Coffee Drinking 71

Its gonna be a loooong while for me to finish the Alice story, in that one she, emh, you could say, sold her own heart.

On the story I was talking about the last post, its something different. For a start, it is someone elses heart.

“Aurora is such and idiot” well, thats a given. Mmm, I could improve the eyes.

But it is more complex than that, I wont even be able to cover it here… in the interaction between Auroras personalities, you can see things flowing naturally one way, then the leadership deciding to go another.

Aint that, fun? life is so dull and boring, maybe in that undiscovered path… Going back to their relation, earlier times were different, in common terms, Aurora was “way out of her league”, social status, resources, strength, this and that, Aurora kept fighting everyone there as she didnt like it, Auroras Mother turned them down before (when they first met), any day she could just fly away…

Yaaaa, enough sad things for this post. Mostly because dawn is near, Ive been recovering lately, and now I see ten minutes as a proper time to do something, including very healthy sleep, of course it never takes ten, yet you move forward.

Lauren from the Identify story at Lucys Works, now in podcast version, which is such a great idea. I dont do that here cause my voice is gone, and I need music instruments… Ill focus on that once I finish aaaaall the old stories properly, I realize while doing the first one currently, wont be that hard.

Identify Podcast Episode 1: Psyche

I like the third because she doesnt enjoy that casual cute look. Ill do another one for this story.

Also, in the making, Mr Bunny of Joy and Happiness, they are so cheerful, so if youre looking for a pet like that, I would go for a bunny, just remember theyre not dogs nor kids, they dont like being carried. Birds are dinosaurs, so they are very proud of themselves, dont take it personal when they see us monkeys as the lowlife mammals we are, walking everywhere like idiots.


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  1. Lucy says:

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    Such stunning work from AuAu, including the completed Lauren drawing for my Identify novel collaborative project. Be sure to check each drawing out and give her a follow!

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