About: Satellite of Love 11-13


Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 11

Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 12

Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 13


“…She brought him some cookies and a juice…”
Ive been calling it magic all along, but you can figure it out, right? hehehe.
For the shadow and sun part, and while “go back to your family for they to take care of you” actually makes sense and its the sane thing to say, she is supposed to be Hikari, for her to say that… but there is no version of Little Wolf here to explode in a rage attack, only Reo, and the story moves on with him… if that doesnt wake the core, nothing will and he is doomed.


Theres been a lot going on at the “planning” side, first of all, I finally got a new 2ds, was going for the new3ds but, so expensive, its double the price. I had to make a horrible visit downtown, but now is done and I can forget about that dirty place forever. And so I finally finished “AuAus purchase plan”, if you remember from the latest stories, now is time to take it easy.

For this part of the story I had to take a break, because of many things, like the drawings, she, she doesnt seem to have that much in common with Aurora, so, its kind of difficult to put it in the story as I draw, I wish I had more elements to work with, but I dont, maybe is just my mood.


Some things just never change.

By the way, for the next story, Demons, oh, Im gonna shape it much better, cause you see, back then it was “it” and there was nothing more, at least not done, so it tries to reach too far in the future stories sometimes, like White Wolf, she is too much like Little Wolf, when she needs to fully be the result of Reos ending in Satellite… oh, its gonna be so great :3
The Demon is not even that tough, which probably makes him more interesting, you can easily figure it out but I will explain about that later.

Cuteness time!





Mii time too, I finally finished clothing them, and Im so glad I didnt spend anything on this “game”, because as Ive said before, is focused on the lol side rather than something storytelling.



The Aurorish core in Reos time, in all her childish mood swing glory.




Why wanted? she probably stole the hat from the donation box or something. “Aurora, Nun? arent you crazy enough?” nah, nah, but its gonna be a while to reach her story.



“Him? why bother?” cause you need him for Grandma Aurora to come out and play


Mwoomys very precious little boy, wouldnt be fun to tease?




Drawing making videos




Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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