About: Wingless Intro, 01-03


Happiness of Marionette ~Intro~

Happiness of Marionette o1 ~Wingless~ ch 01

Happiness of Marionette o1 ~Wingless~ ch 02

Happiness of Marionette o1 ~Wingless~ ch 03


This is the start of the process for the core to be awaken, at the intro you have her giving the machine a last chance, you either do something about this or thats it, and she means it, she starts to destroy the machine later.

And now in Wingless we see the machine from an exterior point of view with the narration set in first person, the same as the Boredom story that was the base for Satellite and Demons, cause is sooo boring to live without emotions of your own, nobody knows you, and you dont even like anybody,  among other boring things. The core is already two, the past does the intro, and the present, the lovely Little Wolf, does messes things up with her emotions that are not, environment friendly.


… is always Reo in second place, its kind of difficult at first, but then I think it flows very nicely, I just hope I dont screw up, it gets complicated to concentrate sometimes.

Big breasts.

And of course the present core, in the process to adapt, recovers “where she left”, a “continuation” of Little Aurora, while the machine is an upgraded version from later events, Little Wolf doesnt awake until those happen, she used to communicate to the machine with an “Image”, mostly on operative level, later it goes emotional, in a test for the machine to upgrade or be destroyed. The mold of the machine is the Lostboy-Detective-Teacher personality, so he has enough to go through. And laaater the machine gets reconstructed in the Ceran personality, when Aurora cant keep up with the daily chores, and her pride gets too hurt because…

And of course she is already obsessed with certain emh, situation. Its not exclusive of the Actress, it went on many times, just with her it goes the longest by far, why? I guess she kind of actually likes her, something tells me it wont be mutual.

Why is the core divided? one still lives in the past and her “unfinished” adventures, while the present currently lives, both dormant though.

And in the new story “Eyes Opened Chapter” the core naturally unifies, and you have her at the very beginning opening her eyes but paralyzed “so I created all these personalities, configurations of mind and body, in order to just move”.

At least gives me something to write about! -~-

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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