays he is better but when I caught him, he kept staring at space, for weeks, gladly he always ate on his own. Of course the hospital has its own fan.

Mmm, Im not gonna talk about my day, Im gonna fell asleep again.

Second (finished?) version of the third Identify drawing, I didnt take the scene from the story, but I liked them on the beach a lot, so, I thought of them going to the beginning, in a new form, it was such a sad scene back then.

You know, its a bit different to me because I make it, so there is a process of ideas that go and dont, and also, I stare at it for too long. For example, I was thinking of including pubic hair by her swimsuit (then forgot about it, so I didnt). I like hair, but then if I had a marketing department, I can only imaging hating them so much, though, so sadly, it may not even be their fault, I mean, how do you feel disgust for your own hair? plastic people following an artificial color, though I shouldnt call them plastic, I find so fascinating the origin of oil.

The shape of her hair should be of sexual interest, just like other organs. If I had a marketing department they would end up in the bottom of some well, could be worst but “I may need them someday”, my old hoarding ways.

The first drawing after a pause is a bit difficult because you feel you have no idea of what youre doing, at this point of my life I just keep going, I find it easy to realize of how little value have certain attitudes, “Its an Auish custom, my Mother passed on to me, care little about noise, set yourself free”.

Im gonna stop today cause after I take care of early bird stuff I normally sleep, so Im out of fuel now, and I need to sleep for the long day of work today (its not that bad, I hope).

“I think I got a job today, they want me to draw cellphones, the ones I drew were old and used, they told me, draw something new”.

For the songs I like, and everything else too… its about theatrics, you dont care about this and that? use the expression and bring it close to yourself.


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