About: Satellite of Love 14-15


Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 14

Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 15


And with this, Satellite is done! but instead of congratulating myself as usual, big thanks to the Actress and her wonderful co star role, clapclapclap, thank you darling, you were great!… not that she could defend herself into not being, I just hope I did better that all those cheap ass shows for normals to enjoy.


kinda creepy? nah, its just the Reo personality, emh, final form without a core; no, no, no, its the Reo personality becoming the core, practically game over then.


And now, to the Demons story… uh, 31 chapters, thats a lot of drawings. In Satellite you have the Reo version that comes from the Little Wolf core, but she never awakes as the Actress becomes corish… eeeeeehh, well, you know how that ends. In Demons you have a White Wolf core, which you will get to know, and so, Original Reo remains from the old days and becomes a “demon” for her, emh, love?

The solution to these two twin stories is to wake up the core, the Actress couldnt, or didnt bother to, now lets see if it happens in the next.

Drawing Making Videos:





Oh, and Satellite:


Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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