About: Wingless 07-10

Happiness of Marionette 01 ~Wingless~ ch 07

Happiness of Marionette 01 ~Wingless~ ch 08

Happiness of Marionette 01 ~Wingless~ ch 09

Happiness of Marionette 01 ~Wingless~ ch 10

With this, the end of the Wingless story, clap, clap, clap.

aaah, kind of, so sad.

Upgraded Machine

Satellite and Demons stories, hold by Adult AuAu.

~You didnt do anything, you have no passion, you have no life~

When did Aurora wake up then?
Its a parallel process, inside and outside, first the core in her Dark Cloud Aurora form finally exploded in desperation, anger, blabla; which created the AuAu personality and the Aurora book happens, while the machine, the Reo personality, keeps running its functions.
As you see in the intro, the core promises to kill the machine, and she starts doing so, until that “pizza incident” happens, she feels about it and changes her mind, perhaps just by doing something fun and ridiculous, and tasty, rediscovering the sense of her life, this is when the adaptation frozen process restarts, something that began once just on principle.
The machine upgrades, thats why so many things change even with he seemly unaware of it, the illusion of love stops reproducing, he finds about his own condition not just flows with it, he starts working here and there, and in general, he starts biting back to an awful reality.
The adaptation process is the next story, Path of Dolls.

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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