About: Path of Dolls 05-08


Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ch 05

Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ch 06

Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ch 07

Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ch 08


He gets “married” and she throws all his stuff away, hehehe.
Wonder whats gonna happen when they get “divorced”, well, in fact, she is supposed to assimilate him and become the last upgraded machine to be with the present core in her infant form, as she awakes from slumber and its process, but Reo does so good that Little Wolf keeps him instead, and there would be too many “Auroras”.



And reality hits again, you had your nice little adventure, but what now tough guy? no money? no free pass for you, they are already openly calling him crazy, not that he seems to mind much, as he continues his own path.
Oh, and if the Image would have been in fact his mother, I would have needed to write a whole chapter with nothing but “HAHAHAHAHA”.


“its just money, how can it be the difference?… cause they wanted that money”

Yaaa, whats the point when you can play videgames all day?

Hehehe, but it would be such an empty life.

That game was Chrono Trigger by the way, not that I play it now, at all, I dont even like it, but it has good nice music, that was the lure back then, and his ancient win98 first edition noisy pc couldnt handle more, n64 is gonna have to wait.

He has plenty trials to entertain himself with anyway, the visualization of his psychological reality and the fight for his own self.




Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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