About: Ashes to Illusions

Ever since Josephine died its been a very rough change, not only for her being gone, but also my sense of home, and my appetite for some time, my feral nature has taken over, sure I still take care of the pigeons, a very selected group, but they have their own thing going on.

With the sense of a home you become more, kind, warmer, with the feral sense you become sharper, more aggressive, its kind of a, weird, feeling, to be in the middle, lets be honets, Im too old and injured to be full feral again, and I dont know what to think about it, its not about evil or good, nor better or worse, not even nostalgia, its probably about change, it all hit you at once, these large processes that took a long time to develop, reproducing from a fingertip to another, its difficult not to pay attention and become obsessed.
Anyway, moving on, something I wish to do, to focus on the stories yet I cant let go. The next one will be a remake, at first I was thinking of making it short and combine into one, originally there was four after Reos inside trial, “Ashes to Illusions” where Reo keeps asking about his past, and Little Wolf making a bunch of stuff up cause she is too proud to say she doesnt remember much at all. “A Boy without a Heart” asking the obvious youarecrazy questions. “The Lost Mighty Wolf” about what happens with Little Wolf after awakening. “The Very Late Great Travel” a nostalgia trip but also, hey, Im going after all.
Its all very childish, because Little Wolf is the child form.

In Ashes, originally was talking how Grandma Aurora emigrated so young after her father was a war frenzy monster, while trying to make a connection to the Actress information in a way to make it possible for her to be her cousin, yeeep, it goes that far, I mean, she already knows its not her, but, well, its romance to fill the air with, I guess, cause boredom is suicide.
Im gonna remake it into something much more interesting while taking the base of it, now we will see a complete story about the very evil and mean Great Grand Father of Aurora, full creep Aurorish style, so you know what to expect… and his bad luck charm and demise, loli Grandma Aurora, who doesnt even know whats going on.
In the later chapters you get more info about what really happened with Grandma Aurora.

The Mii theater is kind of gone, Im not deleting that site yet but I dont see much future for it, so Im gonna make the best of it and focus on the best character for a little, emh, fashion show.

I may do something about the Reptile site while I put my mind, and body together, I wanted to start with a drawing “The Poor Priest” who doesnt have the money to embrace his degenerate emotions, so sad, then the Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! of that folk song.
Then the other side project, its very arty and I havent put together the concept, its this dude I call shithead in the memos, but I kind of keep that term to myself, not to fool anyone, its not about that, is this normalish cool dude who is successful and worries about the stupidest things, surrounds himself with beautiful dumb as fuck people, theyre not even normal, you could say that they are at the other side of the rainbow from Aurora, and its sort of a Reo thing cause he is so shallow and the people around him mostly fill a role rather than being someone on their own, yet theyre so shallow too, they have no problem with. Its a shallowfest, whatever he says and does lacks any dept.
Anyway, lets see if it goes anywhere, and as you see, I have so much to work with, and I wrote this to help put my mind together.


Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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