About: Path of Dolls 09-12

Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ ch 09

Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ ch 10

Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ ch 11

Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ ch 12

Lately is been kind of, difficult, its curious to see how just one thing can turn everything upside down, lose our mood and become stale.

The pigeon place is going great, after so many problems with this and that, some have died but those were natural reasons, they breed a lot but also die a lot.

The storytelling is great, now I can draw and write “at the same time”, lots of new stories ready to go, putting everything together, the rhythm, the fun, all pretty good.

But then Josephine starts to die and everything changes, the real problems goes with me not “being able to do anything”

Which is not accurate, from liquid meals to bathroom bed, I keep pushing her on and on, “what part of forced feeding dont you get?!”

The more she goes on, the less violent her death will be, and, the problem, I keep remembering her as normal, and she lives on so I believe is gonna go long.

And then you complain about everything, I shouldnt have spent so much on videogames I play everyday, maybe I should sell one computer… just freaking out about money in general, then you enter some male humor contest you have no chance of winning, I mean, that would solve all my money disabled problems “forever”, but theres only one prize and a thousand more “normal” entries, its like when I wanted to make some theater stuff with miitomo, but everything is lol this and lol that, I mean, fucking braindead piece of shit, I hate people so much… aaahhhh, Im too old and it shows.

Anyway, Im in so Im gonna go all the way and make another or two, you know, of course I have my political ideas, and Im very strong about it, but, ahhggg, being one of this “figures” must be disgusting, unless you really love people or get very well paid, and even then, with the last you just rot yourself in pretentious poison, cause “you always have to be right” and be this moral little… I cant think of anything more boring, its soooo boring, even if its what people attach to, I dont care, Im happy with my two likes a post, and one is mine, I dont care, storytelling is so much better, theres no real limit and you can travel everywhere, you can be the worst, you can be the best, you can be both, or none.

I didnt even talk about the chapters, well, I think the psychological part is not really that complicated, what makes it so is that Aurora is such a freak, hehehe.

Mmm, I wish there was cat diapers.

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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