About: Cat Dying Days 06-07

Storytelling Days 02 ~Cat Dying Days~ 06

Storytelling Days 02 ~Cat Dying Days~ 07

Two more chapters done and three more to go for this story. Im gonna left the Auroras “wake up” pains for the next one. In chapter 9, our favorite neighbour girl makes a quick comeback in her romantic longing for the main character; in chapter 10, the shell is fully gone and lethargy settles in; And in chapter 8 the failure of a goodbye party for the shell occurs, this is the new drawing:

The first two drawings are mostly random and not from chapter 7, I didnt feel like drawing any of what happens in it, the summer student girls just lasted a paragraph, its hard to draw a libido that doesnt exist because of gonad shortcircuit, and the rest is just the crappy place I live at.

In chapter 6, the funerals of Mr Cat:

The original idea was different, but, I think I like this one better, its an important moment, so a “resemblance” of the place is necessary.

bigger, deeper… of course… and then you throw yourself in it…

I changed the theme of the site, from the chalkboard one to the good old twenty ten I use on the story sites, I thought it finally gave transparency for the background drawings to be easily seen, but it was just my high contrast windows setting messing with the browser :(

I think most people just use the reader from their phones, Im on my pretty little fanless desktop so I dont use it much.

On other news, Ive been working on my mood problems, not the apathy, thats different…

The mood swings, I have realized that there is not (much) physiological origin but an emotional one, its a huge tantrum, really. Why? well…

Oh, something lovely, she and Auroras Mother are, naturally, similar, for example, they both got angry in their sleep, at some random whatever half-formed dream, you know, the main character watches the world pass by in endless passivity, they dont, they punch you in the face at the first sight, so you have to learn to dodge, or just take it.


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