Coffee Drinking 70

The other day I was about to write a “poem” called ~Hoarder lite~, once upon a time I was a full one, now I notice Im lite, which gets in the middle of the so necessary cleaning that has draaaaaged for years.

Then I want to do it all in one day, impossible, then I just do enough and forget about it, then I want to do something and get a flu, or work, or busy with whatever crap, aaaahhhhh.

Lots of work this past week, I know its a fat-thin cows thing, so I dont complain much. Pigeon matters, the baby squad remains here, baby 2 and 3 are still small, baby number 6, I have released him like five times and still comes back at the end of the day.

Plenty of other stuff… with the so many deaths of friendly birds, and that time of the year when they multiply, I was getting raided instead of visited… I cannot be the patron saint of birds, so I established a “You must like me” policy, that is working the way out of the mess.

I have a bunch of half done drawings and remakes, just a couple of previews before I go to fix this morning headache.

From the to be done “Feather Dreams” stories

I want to make it a realistic heart, all creepy, its in a little cage like locket. Of course, someone else will have a bloody hole in the chest…

“…You steal, right under my nose, I breathe, cause I want you some more…”

-No wonder I couldnt find it, there it was, after all these years.

-Yes, so long, has been.

-Can I have it? I, kind of need it.

-Im wearing it.

-Oh, its a bit, just a bit, troublesome, for daily life and a sense of existence.

-Are you gonna ask about the money?


-I kept it all, hehehehe.



-About the heart.

-I told you Im wearing it!!

-Oh, ok.

-As always, youre so pushy.

-Im a little impulsive, yes.


A preview of the in the making Lauren drawing, for the Collaboration at Lucys Works, I was to finish this morning, but flu headaches…


This is for the next chapter, I fixed the hair and looks so cute :D but now I see a couple of details.


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3 Responses to Coffee Drinking 70

  1. Lucy says:

    As always, your artistic ability and talent mesmerizes me. I especially adore that first drawing, and I love the coloring you added to the Lauren sketch; it looks so amazing. It fits her completely especially the middle pose with the dark coat. It encapsulates her essence very well with how she is portrayed.

    Also the “Feather Dreams” sketch, wow! That looks haunting and the dialogue, it really draws you in and gets you to understand the character and motive. Great stuff.

    “Then I want to do it all in one day, impossible, then I just do enough and forget about it, then I want to do something and get a flu, or work, or busy with whatever crap, aaaahhhhh.”

    I feel this too much, it just hits at the wrongest of the wrong times, right? I do hope you feel better with the flu!

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  2. Lucy says:

    Reblogged this on Lucy's Works and Co and commented:
    Some more awesome work from the brilliant mastermind, AuAu. Do check it out!

    Liked by 1 person

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