About: “Old” Puzzle of a Lost Girl 02

Hikaris mother unlocked the door, went inside alone with a wooden stick and locked the door again, she had not even looked at er daughter when she angrily said “can you imagine what would have happened if your father was here?”. She saw deep into her eyes, she was trembling and wanted to beg forgiveness, yet she couldnt even move her lips because of the fear, she could only bend her arms and legs while trying to cover herself with a white blanket, her mother came close to her bed where she was sitting and threw away the blanket she was half covering herself with, then she ordered her daughter to remove her leftover clothes, Hikari paralyzed and her mother slapped her a few times until she reacted, she ordered the same again, to who was ashamed yet slowly complied, she forcefully and rapidly halfconvinced herself that it was proper for a mother to see her naked children, and she took all her clothes off.
It became very painful when Hikaris mother examined her body in detail, she never really got along with her and she knew that her mother wasnt comfortable with her own aging, she seemed to be jealous of her own daughters youth, but it was something Hikari couldnt understand, neither why she was inspecting all parts of her body.
Both kept quiet during that time, except for the small cries of shame, when her mother ended the inspection the silence broke, she started to talk about all the problems she caused and the waste of education and care, she went speaking for very long and Hikari couldnt say anything back, she had the idea that it could only make things worse. As her mother kept talking, she became angry and then furious, she told her daughter about what was divine and what belonged hell, she was trembling in rage, she finally ordered her daughter to stand up, turn around and put her hands on a table, Hikari didnt want to but she slowly did as ordered, then she felt the sudden burst of pain when her mother beat her back with the wooden stick, she did it many times in silence to later recite prayers as she kept beating the different parts of her body, including intimate ones, Hikari could only, once again, stand the pain as much as she could and keep quiet.
Ever since that day her life was different, while his brother could play in the gardens, she was ordered to study while locked in her upstairs room, she wasnt allowed to see anybody without the company of her mother, who discussed the issue with her husband and they both decided that it was best for her to stop going to school and she could only meet people under their supervision, that included her own brother and other relatives she barely knew.
Life continued and they all became older, the father half retired and spent more time at home with his wife, his became the star of the family and their businesses, waiting for his father to finally give him control of everything, and Hikari remained isolated, the only reason they exposed her at all to the public was because she was beautiful, so with a nice dress they could show her around and brag about it.
The mother had her daughter tested by a couple groups of nuns, they both said the same, that she was properly prepared in faith but she was basically useless, that it would be bothersome as she was now and that it was a good idea to wait until she was older and more capable of doing labor.
The mother waited but became tired, both of her parents thought that they would eventually send her to some place faraway, but in the meantime just kept the status as it was, and one day they died in an accident and all plans changed.
At the funeral, the brother sometimes sat next to his sister and gave her a comfort hug, yet he didnt seem sad at all and she knew exactly what he meant, their mother wasnt alive to stop him anymore.
The night the funeral ended and the bodies were buried, they once again had a quiet dinner at their home, as it was before, he sat at the side of her sister and in front of him was now the absent father, he talked about the food and she responded normally, then he said that he was uncomfortable talking like that, got up and seated in front of her sister at the old chair of their absent mother; he had given a couple of weeks off to the chef and few maids, they were completely alone.
He tried to keep a normal conversation, she tried to answer as usual, the dinner ended and she asked if she could take the dishes to the kitchen, he said that he wasnt finished, she said that she was and asked to excuse herself, but she didnt wait for a response, she got up, walked quickly to her room and locked the door.
Half hour later she could hear that her brother was knocking at her door, he tried to get inside but the heavy wooden door was locked, Hikari asked what he wanted and he said that he wished to talk to her, she answered that it was the room of a lady, that he should abstain himself of visiting improper places.
The little act of courtesy ended and her brother started to kick the door, he did it many times and Hikari begged him to stop, he didnt until she said that she was going to open the door if he stopped beating it, he finally did and she unlocked the door.
Hikaris brother walked inside, nastily grabbed her sisters arm and pulled her to the bed, he sat her down and talked about their parents being dead, how he was now the master of the family and she was his own beloved mistress, that there was nothing nobody could do to stop them and he was going to remake the family with her, she didnt respond and he forced her into kissing and touching, she realized that he wasnt going to stop, so she ask him for a minute to prepare herself, that she accepted and wanted to show her love to him. The brother laid on her bed waiting for her sister to finish removing her clothes and combing her hair, but instead of getting close then, she suddenly ran for the door, got out and locked him inside, looked for a special suitcase she had hidden and prepared, put some clothes on and ran away from her house and her brother.







Mmm, Im gonna keep the story for later.

She becomes the leader of a cult :O

but also you have Little Wolf messing with the story because she wants it to be about her.

Im gonna pack it together and put it in its proper place, doesnt seem like Alice is fit to be the protagonist though, later, later….

And so, back to making the New Puzzle story, and some drawings to finish this post:





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