About: Cat Dying Days 04-05

Storytelling Days 02 ~Cat Dying Days~ 04

Storytelling Days 02 ~Cat Dying Days~ 05

Busy days with this and that… the mild flues are even less and Ive been working on hyperventilation to compensate the low breathing, its not a miracle solution but works well, and its so simple, no wonder I didnt do it before…

Back to the stories, These two chapters are very straightforward, telling about the sickness and death of Mr Cat, he was like fourteen, had survived illnesses before, but a cat flu that was around and that set the time for his natural death. Josephine lived until her twenties. About the second drawing, I really like the endings of the hair, now I have to remember to do it more often, thats half the challenge for me… you know, next time I go sleeping beauty for countless years, its gonna be much easier, because I have the storytelling as a backup.

Theres a part in chapter 4 that sounds kind of weird: “he cannot become us, he is he, us is us, thats the way I see it”.

This came out really good, and no, it is not about depersonalization in order to engage in life and depravity, it is about that line that is explained in the next chapter: “of all that has loved me in the world, he was of the ones who did the most… I, I noticed… his sense of admiration was, mmm, its like he wanted to be like you, yet he was only a cat”. I couldnt think to make him humanish (except maybe in his “saint” form of the first drawing), so I made an Aurorish would be cat instead.

Chapter 5 is kind of special, also because I wrote as it was happening, I enjoyed storytelling in actual time, I cant think of anything better to do during that.

The next chapter is about the funerals, then we continue, theres plenty more on this story, here is the in works drawing:

Im thinking for the background an oily wave, from bottom dirt to up sky, in horizontal, but I dont know if today, at least not this morning, I got too tired yesterday.

Changing topics, I havent wrote extensively, something new in a while, but I got a great idea, its a different topic, so let me change my mood, cause it is all about moods, this new story I like one day, the next I hate, then go back in circles… nah, Ill make a new post with that later.


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