Coffee Drinking 79

The other day I ate the bunnys alfalfa and felt so weird as I digested it. I thought it was going to be good, he seems so happy eating it.

The source of his happiness is a mystery to me, though lately not even that reached to me, you know its, mmm, something, when his joy is not contagious.

Its the worst heat of the year, I am easily annoyed and tired, going to bring the birds millet is too difficult, not even with my portable fans, I think Im gonna quit and wait for better days.

Personally I dont have fears, as I am not the kind of person who feels afraid, but I have a ton of sorrows I have to deal with. And to the top of the mountain, the death of a beloved one eye bird and baby number 7, canker was controlled yet more afflictions followed, he, after many days of care, died of a respiratory infection. His wife, she is healthy, and without him, she wanted to leave, so I let her go. I did saw her yesterday, she came close to eat.

I was going to draw an aureola or something, but they already have wings. Baby number 9 was very annoyed and expressed accordingly… he is flying with a flock and has come back to eat, lets see if he remains or goes away as most do, annoying little… :I

Baby number 7, he got a brain aneurysm or something, I even watched the moment. He became half paralyzed, and respiratory infection as well, he died first after a day of barely moving, and I felt so bad, he was a good bird, I just rescued him from back streets of the market.

Baby number 8 wants to be out again, but he is still a baby, I keep telling him “but youre a baaaaby!”, pretending not remembering the fact that he did came flying on his own, I promised him that it would happen when he grows feathers on his back, and now that day has come, yet, Im gonna wait until next week, the hospital room and auxiliary “cages” at mine are half empty with all the deaths and releases, still he will remain, I dont want more problems right now.

I normally try not to bring their problems too close to heart, as those are endless, but with them, and the long days, I ended exhausted. Then later days I took care of a bunch of little things here and there, its good as I needed and were overdue, but it seems there is no end to that too… my dream is to retire from everything to draw and storytell all day… “dreaming, Im always dreaming”… well, I would rather say the old saying of “happiness is made by the quality of your thoughts”, you know, seems more healthy.

Long ago I promised this drawing, for the Identify story at Lucys, it is still in the making, but I really wanted to go back posting, in fact, Ill try again to post daily.


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Feeder of birds. Too long to give up.
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  1. I like your drawings!

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