About: Drawing 01

I thought it would be nice to share a little about the drawing process I do, so you can draw and be happy like AuAu.

Hey, where did everybody go?

The beginnings are complicated and you need a lot of patience to reach a level of skill where you actually enjoy doing it, if youre not in for some work you wont get far.
First elements to consider would be hardware, software, visualization and style.

I started writing long ago, I used to say that the reason for it was because it was as cheap as it could be, some large notebook and pens, and there you go. The real reason is different but the point still stands, for drawing is mostly the same, but get on with the times, youre really missing a lot of fun, of course is much more expensive, but I highly doubt you are poorer than me, come on.

Not to drag much on hardware, touch screens are annoying to work with but youll likely have some around, maybe you can start with that to learn the very basics. From what Ive read, its not really a touch but a tiny electric shock, real “touch” screens like the ones of a 3ds or wiiu work much better. Why do I mention those? cause I use them a lot.
The best option by far is a drawing tablet, and the power of a decent computer, theres only one good brand and some knock-offs, dont be cheap with this, especially since the most basic tablet works perfectly, you dont need that software, you dont need the buttons and whatever gimmick they throw at you to sell more, the tablet and the pen and thats it, maybe just the wireless for comfort.
Yes, you will be seeing the screen as you draw, not the tablet, its only weird at the first, youll get use to it and wont even notice later.
Theres a bunch of details of this and that, but theres no point for me to write about it, Im pretty sure you can read it elsewhere, I dont want to sound like an unboxing channel.

In the next one about software.


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