About: Path of Dolls 16-17

Happiness of Marionette 02 ~Path of Dolls~ ch 16

Happiness of Marionette 02 ~Path of Dolls~ ch 17

And with these, the Path of Dolls story is done, clapclapclap.
And also we reach what would be, mmm, lets say the end of the old Aurorish testament.

“The best part is that is not the end, it never really is”

This is what really happened, the fight against the Satellite and Demons stories, the “you didnt do anything”, about her lovely cousin of course, she doesnt swing that hard about herself, why? I, I dont know, I guess theres no need to.
The rest of Happiness of Marionette is about Little Wolf and Reo, and how the child form grows and absorbs the shell, awakening the present core Aurora, who goes on in Storytelling Days.

Which version of Reo do you like the best?
The conviction fanaticism of the magician, the allisfairplaycausewekilledourcousin demon transformation of worlds, or the real Reo, the doll to fill in for her father?

Maybe we missed so many interesting stories with this outcome, but theres no fuel for anything else, both “monsters” lose their sense of existence and die, one way or another.
“So, when is she, he or whatever going after the Actress? that sounds like a good fap”
Eeemmh, she doesnt, :(
I know, I know, such a scam! now you finally know why Im not charging for this.
It sure took me a while to do two chapters, but I had what was a successful audit, dealing with pigeon stuff, still getting used to Josephines departure and the changes of the place, aaaand something like this happened and I hurt my left arm

I put the hands first in what I like to believe was a divine test for there to be known I am not a lefty daughter of Satan. Im such a left side wimpy, I need some changes cause Im ending up like a pitcher.
Many, many stuff to come, I even came up with another side project, but I rather shut up and let things flow on its own.


Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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