About: Cat Dying Days 03

Storytelling Days 02 ~Cat Dying Days~ 03

Yeah, thats Josephine at arms and Mr Cat on head, I dont know how I did it but they actually resemble. Its kind of hard to draw them cause I, sort of feel bad, because they were good and stuck around through difficult times, a sense of a home was created.

In this chapter you see the further process of the shell being assimilated by the core, she tries to make some sense of the so many years that have happened, looong term amnesia, so she is trying to do some goodbye thing as closure, that gets interrupted when Mr Cat starts dying of, basically old age.

The absorption of the shell is also a biological process, its not just “one day I decided I was”, I dont need to do research but you can read it in medical stuff, about brain plasticity, I dont know how deep they go yet I can tell you, its a big change, nerve configuration, respiratory and heart rhythm, and well, you have to consider why it happened in the first place. Aurora is too weird to even care, but normal people, I can imagine, would go through an emotional crisis too, maybe, its too much to even bother with and remain in their shell floating around for the rest of their days.

Later she freaks out because of so much sickness and pain, but theres a bunch of stuff to happen before that, theres like three chapters of Mr Cat dying and so, which complicates matters in the drawing department, cause, Im never gonna be in the mood of draw them dying, I guess Ill do random cat stuff like this on the works:

Reo is gonna be a fat cat, when I finally stop being so sleepy to do it, though I also been getting some work lately, busy, busy.

The second drawing was a remake, this is the original from a (long) while ago:

and this is the new one, kind of strange but I like how it looked in the end, the round shape of the head, though maybe its just my imagination, sometimes is hard to tell with optic “illusions”:

No, no, no… those are very very old biting marks, not dracula like, tearing type. Nah its nothing, next drawing take us to our first “Adopt a Pigeon” participant, it made me laugh that he beat me to do a couple of things, one is the coloring of the next drawing, the other is the making music for the stories, ahh, it is so necessary!! one day, one day…

Song: She called it Love

Its a must really, check it out, you can easily realize why. And the drawing, its fun and interesting too, the original black and white is from a series:

People of the Solstice

He colored her young with color pencils, she seems “full of life” enjoying her youth and party.

Songs for a Cavalier Girl

I did her old with the thin line texture thing and light colors, she was grey, her whole existence was grey, she is old, nobody wants her and she cant do a thing, blabla…. but then, at the solstice party, she can forget all about it, the “energies” create for her a sense, the drugs give her a rush, reminds me of “Im feeling good, Im feeling oh so fine, until tomorrow, but thats just another time”.



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