About: Cat Dying Days 01-02

Storytelling Days 02 ~Cat Dying Days~ 01

Storytelling Days 02 ~Cat Dying Days~ 02

Its been kind of a sickness drag lately, with a bunch of minor illnesses on the way, but for a while now… sometimes I dont even know how I keep “the show” together, and Im talking about life, not the blogs… cause you know, without the strength to be put together, the whirlwinds go on their own… Sort of reminds me of, later in the stories, theres some difficult situations and Aurora makes a new “dark” shell, then pufff goes back to being a kid and takes the name of Little Commander, cause she was making hard decisions.

The situation solved and the “practical shell” (next picture) absorbed the dark one, then Aurora goes back to her actual height.

Ive been placing some order among the pigeons lately, for some time I just let them do whatever they wanted, which created a mess… this cycle has happened many times along the, like 3 or 4 late years, difference is this time the order will remain, which means that only the closest will keep coming. I tried doing this last year, and I did but so many of them got sick and died of epidemics that… anyway, this year I have realized that Im not and cannot be the “saint patron of the birds”, and I have 4 pigeons in the hospital with permanent stay, and, and, Im too sick, tired, poor and crazy, I cant wear down myself like that anymore.

Back to our current story, the modern core of Aurora is absorbing the modern shell, it kind of is already done, she is already there instead of her kid self “Little Wolf”, though she is still holding to give the final jump, and with a good reason she half sees coming, “Cat Dying Days” includes her, she gets very, very sick once she does, badly, “it pains to exist, ggggggghh”, because of nerve configuration change (to something closer to the original), and others.


The last story, Mirage Days, it was:

If I were to tell you
Dance with me
Wearing the most ridiculous dress of the night
No road, no direction, no map
I will ask you to fly so high
Then crash at the sight of the most lovely kind
And you will
For you are everything I didnt leave behind.

In this story is (remember, assimilation of the shell):

If I were to say to you
Disappear within me
Tearing the beliefs you eventually had
No regret, no sorrow, no cry
I will even forget what you once tried
Then crash at the lack of the most basic aspects of one
And you will
For you are everything that was born to die.


Whats with the stick? yeah, its a dumb sexual joke… that girl makes a come back later, she wants to get pregnant, then she gets (obviously not from our main character), then she has the kid and the dude ditches her, then she finally gets work at some public school who knows where, still longing for a husband, blabla.


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  1. More lovely drawings and fantastic strange stories. Amazing

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