About: Drawings 02

About: Drawings 02

In this post Ill be talking a little about the software I use to make to make the drawings, Im not gonna shill them though.
I believe its important to use different programs, not only to enjoy different tools, but also to refresh your mind a little, like when you get tired of writing in the same form and change styles, not that I like hoarding computer programs, which I dont, just a small change once in a while, also depending on what you want to draw.
What I guess people mostly dont like is the learning of the tools part, and I say that cause I give computer classes, normally people dont like the effort and confusion of learning, they dont want to feel dumb, they dont want to go into a fog, they dont want to follow instructions and make sense of it, and you get to see so many reactions of the same thing, from arrogance to apathy. Its very bad for my business cause it makes them stop, but for the ones who do bite, they keep needing you.
So you have to learn how the program works, and also experiment what does what, so many times there is no manual, you need to try things out and find out for yourself what works and what does not. Dont end up like some comment I saw once, “Oh this program doesnt work, cause I do this when I color, and see, it doesnt work”, thats whats called one trick pony.

For the PC and drawing tablet, I as many others use Sai, a very old but so fine program, for all around drawing, very complete, an example would be these.

There are some programs to “rotoscope” a picture but I rather do it by hand, you can do it with Sai.

You dont really want a copy, right? why bother then?

When the file gets too large, its faster to save on a SSD rather than a normal hard drive, cause you take your time drawing and the normal one sleeps, you dont have it spinning all day, do you? you dont have your windows on that, do you?
Everytime you take a step, save, save, save. You get confident later, but still, keep saving, its very fast here.
Sai is a must have in my opinion, and next my favorite, Art Academy, emulating real life drawing tools.

There are different versions depending on the console you may have, the best one is the WiiU version, more tools and HD, but I dont think youll be able to get a WiiU at this point. Theres the portable version of the same on 3ds, but I already spent too much on videogames and already have the home version, aaand already have the ds version. I mean, since day one I thought they were going to ban me, but they didnt, wp is been pretty great along the years, so Im not gonna tell you about hacking, mine are not even, I went all digital in the before times and Im happy, so I stuck there. With the ninty magic comes the ninty problem though, so beware. Back to our WiiU program, you need to be patient with the saving and such, thats why I dont post “making of” videos anymore, it takes too long and I got tired of it.
The tools are very good, from pencil


pencil colors

pastel colors



The ds version is the first one, it gives you small pictures but works pretty good and fast, has pencil.

and paint

The tools are similar but I feel it works much better here, Im not sure if its the resolution or something else.
I guess you could try this up in your tablet or phone, but the screen would suck.

Colors is next, I bought it on impulse, its not so fine for my style, but I have managed to make it worth.

Its more of normal pc program, there are not many tools but you can do a lot with the opacity levels.

And finally Sketchbook, theres a windows version but its a joke to Sai, so I only use it on my tablet, and, hey, the pencils do work.

A machine is just that, the reaction in you is whats important.

Im gonna be kind of busy in the next days, probably why I started this instead to continue with the story, another sponsor audit cause of some circumstances.


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