About: The Puzzle of a Lost Girl 04-05

Reo 04 ~The Puzzle of a Lost Girl~ 04

Reo 04 ~The Puzzle of a Lost Girl~ 05

And with this, we reach the end of the Puzzle story, clapclapclap!
I would say this, but this one went too far so Im dividing in two.
Yaaa, I really like it, and we have the original puzzle story to develop later.
I liked it all and I liked the ending a lot, but where I really threw it very far was at the fifth chapter, was sooo good to me that I couldnt move on to the next two for a few days, even when I had them already half done, at least in my mind.
Now, in chapter 4 you see how the head injuries affected even only with the cycling of the days, so “traveling through dimensions” and getting lost was pretty much certain to happen under those circumstances.

You also see whats later called the “timebomb”, how the “machine” became obsolete, the Original Reo personality couldnt do much about it without sacrificing himself to the new reality, which they all hated, he remained close to the core, who angry was sabotaging the machine and environment, and wasnt waking up, why exactly? you need an emotional process, which happens later in the “Happiness of Marionette” story, that couldnt be done because the core was too weak in head injuries and body construction, at the end, the machine absorbed emotions from the core and updated by itself, then went through that emotional process. It was supposed to be destroyed but he remained until the awakening of the core, who then dealt with the new reality, the creation of a new machine, the intervention of the original Reo personality, and was also divided in two, past and present.
The past core woke up much later, in the “Happiness of Pigeon” story, in which you have the ultimate machine, the two personalities from the past, Aurora and Au from the present, and tons of pigeon action. The title goes because Au cares for the pigeons as she cares for the past core, oh, theres also a babyless pregnant belly growing too much, and she wishes she was fat…

In chapter 5 you see a very, emh, poetic version of the “Forced Relation” story, which also has its own angle, starting with the narrative style of the Aurora stories.

Theres many, many things going around there, but the focus is in the relationship between the old “Aurora” and a person called “Blonde Woman”, cause she doesnt remember her name, neither hers…
Theres a bit more explanation on the next chapter, and I think is very, very intense, not because of the violent dreadful environment which then meets a very well trained by her mother Aurora, but because of the feelings from the “goddess” to the “prophet”, developed after experience, and yes, she is the last link to her cousin and past life.
She seems a lot manipulative, selfish and then meeting the “lost” end, but in the next chapter you see a softer side, with the detective sitting in front of the dormant core, he goes something like “Were even, the food was horrible though; oh, Ill never get to say that”, cause like it or not, the blonde woman was the one who saved her life after the “Hikari accident”.
For them to develop a love where there was absolutely nothing, thats what I find very interesting.

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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