About: Storytelling Days ~Intro~

Storytelling Days ~Intro~

A little explanation about the setting because it can be confusing.
After a certain accident and posterior events, Aurora keeps drowsing, so she develops an outer personality to deal with, well, everything. And then you have, Core and Shell.

The drowsing becomes a “coma”, those two personalities grow older but remain together in sleep, and a second simplified shell is created, the boy with the reverse hat.

Time keeps moving and the core does not wake up, the second shell tries to manage things but its impossible at the lack core attributes of personality.

The core creates another version of itself to manage the time and space changes, the “where I left”, the who I really am after so long, and such, the girl with the long crooked teeth, worry not, those fix on its own.

So you have the adults sleeping and the kids playing around. It gets more complicated but Ill leave it at that here. Theres a whole process of assimilation that comes later, starting with the kids, this part of the story tells about it.

In this, the Intro chapter, Little Wolf is waking up from this story, which had a happy ending, and is deluded into believing reality will be the same, she is a kid, she gets to be naive…

“Autistic” people tend to take attributes of personality and add it to the image of the person, and things get really desperate, so “she is the only one speaking english, she must be her”, I know, pathetic, oh… and then the rest developed.

The Revenge of the Frogs:

War, war, war, war, all our lives is all we saw.

A big thank you to Michael Aitken at Painting, Songwriting and Poetry
For his noble contribution to the Auish effort.
You can read interesting writing and see a lovely cat avatar
For example, The Lies of War
How do you name the places around you? if youre like me you grow attachment to those, how do you name them? how would you name them? do you use their slave name, ever servant of the empire? Im sure you have a better name for those, after all, you do care for it.
Check it out!


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  1. Oh thank you for mentioning me here, a real surprise, thank you.

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  2. A. Nonymous says:

    Wow! Like your approach. Maybe I should give it a try!

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