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Storytelling Days ~Mirage Days~ 07

Storytelling Days ~Mirage Days~ 08

Storytelling Days ~Mirage Days~ 09

I have had a great idea of a drawing for this part since ever, it was the image Auroras Mother relaxing under the sun, though she didnt really like that, but most important, she didnt like modeling and all that crap, so, I didnt feel like doing it, ohhh… it was a good idea so I think I will do it next round.

Kind of new type of backgrounds, and I really like this new style of hair, in this one you can easily notice, its all dark pencil, then erasing some, then pencil, then erasing, then pencil… its easy, try it out! and I really like the white border on the characters, gives the impression of a paper cutout, Im gonna do it more often.

Nah, I dont have that pot anymore, it was second hand and too used… and thats supposed to be the bathroom but I didnt feel like drawing the stuff. Just thinking about washing the dishes bores me to death. Maybe one day Ill buy another, it is not that necessary to cook because the stomach takes care of that, and you have to be careful not to overeat, it does expand in there…

Main problem is nesting worms, but hey, thats their habitat. (and I just mix it with some water and give it to the pigeons then, so there is no waste).

Its kind of difficult to write AuAu, because of the third person Mr-Miss thing and so childish, it doesnt go along with my depressive style, but that actually was the whole purpose of this, what I call, conscient created personality. Of course theres the sharper and meaner Past Core Adult version.

I guess some people grow backwards. In other news, I changed the main image of the site to my favorite one, and also, the ~Adopt a Pi…~ program continues with Au the Squirrel!!:

So pensative, staring at the long imaginary lines while eating nuts, just like Au! (he doesn’t live here though, he and his wife, and maybe children… are from London).


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