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Storytelling Days 02 ~Cat Dying Days~ 08

Storytelling Days 02 ~Cat Dying Days~ 09

Storytelling Days 02 ~Cat Dying Days~ 10

Happy house arrest, fellow world citizen. And here I thought I had a good decade or two before full automatization… Wanna hear something funny? I actually have had work, I even forgot what it was like to be computer teacher, weird feeling.

The birds are doing great, people are feeding them more than normally so others have been coming less, the main group behaving well and moving out to spring nests, which will last until the rains in, I dont know, july or september. Its been nice though the heat has started and its annoying, I have good ventilators but you have to be careful about temperature drops, the hospital has its own too, and pools of water are set for a refreshing bath. Mr Pio Pii is happy at his home in the upper part of the closet, Michael and Wife moved out to their summer residence at the tree outside the temporarily abandoned catholic curses center, I think its the tree but maybe they found another place around there, you can see Michael picking up soft sticks he doesnt like much on the sidewalk there, more than plenty are here to pick up, but they are stubborn and he wants those.

Politics wise, I really like what the local president is doing, I didnt appreciate him much until this late wave of raging technocrats being what they are, I enjoy much better the silly human touch than the vapid greedy industrial one. Also, because of work I got to study a bit about the southern part of the country, which Im guilty, I didnt even know the proper geography.

From what this little ant has been able to simplistically see, people with passive income or means to continue wants soldiers on the street until the evil virus is eradicated, those who dont and are not miserable, not really. Its all fun and games until you get hungry, I guess the instinct to kill other animals to feed yourself kicks in, the aggressiveness and such, an ancient call from humans of so old (~yuck, barbaric hordes!~).

“… All those great things that life has to give, they want to have money and live, but me, I just dont care at all…”

Feels nice being an adult, if I was a kid, my Mother would have beat me up hard for just saying half those late words, “I just dont care at all” hahahaha… ahhh, those were such good days, later in the stories, though I dont know where exactly, theres a part that goes into the massive, I dont even know how to call it, she died and the kid couldnt follow, why is Aurora so serious in her craziness and such? the long bass depressive line, it is because of this, everything else comes on top. You know, Im probably gonna block it and keep that story for an eternal “later”, theres plenty other to do anyway.

Storywise, ahh, I already went too long and… in chapter 8, she throws a goodbye party to the shell personality, because she thinks there was interesting stuff she could have done with “him”, but she is too busy being herself, and she cant be both.

In chapter 9, our favorite neighbour girl comes back, this is actually her house, the front had better elements to draw but that wasnt accurate, it was from the side, which had ugly elements, so I, just made it plain :(

The second drawing was about something sexual, as I started making it I changed my mind, cause she is actually a good person and I keep mocking her. They are both there at the same time and place because of the same comatose reasons. She has two or three more appearances later.

And finally, the last chapter of this story, the shell is gone and Aurora just talks to herself about it, a huge process has ended in a wave of lethargy, later comes heavy sickness. Creepy aspects of the shell are mentioned, like “the end of the day is the end of the world”, for countless years, when she deep slept, she forgot about plenty. It is actually more complicated and its about mental structures, not just a memory of what you did.

“…There are others…” The core personality of Aurora divides into past and present, and so the shells, In “The Puzzle of a Lost Girl” story (I need to remake those drawings, I was waaaay too busy writing it), the past shell describes the present one, using his heavy language and knowledge. Some people just grow backwards. The divide of time is blocked so he presents himself later as the Teacher personality to present core Aurora, and later when that unblocks, he becomes a naggy General in the Little Commander stories, ohh, those are so great, because of the (lost) romance between her and the Empress.


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