About: Reptile Days

So I finally decided to give the proper focus to my, lets say political ideas, and opened a new wp site, yes, another one, for the new side project one of these days will start, wont be classical politics cartoons, cause I dont like to state the obvious, its more of a dark humor thing, something that speak on its own, on its own style, a story by itself, not something left to say, Im not your fucking mother, and if ((you)) didnt care before, ((you)) wont care now, and I couldnt care less, so its more of a celebration of a conquest against the human kind.

… cause I dont like to state the obvious… yeah, the same reason I dont usually draw “realistic” stuff, my eyes are working, why should I care to do the same I can already do? thats why I embrace very “arty” designs, this is something you dont see with your eyes, but with your mind, and I write plenty of physiological this and that, the drawings go the same way.

And the same reason I dont like to take photos, until they die and I wanted to make a drawing later, much later cause theres a pile of projects in the works, then I need to remember…

Im more talking about dead pigeons, but also Lady Josephine died the other day, she was 19, nearly 20, and started to grow a tumor in the upper left of her throat, seems to me like others followed on her chest. I kept pushing on and on for her to keep living, and she did, a sick but good life… you should have put her down Au… how about no? and she wasnt suicidal, she had a sick but good life, and died so slowly that it was, so simple, with his brother was more complicated, cause he had a tumor which became nothing, but a cat flu and kidney failure in Cat Dying Days.

Enough of that, its time to storytell will come, already doing the next chapter. By the way, in the newest stories you see kind of what really happened to Mother Aurora, among other unified core stuff, its called “such a fancy life”, as the Mother telling her daughter “you had such a fancy life”, including all those freaky stuff being functional and not a disease, and those are obviously hereditary, what can it possibly mean?

You know, people want to feel special and pretend they are things they are not, but the real thing is something to be careful about, cause the whole structure can come down very easily, the strength of the body comes with order, you break that somehow and… well, stating the obvious shouldnt be a fashion.

Family Picture:

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