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Happiness of Marionette 01 ~Wingless~ ch 04

Happiness of Marionette 01 ~Wingless~ ch 05

Happiness of Marionette 01 ~Wingless~ ch 06

And now we finally get the machine to tell what the hell was happening in his “life”, think of it as a lets say awoke coma for like 20 years. While being some weird kid he could float around, but when “becoming an adult”, the fact that there was nothing inside the shell became more and more evident, and the problems piled up.

In 4 you see the total disinterest in his environment, and how he makes his way around with no contacts and only half trying, kind of strange for someone with brain damage, maybe he is just pretending  -o-
No sense of future, no friends, no effort is worth doing, and not looking forward any of it, just annoyed at being bored. Now, these are clear signs to be worried about, cause people like these still need money to be, especially with all their apathy, you cant expect them to be hard working, so, where do you get easy fast money?… but here the core had a different, perspective of life.
All that is very superficial though, next you see his personal relationships, and how focused on girls he is, he doesnt care about males, and there is no sign of any grow model, only girls to hang with, and yet is not happening, cause these are normal young girls looking to have a good boyfriend, and he, well, thats the problem, he never expresses deep emotions, and sex is one of them, youd think he would be desperate… he can make it that far because of his personal skills, which are, so strange, to even have.
In other words, his whole being doesnt make much sense, does he?
And then the “Illusion of Love” even he is aware of.
And then the “moving out” forever solution.
Yeah, thats not going to work out either.

In 5 you see the machine dealing with a harsh reality, personal relationships with a shell personality come and go, but hunger in the one and only body was there to stay.

Its very easy to see the lack of deep emotions in “him” and the absence of a future image, the difficult part is getting to the real personality, I guess is kind of creepy, can you imagine? lets say youre classmate with this handsome, funny, confident, strong, smart, kind of very weird guy; you talk to him everyday, eventually more and more, and you get to know him outside the group, it sure has been a while, what was not normal in him, it now is, you can even make fun of him, he doesnt mind.
And, probably his environment was so shallow that he could float for that long, good thing he lived in the city where he was just another ant.

In 6 you get him becoming more aware of his true self, and his actual body condition.

Well, at least he tried, not good enough at all, and as the core said in the intro, she started to destroy the machine along with the body.

She doesnt kill him though, yet, and the timebomb continues ticking, he is very sick from something he knows “nothing” about and he must continue to perform a normal life of in that state.


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