About: Path of Dolls 01-03


Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ ch 01

Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ ch 02

Happiness of Marionette ~Path of Dolls~ ch 03



And finally, whatever really happened to the Reo personality, he didnt do anything, but he did something else.

He disappeared but I dont need him anymore
Through the vast and empty world
You could do what he could not
My pretty little Marionette.



So simple yet, so messed up, her father is gone, but hey, you look like him, so you, you will do what he did not.



Starting by getting a computer!

Hello Miss Sponsor, looking good there, for obvious reasons…



Hehehe, big breasts, hehehe.



He finally lost it, you could easily say so.

And whats with the passion about charities? bunch of scumbags, but he has nothing to do with it.

Maybe some unfinished business of old…



The Image is a means of communication between the dormant core and the shell personality, she is something he can understand, not just an idea or structure of thoughts, he does actually sees and “touches” her, a materialization of the core.



She does look like their mother, Ill just leave it at that.

And I had such a nice working rhythm, but Josephine got sick, and I kinds lost my reflexes… ahg, things are more stable but still, at least I can play smash again, I was getting worried there.

But concentrating gets annoying, and Im too tired, the perfect time to push forward and keep working, or just take it easy for a week, lets see what goes on.

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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