About: Taken by the Demons 23-25


Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 23

Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 24

Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 25


It sure took me a while, everything was going normal until the last chapter. In the old Demons story, Reo did blew the place in the middle of the event, just after finally ending his relationship with his so called mother, by his gun to the back of her head, right in front of everyone, also starting the whole thing. Then escaped to his room where he met the core awaken, who assimilated him but at the same time found out how useless everything was, losing all sense to live.


Theres an extra chapter where you get AuAu making a lovely appearance, defeating both of them just for fun, but that will go to the Snowgirl what-if stories.


Now, in the what I call real Taken by the Demons story, cause the old one mixed things from other stories that shouldnt been there, now, you get the full picture of both personalities, with a past that makes sense in the present, and such a nasty environment.


All the joy of the core vanishes with the dead of her cousin, which didnt lead to her death but a dormant state similar to the one of Aurora due to injuries. Then the Reo personality emerges for many years, the loyal shell of the core, goes all the way for her.
Theres a small mention at the beginning about her parents, how Reo could be what his father could not, about her mother.
In the old story there was a plan to also go after the actress, but it went too far and was never reached. In this one, the core gets waaay too depressed and the Reo personality takes her away from that, avoiding the actress image and person then.
It sure took me a while, then I got busy fixing my stuff, daily chores, some flu, but really, even did the drawings, but I just couldnt wrote that complete, cause I didnt believe in what I originally had in mind.
In the new story, the demon holds the plan to blow the place up when his state of mind breaks after, funny thing, smelling the bathroom, you can say the romanticism is gone and he gets a sense of reality, so they go home and he kills her there.
Then, cycles must complete, so he goes back to repeat the same, and alone at last, the core awakens to talk to him, tells him theres no meaning for him anymore, and that she doesnt really wants him, he was just a need, which leads to the new ending, the Demon Reo personality becoming a reproduction of her cousin… “I dont want you to live here, and I dont have any strength left”, the cursed environment plays again, so she bombs the place and they all romantically die.


What I didnt believe in was what took me so long to figure out when I started to write the last chapter, they were supposed to be together “afterdead”, but I dont believe that crap, so it took me a while until I could think about the now end, which is perfect! I really really like it, so romantic, didnt I tell you? this is the good stuff, everything else doesnt matter.

And yeah, one more done, clapclapclap.
Next, The Puzzle of a Lost Girl, also remade edition :)



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