A letter from “the struggling artist goes unpunished” to the world.



I had this fragment of dream-story stab my brain like a shard of ice. The struggling artist goes unpunished – well that’s not very nice.
Normally the artist is left to self-crucify and no one cares. They do the job for you and your money is spared.
But this struggling artist goes un-punished – why. It could be that a crazy comet was passing by, that looked down from on rocky high and said – we don’t want this struggling artist to die.
Feed the pigeons

Oh, all the rocky comets in the sky got together for a party. An astronaut who was passing by then thought “this all looks very he-arty”
“It’s a squiggle of comets, well I’ll be a pangolins violin. This whole corner of the universe is subject to their din”.
“Call the comet cops, the alien noise patrol before they get into rock and roll”. What…

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