About: Mirage Days 10

Storytelling Days 01 ~Mirage Days~ 10

I thought this story was going to go for another five chapters or so, but after further editing the old story, I think this is a good place to end, cause cats begin to die and the Little Wolf personality starts talking about assimilation of the shell personality. ~Cat Dying Days~ is next.

About the flowers drawing, one day I liked it, the next I hated it, now I have mixed feelings, anyway… I left it kind of ambiguous of why Aurora had that “desperation” attack at the end, though is pretty obvious when reading the whole story of mania-depression, was a longing for her original personality.

You can visualize it like this, the core is compact when sleeping-amnesia, with the process of waking up it expands, until the shell gets in the way and starts crushing.

And by original I mean original, not that other thing normal people without organs do, thats unrelated to this.

Now, something interesting is why the nature of that escape personality, so nice and “lovely”, it just lasts for a chapter though, next one goes back to normal.

Thats a “cover” drawing, cause the original was made by someone else, I did a version of it long ago and again for this chapter, fixing lines, hair, background, etc. Now I like it, the last one was too simple.

I also remade the “catholic curses center, auditorium entrance” drawing for the next chapter, I could actually rescue it too, into something I like today, and hopefully tomorrow.

thats grey version, this is white version, drawing places is boooring, only done when necessary, that why I remade instead of redoing from blank. Ahh, I forgot some white at the “wrong window”, meh.

Michael the pigeon and his wife used to have a summer nest at the next open window to the rightest (out of drawing), there is a small bathroom, as much as the rest of the building, completely alone. They were thinking of making a second nest there but then they were fixing the roof and found out, then closed the window. I wonder where they learned to get inside windows……… well, it wasnt their first nest there, they had one on the tree outside that window, you could see Michael picking sticks around, and hear the dramatic coo of his wife at one of the top branches. They havent left their place at my shower all winter now.


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