About: Path of Dolls 04

Happiness of Marionette 02 ~Path of Dolls~ ch 04

Well, it goes to show its not wise to get in the middle of Little Wolfs nostalgic adventures, its better to let it run its course, theres elements of balance after all.

This chapter pretty much speaks by itself and what happened, one side to notice and very important, he does everything by himself, thats his nature, and even when successful, these are social matters, group activities, there should have been thousands complaining about the same, united, yet there only was him, at least at that level.
I could go political explaining their scams and such, and the social engineering of the passive masses, but I am a romance writer, hey, a dreadful scenario only makes it more interesting… I never liked people anyway.
They are not that strong, and Im not saying that to lead your opinion somewhere, they are only part of a circle on the top, once the normality that protect them is broken, they are too.
Thats why someone like lawyer Reo was so dangerous to them, he came out of nowhere with such passion, they couldnt even explain what he was doing and came up with a theory of him being an undercover agent.
Now, if the masses could do 2+2… would be a very different world, wouldnt it?
I guess thats something easy to agree on, the complicated part is where does it lead, to my scam or yours, or shall I call it a trap? cause the self is always right, stubborn little prank… oh just let go and live your life, let the elements of what you are touch this and that, and let go, thats what I do, even writing this, thats why I never Like back!

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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