Coffee Drinking 31

So, the idea I was talking about yesterday, I was thinking of a new side imaginary story that I thought would be interesting to write, while Aurora steps on the shell without a care in the world, in this one like a fairy tale, the ever easygoing shell magically gains some personality traits, not many just enough, becomes a real boy and the sex toy of the girls around him, the story would be actually about them, their different reactions, attitudes, environments, social classes, motives in life, blabla, I think it will be a great story in many aspects, from the realistic female sexual drive, to the group thinking, to the individual behaviour, to the new character settings once he drifts to another girl, and even when he comes back to an old relationship.

Why this is happening? While Aurora is a very, emh, complicated person with a bunch of weird problems from a million years ago, the shell retains some of her attractive features and presents those in a simple and down to their reality form.

Its gonna be very sexual, but I think the focus is the description of a real touch along with their feelings of sincere attachment to the main character, not just the sex guy, they even follow him. Why? he doesnt talk, he doesnt tell, completely easygoing, very goodlooking, great body and strength, he is a freaking genius who drives in the adult world like is nothing, they all think he is going to make a fortune once he goes to the top of a thousand collages, he takes you seriously, no vices, no pretentiousness, evil boys back down with his mere presence along with the occasional demonstration of force, ridicules mean girls, fights bad adults, and then a goofy sense of humor and self mockery, he doesnt take himself too seriously. Oh, he is too popular and doesnt worry much, so he doesnt fall in their vices either, when that happens usually another girl comes and snatches him, taking advantage of her weakness and making it obvious.

I dont make too much emphasis in the stories, at these “expectations” Aurora had to destroy, cause it was no more than an illusion, for her it was absurd and made no sense, but for others… ooohhhh, she took their treasure, the shell was so loved and then so hated, and then ignored in anger, theeen (minor, nevertheless) war was building up and the Little Commander stories happen. But this story is not about that, this is a positive one, it doesnt go deep into the voids.

The setting is a conservative society with the drive of old religious generations that are very slowly fading, not to get political, its just a description of the place, I dislike all factions and Im against them all, worry not. People in this setting generally dont have much money, a few of the girls come from wealthy families, some have a decent job, the others just struggle with whatever, from older to young, and the change of social classes, and even the old cast present system, it is reflected as he moves from one girl to another. “Moves” its just a word, he just floats around without much aim.
I think it is a great story, yet I have two challenges too difficult to overcome, one is building the libido fuel, naturally of course, thats gonna take ages… they have sex all the time, but the real focus is their beauty, as bitter as I am, it is what I am interested to portrait, it is what this story is about.

The second in my mood swings, I care about this today, tomorrow I probably wont, the next who knows, and then I fix my eyes to the main story. I will have it for the long, loooong, run, I think I will write it very slowly now and then in order to hoard the chemicals, cause it is really a good idea and I want to do it, I even have the drawing style in mind, something new, not too complicated cause there is so many girls, and looks good and expressive.


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