About: Satellite of Love 01-03

Uneasy Sunv2

Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 01

Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 02

Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 03

Uneasy Sun

~I wonder if you will ever believe me when I say
that I would do anything for you.~
Anything? are you sure? like staying home and be good? forget about me? -_- see, you shouldnt use “anything”, though the interesting part is the “for you”.
As you may have noticed by now, Reos goofy joy is gonna become dust.




I remember that I first wrote and posted most of this story on a really nice sunday, nice because of all the writing, though the story was mostly created already, oh, such a blast.




So, there you were, all along… funny little box.


You kinda know where this is going with all the magic references.

tech speaking, I really like the future, everything has become so much better,  if you know what you are doing, though sometimes you have to make it up with what you have, like little Leo here watching some naked things.


Im sure there was something else, too…

white prism

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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