About: The Puzzle of a Lost Girl 06-07

Reo 04 ~The Puzzle of a Lost Girl~ 06

Reo 04 ~The Puzzle of a Lost Girl~ 07

Pat, pat, the ages dont match but surely interesting, a motherly side.

If I can come up with more about it, there will be a what-if story later.

Not that this is about the actress becoming a mother figure for twokidsinone, dream my dream, is her being able to wake up the core.

Ahhh, being a good boy, sounds kind of, boring, just saying.

Pat pat, pat pat.

And the great mystery of why pigeons in the latest story is now solved, kind of, the little pigeons have a “duck alike”…. beak, so, “the duck of my dreams!”…. -____-

And someone actually did woke up, when the past core takes over, the personalities have some changes from their normal Aurora shape, for example, AuAu, always childish and smiling, becomes more adult and serious. Funny thing, the past core is the child acting like an adult, and the grown up is the childish one.

The “Dont get lost” also tells about it, cause he is going to change while besides Aurora.

With Ceran, the newest “machine”, is tricky, cause Aurora is awoken and uses her to hide her emotions.

But some things never change.



Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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