About: Path of Dolls 13-15

Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ 13

Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ 14

Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ 15

Dont get too attach to the Image, Reo is the one who “will win” or die with everything in the process, kinda meant to be, you already have the core in both her past and present versions, and of course the wonderful real Mother Aurora, there is not much point, isnt it? they would just repeat the same thing again and again, the Image is just means of communication.

And so, the journey trial had started, in 13 you see them walking as he expresses his emotions, his shallow very empty emotions, he is just a shell personality left in the wind for so many years, thats why he needs the image to even function properly, the lost boy-detective personality did on his own, but here “the machine” was already collapsing, as you could see in Wingless.

The trial is to defeat those two monsters at the red spheric room, which represent the Satellite and Demons stories, the “you didnt do anything” about her cousin, to reach again, in the middle of the illusion of the Actress.

He fights them well yet unable to do much, he starts to progress but becomes very tired, the Image notices and ends the fight. After conquering the trial, he is supposed to become a guardian again, a restoration of the machine.

Grrraaawl, Evil Cousin.

Then the Image takes him to the core, along the way he meets fate in a very lovely and adorable form. The “Hikari Accident” happens to him. Blonde because of the Actress illusion.

This is on 14, he dies but “you never met her on your life” it doesnt make sense for him to die, so he lives again, very traumatized but there is no time to even cry, the trial is upon him.

In 15 she shows him the core, better said their reach of the core, cause once again, just like with the detective personality, they cannot wake up the core, just be guardians around… what is it going to take? hint…

I mean, her cousin is not around, her father much less, mother is dead, the actress is nowhere near involved, you have to do everything on your own!! move, move, move!!

Thats one of the lovely teachings of Mother Aurora, and what else to react to all those structures than Grandma Aurora, the model for AuAu.

Sometimes I feel Im too incestuous, sometimes…

Nah, is not that much, go inside yourself to find how much of your parents you are, what you thought it was you, its probably them.

The Image shows Reo the core and tells him what goes on, which is basically this, the Intro of Happiness of Marionette.

She was about to destroy everything, including whatever comes to the path. Either the trial is successful and “the machine upgraded” or thats it. The core feels very positive about it, thats why “the good mood” they can feel.

Will he defeat those monsters? he obviously needs some help

Like two more chapters to go in this story, theres the title of the newest one in Eyes Opened Chapter, the first is “Such a Fancy Life”, the second “The Nostalgia of the Old Kingdom”, something about the pigeons… then I get a sponsor audit later this week, meeeeeeeh, so annoying, kind of a big one.



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