Coffee Drinking 33

The next story will take a while to start because I want to figure out a new writing style for it, with the shell assimilated, Aurora now talks with the storyteller, the first part is Aurora half dying from the new nerve configuration (which Im not really in the mood to do…).

Ive been really anxious today cause theres gonna be a state payment of $5000 not dollars for self employed people in this time of blabla… I registered early but I have no idea if Im gonna get it. That is not normal, there is no welfare here for the crazy like Au, and its just happening because the governor wants to be president, weeelll, now he has a chance to convin$e me.

I find it so funny, through the years, I go through countless trouble and nonsense yet I manage in the end to have “stable” personal finances, yet eeeeverybody around me keeps screwing up and now with the lack of income finally landing…

Enough of that crap!! sorry to have bored you with it. To deal with that stress, and cause I really look forward it, I decided to do the sketches of the Little Commander stories, though those will happen much later.

A new war is brewing out of control, Aurora consciously creates a new shell called “Dark Reo” and goes back to her child form, Little Commander, master of operations. Her right hand, experienced valued General, the shell of old days, he believes it is time for him to take action again, yet he is not allowed, and is not happy about it.

The Goofy Front, with the practical shell Ceran, a soldier who keeps mocking the high command, though she has no idea of what to do nor plan. Child AuAu storyteller, even being at the front, this is more of a place for her because… and Dark Reo, the newly created shell, cold tactical operator who will fight for the motherland. “Little foreign boy, being pushed around, little foreign boy, in a foreign town”.

You are smart enough to get that song, right? of course you are, silly me to even question, wont do it again. Next comes:

To the left is Adult AuAu storyteller in her role of Chronologist, while the General keeps in conflict with Little Commander, she is the one who really understands her motives… at some point it is her that puts the General back in line. To the right is the Investor, she is, a combination of many things, she is used to a constant flow of high income and expense, the sense of life is based on that never stale materialism, like a drug which already took the central nerve system, she doesnt care about anything else, there is no principle only the result, she has a thing for Little Commander because she was supposed to be the… so in her everlasting greed, she daydreams about the power and glory beyond her means, that never was.

There is also the Creator (Auroras Mother) but she is only mentioned, have you heard of “providence” and such in times of war? well, screw providence. Maybe I should have done her sketch because she plays the key role. And finally, the Empress of the Kingdom of One.

Little Commander endlessly stares at her picture instead of deploying, which is the source of the anger from the General and the mockery of the Front. Will they win the war? :O

Funny thing I just noticed, in the image of the video, theres an eye on the dim clouds above her head, oh, now I cant unsee… theres, maybe, more images on the other clouds too.


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