Coffee Drinking 63

Work, work, work… ahg, it kills my good mood and eats my time.

I should be glad I even have it though, I dont know how it has lasted for so long, maybe its my looks. Yesterday I wrote a big analysis of my teaching work, it was a good read, but too negative so I erased it today.

They all have their projects they want to do, they struggle with the technical part, so they call me. They start well, they get excited, its finally gonna happen… until they realize that they have to study, and they have to work, and that they have to invest to some degree. Then they slowly clinch to the hope that it will be done somehow, yet it wont.

Bottom line, they dont believe in themselves, time to go back being a sheep of media.

“Yesterday I released baby #4, he was capable and reeeeeally wanted to, he is into the adapt process, if it goes alright, he will join a flock in the lapse of a couple of days, then he will move away with it and Ill never see him again, unless he only half-joins, and then he does the next one, and so on, always remaining around.”

Well, that was a day before, yesterday I saw him with other birds, the mild heat started like a month ago so theres a lot of new birds in the flocks. The late cold that is freezing everywhere, is not that bad here, yes it is windy cold at night, but when the sun goes up its over.

Oh, I almost forgot, where the hell is the cellphone?… this is below the bridge… ah damn, he moved away when I took the picture, next time then.

I havent been able to draw a lot, no wonder Im miserable and boring…

Its taking a bit of shape now… mmm, the right sand was more “spiral” in a previous version, mmm, Ill think about it.

Is it night or day? maybe both at the same time. In the story seems more like day.

Lauren: “Doesn’t give two flying leaps” attitude, reckless, dives headfirst into violence, doesn’t trust easily.

Early morning pigeon duty, must be done before they arrive, hopefully I will be more interesting tomorrow, when I get to shake up the bad vibes from work.


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Feeder of birds. Too long to give up.
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  1. Lucy says:

    Reblogged this on Lucy's Works and Co and commented:
    Amazing artwork by AuAu. The latter two images are depictions of Tom and Lauren from “Identify”, an ongoing collaborative novel I am running.

    Please do check out AuAu’s website and further work. They have such great talent!


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