About: Satellite of Love 10


Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 10

I kinda stopped looking forward to the next part (besides being busy and tired), which is “her” not getting what she wanted in this casual relationship, especially after what happened in her divorce. So funny, Reo plays the same role as when he was working as a doll, so funny… is not like I stay awake all night long to create the links, all things come together on its own, and what comes next, the real reason he went to meet her, she doesnt want part of it.
Satellite and Demons are twin stories, because the structures repeat, and because this is the final time Reo goes out to someone to ask for help, in his very peculiar way. As you see along the whole Reo story, he did a few times and, guess what? nobody really cared to get into that mess, so in the next story, he takes care of it on his own, along with a core who, funny thing, also doesnt really care much, and so it happens, the strange environment, Taken by the Demons.
By the way, “hell” an “heaven” in this chapter is not about poverty, but you already know that.
Taking some stranger home with your kids?… I know, thats why its magic.

Forget about all that crap, finally, Rub-Rub time!


…or not.
Ahhhhhh, your one and only chance!!!
This chapter is one of those storytelling moments all the work becomes so worth and eagerly desired, to be able to create and reach this, mmmmm, this is all I need as a storyteller.

Drawing Making Videos from the last chapters:









Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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