About: Taken by the Demons 19-22


Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 19

Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 20

Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 21

Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 22


4 more chapters and like 4 more to go, the story continues with the core disappearing, the demon in struggle, the environment playing its role, and the last chapter that will make more sense in the next one.


Big breasted girlfriend, of course.

If youre gonna dream with one…


The core and her decision.


Leaving certain someone in a very difficult place.


At least those are good, not that I would go out of my way to buy some.


Why would he do that? for a passion to be had.

He could even go back to normal, yet…

Its gonna be very romantic, the last part, in the old Demon story it was a full breaking of the hated Reo personality and environment, but, meeh, living like that is not even worth, and Im a romance writer after all, that has become very clear to me along the many days, I dont really care much about anything else.


Drawing making videos:








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