Coffee Drinking 27

Ive been ridiculously busy, so Im thinking of writing something lite today, something like my preferred arrange of speakers.

The main is the one at the back, “non humming” of course, and at that range you dont need that much power, which you may keep in mind if you have electronics as your life support… the one at the front is not really that necessary, I use it for my WiiU mostly, I ended up with two systems cause I couldn’t sell it, Z333, nobody wanted it because they rather liked the one with bluetooth Z337, which I fell for too, I know, I shouldn’t have but its done…. thats the one at the back, the main. No regrets though.

These are cheap and very good systems, more if you wait for a sale, and set this way, the stereo effect is wonderful and it gets more bassy. You realize a lot about your head and also perception, may not apply to you. When there is “problems”, you do compensate internally, and move on, and kind of forget.

I think I have learned to keep bluetooth audio to the portable speakers, anyway, I do enjoy it for my cellphone. For portable I recommend going for something with bass, cheap flat ones sound like crap, when you first try those it doesnt sound that bad but then you quickly realize what is missing and becomes an annoying experience. Portable is much more expensive, and will be difficult to find an ideal setting, something to have in mind. I have an xb12 and Im very happy with it, bought on sale of course, may get another in the future to make them stereo.

I would gladly be doing unboxing and stuff, I love to try electronics, but, well, Im just glad I get to try while doing my computer teacher job. The monitor is from a very rare amazon mx sale, I was concerned but they did sent me a good one, a 24inch Viewsonic IPS, youre a sucker if youre still on TN at this point. At this distance I think 27 might be the ideal size, but I havent try. Two monitors is not for me.

And this is how Au is happy, its all about cycles, all about rhythm, which reminds me, to talk about Amnesia the next post.

By the way, my wp reader has been sort of broken for a while, so I miss stuff, and its becoming too annoying :I   The other day I got a writing post dedicated to the wonderful and glorious me, I could have missed it!!


Once more, a warm thank you in these days of somewhat cold (it doesnt get that cold where I live, though you get used to the “heat” and…) to Michael Aitken at Painting, Songwriting and Poetry
He is the first in the soon to happen “Adopt a Pigeon” program, one lovely bird will be named after him :O

Im thinking of the candidates, but I havent decided yet, I dont think I will choice based on personality, will be something more vague, cause they can be a little, temperamental, just like Au!

And talking about it, and neverending war, it will consume you to keep just moving forward, in all cruelty of convenience…

If you destroy the Olive Tree

Violence and Passivity

Check it out!


Help me feed my Pigeons!

Next goal: Pigeon Bathing Pool :D

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